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No 7

OlF 'EITlIE COID,.1HUN1TS)1f JLEJFY OP]1D((D§JITION \0:.:: ': . " === : =:=
Publi,bcJ (." the Iillmla!iolUl SecretAriatbYlhe Co:nmuDi'l '0'1) Lagve 01 Alllen ... (OpposiUOD), 8.. Ea.t 10 Street, New Yor" .r.t.\,



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1---- statetlant GorDan

tho ITat1ono.l Cocn1tteo ot the

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~" . ': 111-••

statoment ot Ronan Uell

- CP'Poc1t10n .



S.tatoncmt by the Intornat1onc.l Seorotaric.t
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Th~ otateoenta oorttcincd ~u this issue

re'Prosont the dooumentary materia.l in ret-ards to
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issues whioh oxisted . ~ith1n the . . Goroan seotiort. _St~tonont No I, sicrned by tho the conflicting

Nntional Oo~ttQO,




is in r~ality ~ statooont


by Kurt I,c.ndo.u who has sinco sevorod


oonnootion uith tho Loft Op'Po~ition. 'BUDnary






tho Intornaior~l


th060 subsoquont ovonts.

Althouah bolated in

pub11ontlon for una.voida.blo roasons thoso doc',J.'\ents


hAvo their h1s~orical Bir.nifionnoo. A statcoont "by Coora.do Trotsky on those





. . ...- ..



1ssu~s was publiehed in Intcrno.tion Bullotin lTo. 6


The Cris1s

1n the

Internat1 enal Op!,osi t! on and· the Tasks Eu~opean Conference.

or the·


. _ ', 'rbis' resoiut1 en {'has unfortu~atel'Y' n,ot been taken into co~... sldaratlor.: by t!'le ""f.nt,ernat1onal oura~?" .i~ ~., none of tbe._poln~t; . -, •.. mede· .we r e Biven serioUS, attention. .!. ... e Nat~onal r Committee "pr~:.!.,fessed·the 110pe, ·nevsl·t.(leless, that it wo:.lla succeed in delenc.:ng its 'Oropo·s.::.ls, 1ts criticism and its differences with Oomr.:ide ',Trotdky'w1thin the fram of the ·1nternationnl bureau. . " Unfortunately this hope was not fulfilled, sinee thercpresentatiiJe·. of "t~1e' ati ma L Comr:it t e e on the international N bureau :was almost corn?lgtelY'eliminLted from collaboration 2nd ~ven from all lnformBtion~b~ the international bureau. The internatioral lnforruation end work of t~e Ger~an N&tion~l Co~~ittee is a re~ult . of d1rect contact wi t11 the orot!.'l:;l' orgp.r.izations, in \"1!10SS struggles ~nd developill~nt the German W. C. h~s shown the greatest interest. The U. '0. ho ped , flnally, to present its point of v i ew . bero~e the Europ~an Oonference itself. llowever, since it appear! at present that the N. O. elected a Lmo at unanimously at the !rational Conf~rence of October 11 and 12 is to be removed by an 1nternational.campc1gn, the N. C. is forced to unfold its point of view be'ore t~e International OppositiDn in ord~r to give the International oppoai-t a cn' an opportunity to partic1.'pate in t he dis.e us s i.on of t~1e:;~: que st i on e , Corm.'c.de Trotsky is of t:-::.eopinion . that 1t will be pos sible 'It 0 see k an i·s sue put of the ·~ri 91 s on a. pr1nciple ba~1s w1t~out the distri~utiori ot the do~ument by Co~rade Prankel* and Wlt~out its public&tion in the Inta~notional Bulletin.'i '£11e.. i~.C •. of the (;erm2.n Opposition cannot , unr er-euna1;e1y share this hope Comrade 'l'.rotslc~;'S. The ,=!uestions involved ~re of decisive, of prineiplesisnificance for the llfe sna_ .the develop~ent of t~e Internat10n~l OPPosition. They must'be, ; osed. fran kly and an SYJe red ',/1t :10:.lt, r-e serve. Se cret d1ploi:::lc~1Cofltributed s~bstantial)~ to the disintegration of the Oornintern. Th~ Ger-msn Opposition" "{Ihieh st and s in the furthsrr:1ost front (If' the 1ntel'nation,d struggle for t he regeneration of t~1e COi~int'.rt~, considers it its duty to develop the~alem~nt of internel ~e~ocr~cy throu3h ,the d1scuss.l.on whic!1 l.t has unfurled, wit~ou·t which tho, International.OppoSl ti on. w.l.ll be ;incapable or fulfilling 1.ts _ h1storical ta~k~. ~ "

~TRODUCTIOU: In B few wealts'the conference of tr.e Euroof th9 Intern~t1?n&1 ~pposit10n. 1s to. t~.::e plac~. . :~uestions 'of, far~reE'.clling Sli!r.:lfic·.,L1ce s~.<U'ld, .. .:)ei'ore t.~eLeft .l1r._g, of ·the Co~int.ern~ ·The ~a~10nal Cor..mit·tee- of the Garn:~n Oppo:;1- ':, 'tion has 'made. a series of. proposal.s in a resolution r.r.aopted unan1mously' on Novetlber 12., (na s?lu·tion 0;' :}l/l2/;:;O. See the supplement. ): . '.' <'. : ; • ;-.. '0 .•••• !
pean se c t Lcns



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In t'he fol'lo\''1lng, th'o er! tic1 sm 'an.d·tthe views or the: German li. O. are only outlined. The 1;. o. or ..the.German· OPPosition reserves for itself the right to' develop the oue sm cn s touched upon here more thorou8h1y in t!'le form of theses which it'will present to the Europ.~an conrerence'~' . . .: .. .,




J.. TiiE IN'l·ERa ••TIC1{,.L··60r~Fi::?.E.:~C.s 'lll-:E WORK OF •. D N
, ~ IOH.:..L ~URZ.AU








