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VFR Navigation Log

Route (From/To) Alt RPM Setting T.A.S. True Track Wind True Velocity Heading Var Mag Heading Dev Compas Heading Dist G/S ETE GPH Fuel Burn

Climb Out Legs
Leg# True Track Mag Track Dist to S.H.P. GPH Apprx. Time Fuel Burned Fuel for Start

Time Keeping
Hobbs On Hobbs off time on/up time down/off air/flight Time


Ground Speed Checks
from time to time total time dist G/S Rem Dist ETE ETA

Fuel/Time summary
Fuel (gal) Start/Taxi/Run-up Fuel for Climbs Enroute for Legs Circuits (5 min/circuit) Contingency Reserve time for stops Totals Time

Departure Checks 1. Altitude 2. Trim 3. Lean out 4. H.I. Set Enroute Checks 1. Turn to heading 2. Time 3. Departure Angle 4. ETA

Frequency List
Name Freq