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Mobile Banking

By:- Priya L. Desai Roll No:- 05 T.Y.BBI Sub:- Marketing

banking. payments etc. account transactions. downloaded to the mobile device. . Mobile banking today (2007) is most often performed via SMS or the Mobile Internet but can also use special programs. via a mobile device such as a mobile phone.) is a term used for performing balance checks. SMS Banking etc.Introduction Mobile banking (also known as M-Banking. called clients.

Features  Mobile Customers  M – Commerce  Technology based  Services  Eligibility  Application .

Marketing best practices in mobile banking  Service Characteristic of Mobile Banking  The Right Positioning of Mobile Banking  Offering the Perfect Product in Mobile Banking  Giving the Customers the Mobile Banking They Need  Keeping the Mobile Banking Promotion Simple  Customer Care in Mobile Banking  Reach out of Potential Mobile Banking Customers .

Services  Account balances enquiry  Account statement enquiry Cheque status enquiry  Cheque book request  Fund transfer between accounts  Credit/debit alert  Minimum balance alerts  Bill payment alerts  Recent transaction history request  Information request like interest rates exchange rates .

Select ‘ICICI BANK’ option Step 6:.RELIANCE MOBILE Step 1:.How to use this services For Example:.Go to R World Step 2:.Select ‘ mobile bank’ option Step 5:.Go to ‘ More Services’ option Step 3:.Select ‘Finance’ option Step 4 :.Accept Disclaimer .

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