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' I . .-:':j~(I.4islng '70rld economic crioi!J of t!1at title were to be outlined.J./ard tho Soviet.rty 1'3Zir... .l recognition of the weJ.. ~'/1thoutel:en thJ . Since ?aris W~s do~1gnatod as the tompo~ary ~OBt of . the na. c healthy ro&. t10nel sections of tho L'1t~rnat10rl. cE)n~a. 1 (."':n. T~"l9 Internet i on(:.'1"n frorJ 't~a oxpar t e oce s anll strug. but eould not .1ost all opposit1C" waD srou~o. I '.f. A wholo ' t.nglo-Ruocion COrJ.of the 00t11nte:.mdat.-cven 1n the Clost conc1 ce forrn--in which tho moet 1nportant Cl"itol'ia and ~ concrote est1rnc:t1on of th:J l.'"6ctlon of tho Into~nc.. !lon/ever.."!' oping their pr-oscnt policies in co::rolete 'lr:de~::nd-3nc9' and s52..clO o::t::.11n096 ravolut1on. Conrcrenee of tho Intorn~t1cnal Oppoo1t1on too!! pl~ce 1n Paris.n 0ppo31-. t.:dictiorl to ti:o t):)licv of n·ati.'· . . homo~eneous fact!on it v nocossary ·to surmount 1n Q planncQ wav national soclu~lcn.o:ontc eo burning noeeso1ty.tho pre sent snd to thG nat1on"l c ond Lt Lon s .. .. and t\t \'/hich the most 1tlportont groups were reprocont( .n1festo. of 0. pa cccd up the most decisiv~ point: tho ?roporat1on of tho International Conference.t')~.' political directives for tke individual sections and the po11tica1 control of their wor-k was only possible if t. -. international .a tho pro~cnt t3C~~ ot 00t~~~ic~o ~ho lac~ of ouch s platform mc1e 1ttioU' all tho noz-o h8tlVtJ.:lpo::.0:it1~~ .ret. I " . _ o~ AP?11 6th tnc Fo~~det1on • " .·ista end th9 innor p::. Tho laekot 1nto~natlonsl diroct1vos nnd cf 1ntor~atlon~1 con~ trol Oil the p:l.hG cl1j..:O'. '. t10na of .ctorY procodure.t1onal O.lt10Zl) to W:'10r. st at e . prop:irct10n of the so ~..icn into a firClly orgc.·1ed.~J of.1)paarod mora end ~~ro clearly th~t tbo Oppo~1t10n g~oup~ did indeed agree to t:. no mat te.' .j folt in tha !)r~et1cal ":ork~ It 9.l Opposition to the c cncr e t e polit1cs.10contat1v6s of t:no Rus~ic.l s1tua• .~e l!1cnt!'ls later CC~l"cds Trotsky con~tatcd' tho uC$~tiof. 0.~nt and lltHf1cat1on of tho Inter'Ylation· al Oppoc1 t. of the. the ..l'r.. of the Intornct1onc. cbQ~cctar that it did in tbe U. • ."nat lonal .)r cccur. .S. ~~e.ontal :>r1nci p1e s .1 - In ord~r to bocome an .which hns be en a pl"ominent ehilract'3rist1e' of alr..iff1cult tho dovolopu:.·10 no way fulfilled the m1nimu~ of tho t90ks tho solution or wl'licb rQ1i.• ~ .:I.....rl. collective '.1'11y c".1ittee) but that tho 7. ptlrod· by roprosont"tives of the ~me riCE:.'n. '". .n.u haa tij'.1 Conference elected 6.Russian and tho Prarl~~ .70[. ' .y be.fre11cnC'2 end their at t e ept s to 10'.. r..o tha'ii r.1stllntl~: absent fl'Otl Paris. etc.~a. repl'ocontcdg it 1s truv.31oD of t:1~ ot:10r 0PiJosi tioe groups re.ional Oppo~1 tion. .. $lopos1t1on.tic intol.l. to.. tion to\.ni~cd loft Wing ..:1e work of the Internat 1ona1 cure toU were carried on on tno b~si s of a e Io a r and f.acrd1n'" o.ve bean d~n·el. repre sen t at Lves e r e COi.:lS pl".S.rt of tht} In'Goronatiorlal OUl"Os.. kho Infern~tional BU:"GC:u and since ths Ru es t an and tt3 GOl"m~r.' t:'19 po~t -L~n in1 st ~:. this cri ticif:o. It ~as been thou3ht noos1ble to ho Ld en International Oonferonce."3r1e 5 of group3 ~d.·cl!. T~eir op. .~ th:'~00 criteria of tho Intornational Op!'ocition (po.ot 10n to t!'lJ policiO:) of ...t~ins Co concroto ~03it1on to\·.:-c3ra r. Th:. 109sono.ceived no support t':'on~ the Intern~t 10Llal 13areau.1 t.' did not .hol"ing to the Intorn ~t1onal O~'Cosi tion ccco into contr.'}_v oP·~~Jn-:c'. fO~~:l.. ~:he conf'crcneo which W.'/(\['k. '. '. or at least not full~ undorot and ti:lO applicat 1011 of t ae f'.r ~ow corrcot !~nd 1l!1p014tant it !lio. On the b a sd s of a ~ore or loss. known 111stor1cul C!'itor!a of'. tho Fl'o~ch and tho Germc.nte~"nat.it1on wa~ ~ntrusted. bur oau of tnrae membe r S (l'"ep1. .J. the lack.1 OPPos1tionhe.onal centr:!Gm 1n the courso of the crls1s in t~o Cbc1nt~rn. t~'la J.

n tne Inte~up ..."I1 c an le ad to an gan1zat1onal sp11t...ll Bu. our prop.. .tl sec+Len considered tl:o oroation of the f.. in tho publication or t/hich '.~n ~. thct have di vlded the Ligue in two and \·/~1c.. 'TEE CRISIS IJJ ~:!-::E FRENOI..U have been p~oposed '.u.lith th3 ta -ks propo:::d fo':" it 00 lnexp~d1ent.'101 Bur'o c.)Qiz.1i ttee and announced: . 1I~110 N.l':'Y 13th: ' . e. On the 4th of January tl"le Hational Committee t'1roto to the "Exocutive of the French OPposit1on. demand1ng ur~ently that they . be seid.es in regard to the Intornat i c...e enjoy the sawa influenc~ as 1n the Inte~netional B~~eeuo ••••• A~_to tha concrete que st ion s whioh 'have brought the Frenc~ O"'1')osi ion t into such a conflict with the rlu:Jsian Opposition. d1roc teo.' r oco tved no conDic1c~1:'. Opposition.. that pr. ~e propoccd a ~urop0an Oonferonce for r~~ah · and motlvatod OUl1 pr opo ea L.lly false position in the field 0'1 the trade union qu·~~tion.'f. c... which cama·t 0 1t ~ntirely i '. -4-' .. . I·. tho In tcn nationo.. .nd on the of Oomrado Trotsky .... ..-y in a latter as 1'ollo\"J3: ." .. C1l1QW up t ae followl06 re~olution 00 JanuD.10nD.t10:r..~- f • I f ( • • ' . from the Intel·natlon.eroupon t'---"-9 · U.. took a st$. thr: Oerln:lD p'r~icipato now prova~ . t~e group of Comrade Hav111€) :1as tal-con 8 fundamenta.. means' no::tiJ..:."lave until fut1le. send us the information about the. letter 1.onls were not g1 vcn COL' :..:..s soon as Vie receive concrete t~ater1al ....ic1Cl'~t 10n i n a s inGlo !'o1nt •• On tnJ otbej' hand. in· a se ssa on 00 DGcornbar 27 and c omraun e t ed its vle'lls fc to' Comrado Trotsl-..~ "~ ~nv . without any exaggerat10n. or even of th~ 0$senC3 of tho difforoncoa bot~Gon the RUs31an and the.l. sub st ance and t ne story of '~he d1fferences.3rot that it ~:'l~S not up to t~e precont been 1nror~:d of tho p~ofundlty.e t:1~de a cCl. '1.. 'l'his~ too.\. T~e torotsn re?~e~entetion.~dershi ~ national Opposition.J r•• ~ . 1"1'0""'" ar ...l Bulle tin dcc1sr'ad that the C~1cI1t:.!'l O'.ional le.d • .. . 'l'he . .=. 1 ".11 ~ttel!i!)ts o~ th~ J. C...!...:. 1 " ..:.dminic/. .0 e ann o'a nicl0 f~oL1 you tha fact t~1et "/e cont." .' c.~•• J.Gorm. of tne Russ13n OpPosition will '1n the near tuture address itself to ell ths national section with a detailod circular. C...de Trot sh-. . "a \:'111 t ake a position on them itllT. On the 27th of December the U.1 I j '11. ..P'lawalted. . Ylc did no-~ receive any roply at 'all..:. o. Every group and every OpPosition comrade will have to take a cleQr position toward the principle questions.. • • .I. o.. •• . t iona1 COnli..1n regard to the crisis in t~e Fr9r.esent there has been no internet. ~either did tha rsmorandum of tba forei~n rery~dSentat ton or t~a riU~8l~n ODoo~~tion a~~8~r ~or did t~e E~ecUtiQ~ o~ the Frcn ".on...'!1 t~ rho appl'"oval or' all tho soc/. eau. Coore. C.1t 10l') to the Ih. The National Committee took a positi~n toward tho dang~~ 01' a sp11 t 1n t~1e F:-ench OPPOl}1t on. L'1 our ro :Jolution or lJo·ler. .In rl31etlon-to tho taotto of t he .... ecnotatoD \11th deap rC.:1..!der the precont situation in tho Into~nBtlona1 OPP03it10n s~ by no .from the French and the Russian Opposi t 10n.ber·12 \'.Fronch Op· po s Lt Lon a :. insofar as it nos found lt possible.'1os of propoc~10. OP~OSr1'IOn On Dece4iber 19th. which obstructs t:~6 development of ths Left Oppooition ai:d which can d1sc~edit 1t'for a long ti~e 1n this 'connGct1on. It me. a comnun iC.tel-v. Opposit10n.rat!vQ i3t~Cc. ' :0 tha· i. to 1n the worl: of the International sure au i.:mo"-.. .. .

ion of _'. C.1011nior group:. -\ .t1on rG st s on t:cuth. Opposition and in expe c t at r on of t~.'lhich 1t had been nc -rif1ed. It 1s'its duty t6 d1sc-lo~e .' ~ . .:.~ 1ni'or~&tion it has gotten the :'::1pression that the.zlcY not been r ece Lved . C.le commun1c~t1on. e.Le. Up to the present day. From' a' series of.tbe riacess&ry 1nformation. • • " e. On tho ba~1s .o 1. so cr-o by agrestlent s . ".Stions..ct' as a' source of innucorablo ent£ngel~enta and defbr~ations which o~tgr~ tho. of whom two belong to the Nav1lle group end t.of th9 _foreier r4:3oresentat10n of tl1e Russian OPPo's_1t.of.the .::>pos.Op?os1tion are to be looked fOr in t~e comoletelY'insuft1c1ent pre par at ion t11at. more. .tion are pl&nfulloy.causes of . it roserved for 1tcalf the right to take a posit1on to . to ans~er thes~ qu. due tci laek of officiel infornat1on. • ~iowever. posi t i on • ~):1ey are l~:)::--:. . Opposition by the v~r10uo G~OUp3. It 1sthedu_. i. ccn t r ad f c t s ti16 p:'inc iple s of internal d e ooc r acy and internat10naldim end ne ce e sar i Iy lei:.h ~~ve led to to p~rt'!anent crisis 1ntha ~rench .' secluded cl1Quedon.· -.011n1e1' gr oups have iisettled" thoir difforonces in tho fore thats new Executive • was cre~ted.this crie1s.\~1h~ Cluest 10nD qt.I . .s1tion.1.t1o~131 EUl·Oa.tle the in'te'~n sirurgle el S of important a cact10n as t~e French in the narro~es~ circles. -5 . 11. being c cnce a Led frow the Intern~t10nal 0. of t!1o dH'fercncea in generai. source of t!4e fiorce 'internal str~leslas ill t he Frenc~. . con:1ctinS of five cocradeo. preceded the f ounde. sections" ~!l d. Bv accident.ty of the"lnter~a'tl0:'lal Oppo::1tion to opanly pose tne question of tua essence and the caUses of tho French orisis. . of 'the Oermar» Opposit10n is notaven today 1n ::..vely &no 'without 'any consi.U nor snnounccd to the. of . nor has trle Zxecutive has of the Frenc~ Oppo~1t1on an~~orod the reqU~5t of the Oermsn N. of the Oer~3n Oppo~it10n considers this condition...jectj. .ds to nationall~.t i on t:.-nf the 4tb current--to sand information cater1al_concern1ng the disputed questions. C.. .-' ~.e· FrGnc:'l Oppo~i-t10n •.t~1s sortpf s~crGt dinlo~~cy arises the arbltrcry creation' of 1~Gend3' ~he concealed fects r1se to the wrface by V&rlOUG routG~ and in. ~ocalled c ompr ot mises. the N.:. the political basi::. the decl&rat10n of the foroi~n renresentat10n of the Russian OpPosition announced by G6mraoe 'l'~ot.: . ~~e problG~S of the Frenc~ 0?position w~iQ. C. 'I ' .. pl"otests against tne ce methods ot concouling and p~tohing up of 61fferances 1n the FrG~ch. The atte:1pt to take up ("nd set. C.• .' h&s dl zc ove r ed t:'lst t!10 Nov1lle and 1. C. if tilio 13 the cace . the Fl"ench Oppos1 tion after t!1e r e ce ipt 01'.d-9ration for ar~:rone.ob.. .. of·the Lert Opcozitioa of tha Com~~nist ?~rtv-of Qoroanv as th& political bS~1. in Which ~uch si3nif1c~nt proceedings fatal for t~e life of tho International Oppositiori are neit~or:dealt with officially 1n th~ Interne.d1stort~d forn ~nd e. • .. ·11 "'. 'l·he~ll.·part1e. polit1ca.and SQ The N. in c onvent Lc... . . unofficially (through Comrade Sen1no) the N°..nS'3rous abn 01"0411" . " . f • ..IO t 0 ~b. • " " 4. • - .. Tho l~~ c. is in no poci t ion to ver1fy: \'lhothGl' t~io i nfo~·w3. no. of "ihich 1s as ununewn tot11e N.~ content of t~'le disputed_ questions more and.

on t:1.process ot regrou~o~n~ in the Austrian Opposition. (also t!le Illternatio~'lal· 01'l?os1 tion) is r1.e.t. ..PP.l 0pl?osi tio:l noz-e or .ti:lC as abasia for_.iler. . .. F-. Na. stOl' to t:1is fe..sDisteJ~e in acco:p.ns are at t~'le base of th3 1ntel·r nal st~U6g1es and the processes ot reGrou~cent i~ t~e Li6~e.was ·no--lac-~ ot T!'1ere ..:. !his was not' the case . that .ssibili ties.l bm"ecu tempol"~.to be only -t~m:por~r::J r . ol?inio~ of t~le Gerr:a.tUl'es to enable the :I.t10nEl. The ol"isis ot the. \"I~1en an L"ltc.tfo:!.01'1'osi tion.umds ex~c_'. . d1scu.:~d. . :: Tho .r:.. t11ttecl D.c_al easo. _ .clers:'lip of the Li.+.· It .1"n Group have-·com-· -.j."L.ents.I. i:r. .i:lally pro.. .eveio-:l·i'urf.. _.~r in JuneJ."unification on a slC'.tions (Th~· letter ot cOi:l!'ade Trots.11 t~leir erro:'s a. .tti tude in the 'different p~ases of the .ssio:l a c".'-c-' ~ve:l .~iona..ted l?1z.1. . sym:pt02s be cane visi'ule (Y!it:"~:::''::'i'!al r cO!:lI'~Lde o noamer .tc an be said. externa).s of· the o~ir.l·d.:~?trOl:al carJ}.: -6- .te what t~e . ·.i-tiol'i~.ellces wi ~":1: tl-:e· Inter~ctional Burec. ~.:. . T'..this .t of the inter:lct1c~'l:.January 11 of the various Austr-ia.r.u.:.. of the G~rD~"l Op~osition h21~ a series of differ.. 1nd1o~. .1ne·cl :10 ""os1t1 ve fea.)aib'!lisoei.nat1o~al Oppos1t10n after t!le secessio:l. still l.ue ·and. ~~~~'1iEll_tJ:1J.un1V• .'~' bacx.. . ~ -c- --.. In the Aust~iin quostion the N. hich st.11._.s~10rtco!li~-Gs.n.:leen"OoS6ible "'. · developme:lt.ists .. because it· c.e·.tw. ' '.io.S30).::."lg orc.'Il :ppos1 O tiol". • .do"Otion r= of the· ca'Oitu1~. . .'mrt!. that . . . .· detailed c. .er:l~tio:1Cl. trom the le2.riJS..:the 1:n. .i."ey7'0u. . . .tt.·rao with. 'the u.ional CO!L":li ttee of the German Oppoal tiOZ1. however."l. had the I~tel'l12.ic-n in Austria..ification ti'.tic:list l'l~tforr:! I'roposed to thee trro dSJ's before the unificatio:1.th ·"Great I'evol't.The cO:J. fII.0 tlodere.. does not repro~. .1nst the .for discus~ion-throws the Auat--· r1an OPJ?os1 t10n :f. ot the "l!a.te~a.'::!of comra-.uE~oa----· .• . .o~e(l .p itself orie.re devoted to _the cause ot the· International Op~ositioll and tAe oall1tulation1st ~plinters wll1~ disrupt ~t~e :t'0I't}a1''':'_ . . On ot:1er occasf ons we have already dei"ined our c. ( '10..ne'!w1ll prove..I>o. Fre~ch ·O~3)osition . _ '. ."1 t'o leave' t~.'workers. t!le :prot~ld. information oonQe=ninc the aiiterences in Frence? ol .ct it does not seem to e==ist any loncer. .9. . ~at:ler t:~a. Le se isola'ced iil a !loli liic2.' W~l~. Frc:.·rouJ..2. eve:ltually to D~litt the set'.:ce:'l the Left '~'iinc.. '.l?e e:lough to invest·1Ga. . the edi tors!1il? ot t~e Verite) but the ~olitioal basis ot t~ese p~enomena ~~s not made clear.1i'~ .oUSll it is only a question d·e ot its adoptioll as a basas .A~.has conplctely paralyzed _..u..t~ the sharp~es's and.. .i ty of t:'le crisis... It nay nave ". It is clear 'that that Ls a cista:~e Ii The Go:rma.~e11· e:10ri01110 staGo.tiollist· :pla.t:rast 'bet'.rp oont:-ao5ction to the one t:~e tll~ulru:J" Grou..' "..et. .:. ..! French Op~os'. T'. In t~le ._J.t took pleoe 011." . '.:pitulZ'.01>1'osi im! [. howe·/::lr.'I'J.ae a..l situation ·w!.' '1tion to c.roups t and s~li~ters that remaL~ed loyal to the Inter. basis of nuaer ous clocw.bt.lbureau.l Opposition been in:lormed ot the ditferl!nces-Ui . t~ere' are also :political dit!erenccs bet~1e~:l .ere can be :10 dou...le I::!.c1....conta.. very seriou.CL better be to l'ut e.- Z1e German O:pposit10n has be en and..tl1.C.t.~tF..anized ~e.Austzoian Ol?Posit10:c. of the. g sent a step for~'a. t .s in sha.rY. because it poi:nts out these .

.i~t:':·..l -... .lSOhave t:~eir ef~cct on t:le ft'.. thc followinG ulotio"-:.. 0u: ..iY-cc-:" and U:'l..det.\.:" if:lcre . tl:c:l I:rGer:lC".. ~--t . fillcf._ ..". ·che nttel:~~t is neCLe 'b~r t:"e a(l.:-..~ in co~trz. to ccmraae TroJlis~:~t. irz . .. '" J:~ as-an a t'"e''' .._e two G!'OU:9S as fully d07clolled..::-\ n e Gorilc.....est. but . These vie\'Js st2.:trir.::.:. j..rou::?s.:::OtllC:: 1n.._._ .:.ftf &-rou-" ._..e (Kerr ..--o _. _ .Tonc. yoli-'liicc:.\. .rs.!. -.:C' ti"I'OUlJfo::.....c. lI. stc have z. j. · C'l'ouj? r:...::= t::. .:::'2. :}:~el'lccnrac.Q'\ . '.. :nov. bloc \'1i t~l c. lI_"oJ _ Lr 1 10 cO--CC-·1~·I"-:· .ct10:1.r_e Austria:2 CJ....uGstio~.. such "'~''''''''''''.-..Ono t :~z.S y:rOl1G i:1 'i:.:....'4i1o:lal O??osi '~ion'11as" S:10UI1c.\1 · t:'l'~ce c-=....t.c:tiioro .:c·.::ft 2_jj.~·l·O·. e ":"I' 0-i"r' -c 'be coz-re c t .ers::ip o~ ..'.'.! ....:l in t:"'le Com..G._ .). .:.0. ..lcio3 of t:1e :Z'izrce .. ..~"'~. '-:... ..-G~O:'l. n~iGtai<e~ 1 t '7 he-a cOI..·..'C8.-'1the t":10 c-.. 2.lJ. .:..rc1 t~e RU. :.. r. .... ...::ct of his "uelic."'. since 'the 1>0lic1e3 of the A-cstric. _ ~t.I o-t JIi...r.ntern C?5 nod. V. ~he t\::lC_?....J.".l c orrrad e r'l'ey)..tio:l.cl .ftel' t:1C of ii eXi'erie:~ces 0:: t:1e 12.f. ~. '-'..··"s.··~~· (T'\~c·r) ~~_ ·~O "'~Ci ..·. 'but ~lcld. w:1ic:~ e. __ ~."J.( ~.ie~ i~ o.:t the COOii1.t 1·s not o=."1er l'l"..>os1 tion."'..·"'~" O".-'" •• V r __.. ilhell 'J').)CI •·.ve b e en ~OlS:10V· 1st :policies si11ce 1922.::...0' J..(~.. by t:l1s stc..:'u.!}:o ]ro1!oscCl._.1.:.1.--. .Austrian 0:91. s s .t"I.t cur c ozrtcn) . ). .... f.a..tion i:~]:\1~tr~::>.:'l Op:pozi tiO:l h~....e Ci:CCUl~3'~::':lces -.tGrn ~·.lJ...e f'rey seeJ:s to j_)ro'Vc 1:1 :J. t1011 thct t:~c "0:1·~~.. I.2.to eX'Jcl t~"lis of .. ~'~e""s co····... with orC:1j./ . Eowever.... __ -.s~ he .:'.l.or~.t2.T<?.io~:2S for e.e G......U ..1.. T:10 vd etr of t:~e C-er-::':-':'l 0:.ii::l!_)ol'"G..Oi" ~_... .... be sa...:-:·.1:.. 0:2.e . ":l~.. •.ir.3 k of the li}'~~u...1.:c...·~· .:II -\._.lic CD:i?C~·tu:::.1 ..o has left t~'le r.·~·':l .e .1 t:'1.t ~':i tr. .ia·l.. __c .y re1'erred ·~o t~cn on ""."lere zt:'.1ro.1 3u:"c~:c...mi::-.....:.e Intcrne.4.!..l:.. v .eoretic~.. :f'u....? is a nor'e vc-.boc~"...18 ar e o~ t~._ v "n. CO:lcer~i:1G t:'le ~)ol:' .u...'Ii..y ···develo":"led O.:rrLe ~:-:e~r i:l i0.. J. but ~':e believe :ctnt the wor~::cr ..... only t~ie "}re...cnor......~1c~' :... . Ue have t tllc:.e..l'U2......tiYC ')U:CC2..:._""' r '. 0"".....o-.....:. ~ 1 ncce saary .es:yi to -t::e :16::.~__ •• r'c "::'I...'..e~'2~ a=.~ .''''' 1'" Q\.9posi tion -.:.tci0:1 f l:!':'.f • .. a rcvcJ.lJ.'Jle S\l:9:l?0::t fol' t:1....' be ·said..:.~:tio:'l':':c"J· g:r:W. t :!e r:ou. .. po s i t Lon i:1 gc:. . si~'lated fo:' this :nu-pose w '-"" 1I0f·?e... ~~. . "OS... rosul t of h1s !2~c11. t>... c cnst airt f'2. F-.:cio~2•. :-:.C.0.:c 1~-ccr::2. of t11.)"i.:-.. " c --L.c·r"·..J .lot~er occasion..-oJ_jos.'.is::l1l wae correct.! r:b...:..• 11. .rt~" crou'P (~C::!:'::~l) z. in th. ~ -.'-""'''('''1irie~l _ question an iI...i~ )Z-Dc:..lec. 1 ..:.l ... in tl~~ case 01' ICer:aL'lZ-j-<:. ~_""..:1co::u.he atte!:l}_)t to ~CC1. t'~~ "e""l~ .--\j. J.C:l·t1c.ll 01_):po~i tio~ \'rill "bJr :10 oe~s Le cvc t::e AU8t:r:'~m Cl.eC'..S onen _.l'S.:. . _ .::.c.ll'&8.O ye2...-c~lhT dis"l"Iosed or"t ~.I _ . ....0... ....n O}::.-:-~l. .'. a base :LOl' t:.f't(n· ·~:·1O t'.. ~ \..:.". ire C.... .:. in Aur.'Jle "Jy nany excusab l.. c com:\"..\.. t.:-efore. I.:l e::vlai:l2. !rnc a·er!:12.. t~.precedi:nt: ·.scc. o c.a... cs"'l....·...... tl~::>..ctic::. .ye:r) of iJei~' a t~sci!:>t tool :p1~~0:::..ve to l'.'" c~.\I llt!J..Ia~£!~1u:fil g::ou:.. ~·lhell t:~e Xe:'1'lEzyer caao is c1....i:lisce:1cc3..:.. (Letter of the IT.rot'..li:fic'..... .\.:...ll ·ne60tic... Ii Si~lCC C'.:.....!.2. -.i::a·.i_i.O~""~"'''' . t:len t~l2. 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Tl:e desertion of 1"":.::::." a · revolutiono..:al ui S"1:..n ?rcy ... a corl"ec'.. .." c~n1.::e c:.cono to t~le fO: c.0 . O"')'.1: . l1c..:.'--"'v".\'...1:-. '.ut10....' :.... rade " -~ J. .2.."1l"u.tever C2!.})011 ti.!C i:westiG~tio"-.se Cro'.. t~lZ."!.r'J wo:kers of ::'c-. '-..: 1i7he view ot t:l0 .c·liiO:1S ar e ..t·~~ .Glei ·ln~~~":~tri£... .. .. tel1dency("7r~"'-) '.. VIl1z.ilJ.I..and 1:1 the yew: 1930 ~t t:1.cl...l? .l t:l and.ires a dccish"c condcrmata cn .t. __ o.y \. _.er ot t:..~ 'i...?j...trC:J....actually xCQ. .1 ..'/e .I. .H~...e ... "i7e CO:l3ic.

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Q8spi cab Lc than thi a brand of opport uni C'r.t and ai nce re poli t i ca .l tt.· :."he Leac i n~ core ace s of t. . u~aO? tt~ exec 1)'~i07'1:-.!.1 tula ted.' • • Th3 N. of Ju~a 29 t123 p03!3ibility' -of' tta gro\'ith of revolutionary situations . betnoE)n th~ H.. ~:hon..he N. of tho Cor::::lnOl'>!ioc1tio~~ ~ojo('..:.at. • • . ("inverted 1923H).ati ona). .0 _P. it appaare~ that it was a «.1 c~r:c.3ano e ompIo te __ i.. -. on the questions of the lifa ~f broths:' organizatiol1::. I-lo~7avar.1.::lny toe!: on a partioularly ~l::lrp and acute torL~_.tion~1 cc.o. expacted a further consolidated growth ot 1'ascl s'm .inizt Cor...ition •. 1930) reveu10d "ith forceful cla~1ty tha of fascism. .obj~ot1vo condi tion dor:-. It signalled at t~3 1'1..oTrotsl-:y gave tbo Well faction i·. 'NotbirtC is more . the ) . a nc organlzu~ion_ o al diGarc~c~nt ot tta ~all f:ct1on. the N.enlh.i p of th:. C.:ll·Y pr o se nt. mOTO ever. many Ie ade r. realized ir.zes in thG ..• _". could tho :.zp_ 'Uon·n. tt:at thi~ hopo Vias :dcccivin~._1 t apprcvod tho the so 6 of th9 N.tte W~_ll faction pre scr t be s f or 1 n) . C~QO today How_ J loan Evory ~3wbor of tho G~rmnn end tho Intornational Opposition gathOl" f~or. resulting froo t hs c on. ma=se s ....tion~! diZ_ th=> \'J~ll f'll. sbip~ in th3 seotions of tt~ Co~!ntern co~~cw~~d tho P~fsicn Oppos~tion.ll-r.. althouzh thay kneu tottor.? ._d~spi to ths tect that 1 t. pre ce ase e going on aoonz the .a~ciGrn and t 1:. n~~n tho attoc?t ic boi~3 Tho N.:u·.t10nal Conf'Zlrc'!'lco shor:ou..i tio71:J evoa io~ 1.hich is 1bYno r. C. Alreadv the fir~t nooks af_ Acoording to all cpp~arancos ~te ~ell faction had actu~lly aiq_ solved ittol1' at t ha Nation::l COl'~fa)'anco. man or the ·Interr.t ti~Q st r c. Tad yo~r 19ZO ntcod in tt~ ban of a Gro~in3 internntion~l cr. to . anc ar tcr Do acnt h IS it reelected tho S~~~ comrades ~o the No Co. e.efensiva. in o~tiorto prbcorvc tbeir "dcr. honcve r the diff~ronoos tQ2' long unoxcap led s t::uo510 ati0i ns t .todtCh1a·~:. tha I~J..\7 the' Vo1·_ . :for tho aake of wc!or:..l and the proletariat on tl:3 d.0 rise The N.n OVSl" bo rerc tha banro r 01 unprincipled factional stl"U6S1e against tll~ lea<.snt.:lotto%"f e~j:"r.:arch) rzas the G1a~sl for a n:m chapter in tho iri~OT political dove Lopcc nt . man Opposi t1o:l.:. c.tb.. "':~:l h c "We all knorl well fror. C.1intern.o part of tha Oppoc1t1on.The nl!C\stion of r. Hor. . flict be twe en adv~ncil"'-3 Fascisr.1sis.lr~ci. f'erancoD .eJ end 1 t l'~icod cere shc.. The fall ofth3 l.':ing docur:.:a the path Which .:an Opposi tio~ \.2E_i iono! t the VIe11 Faotion.ld rovivo ) o~ loer.~-. ..l tl:~ StaJ. tho crinifl in C:. then thio' attcr.i COr. ThG N.3~tio DOOCO" !tOOU silont on lnterna. C. .ctica. i~t t ' were to tol. C. it declares openly. openly tJ:om C7":) !:lido 0:' c::otl:c:. movo th3 voico of criticism froo tto Intor~~tionol OP?ooition.3 in cout>t that tto intor~:. Oppo:. tocothcr \"l!th.. .)G::>1" . .1!)t \li11 not be to tho advantage of' ei thor the Ge r.:ould land . -:>. 'saillen t~o~ty. -. ~r. the sa a of 1ta 0':11"1.. . C. to SUP!·H)~. C.iucller g cvo rnrrant (:. powerful . ..rply t~"l. uaa at no tir.:rn on th.Lon __ \". co·urc.. c.haro t ho Gorr.ando'd a tac~"1co.C.:4'I:>d1ately tbnt the neu char. ~.' tl:o 1'ollo'.3gle of ths \'Icll fnction in c rdo r . that __ with a cc r re c t revo Iutd cnary strategy and leadership __ it 19 foasible to go over frOm the positions ot defonsivo to the quostion of pone r .'/ou.:ost1c paaco s 1 ..announcoc c ount e r. The eleotions in Saxony (Jur~ 22.

C. • o· .ma . C.are ccncer nco.•• / /.r. . ". of.l9~tion of·.ionll ".dlC). but. trism pr ove d . . ls-pasClS?':fI9·c. tl'le N.~\3S.pse of· itself. '.some tiG:e spent"invaolllati1!g.": in eaee the party die! net lm::~rgo a !unjam3ntal turn (policy of the united front).Fe..qe 2iJ~1~ .w~:s.be corr~ct. ·C'omrade Well return~cl'once more to'his old Dointsof departure •.arti'cle' of.say t hat -.I·Above ai:l.:.ion.5it1~r 1~ :~st.. .y the sn Li t i ri Fas'::ism.ion. quite~en~rg9tically.'.: ~yn(?tr. Oo mrade I.d .to-.. . Comrades Well and Buechner raised o.. even the petty bourgeoisie was beg i nni ng to turn away from fasci sml . '..... t'.where't.. ." The N..· msnt .·'of ·'-:. as.ade Vlel. gr eup came out...upport for fas 01 s m 1n the C'. ·"~xt!!. co mraue V..P9si..'tha·~ "Hitler is standing before the gates". 1.. C.rlng lt~ to pcwer.~. on-tL18 str38ts.. dinary forcefulnass.sC'~. .so\'i. • "0 . experiences :n t to prove that in Thuringia.' . 'The N.':rl tee.l~.N~.C rlOn.ne n i-f":'aecTi'r£.. ~:he . '..l offaacism into the s 'c.!p.I..l.. .t'hat-he has' . -.ilporar~ly·.. :.: Jas~i.J.. for fascism. corarade ·We. '.h3 to 'carry ou·t a cold revolut.. has conti r~d t he" vie. . .. ..? .:13'. te. he provesnot'only'. . Thj s t he or y of the par ty . ..). a. • • . w1th a new ...f s.e. ".·~·••. I -I"~ vince ..: : . on the be:$'i:: of his o . 'this process is ·('akin. t1:. ..t:te powe r •..·devalop:r. Positions of pcwe r in the s t a t e .1pti.': se r group al:i:"e'aC. s ucce s de d te mpo.via\'Is to t hcse of tho N. .during the ~iViJ. ".kt§ri IIp' by comrade 'Hell \'i.. t ne re can . and \-:arn~d tMo N. To~ay it 1s clear tor ~verycomracle how false and refuted by l~fe itself this ovalua tion.rarf ly to con.mpted.As'. " .pms ts . this urd q ue theory from ~b~. the. Against ' .1.rf a t s ..:r t ever. Aft'3r..1:. the N. .' .. Despite·tha fact '~he Fascist counter_!'evolutionary -mans movement also pr cvi ce s a channel for all sorts of ~nti_car_ ita). this is expressed in the question of the' pepe~rll_ tioI. in' most of..accidental.-?c.s··.ll:-di~ b9_ • fore'. . b) 'Turn or Centri s t 2i g_za~?.: But.roI13er •.f~~t:i-o:~.cen. 'p~_~~<:~~ary' s~~:9:J~glo. aoter pracioely. r. . This unfq us cur~a1n·t. C.no tni ng and forgottE'n nothing.nt of· the \'iell faction made it difficult'fora 'Lo n. '.·o·..·also that his poli tic_ . : . Co' rejeote'd thes's V'19l1S'.. ti g~ sof dsmocra ti c 'i ns ti tuti ons..ll and' ..Ho·.!'If de vs Lo. .by".'.'. ...anu~l''y 2.'.~ '.. which coincido fully \litb of the' ce nt. those r '\ • • • .~ . .t present.·t he'. Comrade \'/e 11 Sn\1 ..e r/iinistry of Int3rior in most of ·"he pre • • viJ1ces. in the.ani~c.1931. C.s po~1tioal char . centrism. learned . Th~' course of..SC1Smc.~'~. . ~'larnea agat ns t the illusion that.to be.Geirlst~ ".'~ . ! .'lJn te wrote in June 1930. comrade 'Nell that. Not in tt9 form of a "col~ revo l'ltion" but in the bloodies·t·stt:u~Sles.e re ac s ~h9 w or ki ng class a.al aubor'd Ina't.. .~J.a ppar at. ~ .sm '~oulcl col. place with ext raor.. n .ter.be noqt.t.ipt currents.ll-()'ppo.c tpat ViO must tell the purty . ····lut.a~ict1ons.n ..i ve s .. ~e.he )Ja'zis (National Socialists) are in the go". Fascis t deve l cpme r. • -Leade r eht p was te. thfs' evaluat. course of' \':hich. war _ 1_. P..s~ng ha s.• . decided to cross out. . . Naz i s ate a':. ~ • .bjections.Lncir"~ COr.-.!!. the oc.1 v..i t. In'the middle of July 1930 the Well . . "The.ng pam c 1.' C. If fax: as a he· pe rs pe <?t.. .. t he i r main emb it i on is to capture 't:--...1n t..suc~~~d_ ed in conv. . ~' .. ' -10..1'.C.la.the.: In·this question. today.·.. . fas .ern. .~9 to detarmina i·t.hisorciani~."19 spli ttin~ anay of-the Stras..i-c~ 8:f:-. ..prcved · to· .(or.tion:o~:~p. . tha·N.us ca'· • on ly he va Iuab Ie pr).t_ .he·po1it~c&1.ohn9r at_ .l~rs . ~ •• by its i~ner cont:.'Cl. others'..abolishes "h~ last ves . • '.f on to the pressure of. Ci.'st.:·~ . ..on9 oar-not .a 'ucold re vo.. is not .

":lll ~r~up have !.7~ sl'eo.r.ls si.'Ti th t:1C c on"!. : _'. 1.. ~---.ln.n ~o tho ~~ty. At the..ni tcc of lntcll10 t ctu:.70 lo.d qUOD" tiona I conoidal' ~. .th!l !.lo pOint.."11to the N.11" :.t th~ Sru:10 n::e1.": .. Mainst this VietT.-n 'i7addii"-:.C. had tx~on 1.ihc Wall C.. nc+c to Fl'~'1kr r. (':ot .~:rco vri th COI!1l"3.Y if nC'=1 f~llins·..rc conc ezncd ..£'Qc!. conra1c 0 wezc C'uti'::'.. do not Vlc.. Tho neci.• ..hc r. mont todc. ....1Cl·O' '. '..larty cor:rtl.c. on ovary F. .r:. \'lo.l ~11 hc.Z('i3in end hr-e.l..h~t the edi tarl:l1.1n..ef the l'!:lti~nc.add 0..o tho Nc.d o.O be' connuntcct od to Oorrr ado Tl·0~3::y ~1. sruno i:il1a tho -.. bo ar d of the • (Ruf'sl:':'.l "Surc2. fo:t" even.tlon spe ~u...cucly r e jcc'.3Cnt1.110 courne .t of tho vicll Ijl·OUl'? He ~cv~lu+'1 ::.• rOjeotod .Teo ~~litic~ dcvoloD~onto !~Go~~~ny h~70 ~lrc~dy r0n~o~od' juQ..f" of tho N. noetlnS'.3 ar e f'~cln~ open c!lili i..1l4o.C. howovez ..:0.=.tlon:l. -.!lO road.. t .. ?'ho en.t.ocut tho tU:in e:". 40V . '.7:J C'lni?ht f. C'f July 13..11g' a s er t ouc tU::"'n. Le j\1.l·01.=.cr:1"ti... 'mt th.li:l~ of i..do Well Lnccez-co t ..... deI!l~dcd. 'Vc nu~t not o..luat see Wh3t 1s now G01nrr on in the party.l~.h::. -r.·.zmont nn <.k c¥ ths l":l::ty :rc:.O o. y Tho vlcvrs of ~._chc "v'lll'~.hio 'DZ'OIlOl::c.3 eX.. 0.ho vlc"'rs of COMl".yil".scri be.l1)--i)ullctin rrua t .. o. in net in t\Gl"ocnont 't..O . ct.irC' r~c.iulc.r~: {Vi G:"'w"1o.l dl3Tl~nda and·to the a:9:9licn. os ~1"'3 sc.- .urn. ••• .di:ilf.·::'o likc1~n !J:ho !.ratin...l Co~i tJ~CG i7~S c. I caano t 8... Insofo.licn in ana £ou.~n1f'it.1ti':)~ olo.\tG .t.) ~nd F. inn over to tho t~ct1c of tho uru ted front and ~jO no.VI r.ol1er: It .I '.~t~ cannot and ''Till not Give U1? the theo:'j of ooo1c.:"~n::. NO'.l Cor. of i. ~ of __ . Tho 'Darty i C .n""" '"of' .rt~/03 roport th::.n~y e c. and CliSr:.t tho fol1oVli:'1~:'c~nr!!. Thuringic..Jst . \7i t~:~u.goin~ 0"l0!' of.rty nacscs ~s:.il-c_'_ii-. lot :llano tho Na.":' ~cn'hersh11' nee ~.hcso llu::st1on:J. ''If'':. C01:'l:"D.'..lated.~tod an inch iron tho f:l1E:c1ino. ' - . \.d even o.:rtlo0 (c.)~11 1.l t~o..:'07cd to be..ub~..'l.tion of the unt ted front ta.hEl Ijrec.os~i.3 OVCll" to th3 iE1f. on the 1)a:31D ot' tho' that the p:'!. i·· ~ho N!l:t1cnnl - Qonni ttoe. Vll'on{'.T.'~CI . in \'/hich thc o .• Conr:.-.. 'n .ns. the Jj:. .r'ty has ract)~nizcd 1to niotakec1•• As Dr conae quenc e the Rip-hi.o.tesi.o. 4 _ .G.ihe if. then ....'1 ijho. !'vro . 1 t iD d~'V.:rti~ dcnnnde .'tior~n.ch: C:r. gar. ~~CiG~R by t he bourseois pa.s'i.o~:'ld ConGl"CSS and tho 'A!o(la. it was [.l :r'..ctic.nittcf). tlurf.eol3.. 'PeoDleo • 'P~ty.r.od 1f 1{.W.··na.iod by the IT • C.".do uni cn qUQStiCll.1ent ~nd 1jha._'1 . Natic.'rof.into uhi C~1 ''the 1?~o(.._ ~ .!jodby his 9~. E. no~.d~e ba cO-opt00 fuli.T of ..hc Gcrrn~ OPDoo1tion to di8:lstc~.hc accct on.nd n .. It a:fL'1'rl.... '9tl!1 '3.!·cd: ~..h~ !larty.r. If' such 111usiol".G.~~t :re~11 sc th~~'1. th=:..linist concfuct cnc t T':10EJe ViO'..rouD w~nld hcve lad i.o r·~"ldC!.. in:p0l"tc-"lCO.._-. vien in oPI>0siticn ( . di:::··· oard1t1c.t i.:a. '1 ..ure:p:o:asentod tile :point of vic\'! of ·the Co.d ~jha In<.--0 oust dis:9cll such illuoion~Q'" : ()If .t '~hc ].C. 0+ !>artlc.i~Y :l.clc Rurn :1c f(>nncd tho theory nf zoei -:.'1.~ont:. which ha.'". 'l4c~1 turn~.r ao the ~1Rhts :.el''nir vt cwo h~d be en un~nir.:::.y.z: "You see.~lt ~.l COI:'.on c. IT.o1.i tt tee: ?rc:.july 19 uor.c."1.lnn to i.l.t is t)of i.1 f~:::::cio7101l .ouinr. on a nevr COQ. _S~ nClltoCC..y77. n"t • hurn hne c~:prc~s(.l1y [.jo:ci <f. glE!ct1ons in Saxony.ovebnr.!-~-o-i--rr.el"ous to 6'O~: of their pr e acnt o~pitulC!.1:'. ri'~n . thc. Uu.'bt'.. Gf thf.tir.)ls on tho besta of the. is i~.orn~ttJ..l i'aGolG:J.. tho l'c. 0) mh~ nR~s~··. clio:mtod ~t 1. soc1o.D..u. \7holo sorice c. to the: party W!l:!t it does no t do. Thoir c~Dltul~tion to tno s~p.inu: "In c. ..~~ [.-o •.1l·c....li t::..1~:in$ 0. The best o:::t_1?l111El of this 10 +'1:'0~. on July 13 . hns not dGIJ::?.t tho cane timo .l C6r.iv1n~ '11> -fine t~eor~.7e r:l'\.tional Cr·l:1Tli ttco.ga..''h". d vic\'7lJ :e~r o whlch'ho should no lcnc~~ bu ~c:rr11tted to 'rcn~in 'n membor of tho ·--'3rouP. Our L~ipzig cor..)» j:~ the neetiIl..!ns ccnvcnt i on.nong our own n:tl'b a j_ 0 . In ~thc Vlestion of fa~clsn we nust be fororynrned a s~inst thc'sontin(n~ 0'" l'~nic.y i."1t 0. 1:'0'1 ry~ci'ion At ho noet'i: . Sch-::'1~J.irlfi.t i'l. .. Nor can ·.."lculd the GOl'~~n ODDost i...:::tj iD Qop3.n 1. :lrticlc.~~inct i.·:c IJ='~ldau.1 more :md More from tho thoory 07. / .

&sQ#b~·t"q .rr.political f'undamant ..:. __ In almo~t all tac~ical quo~tions. ... 1.·they have a oorrect posi tion in the trade union 'que s t.. .Joko·ar~ ~lf1~a~ on. -The eo mpIe te unpr . o as \'l~ 11 t be C:·'. We 11 from forming a b Loc wi thCom.'jing vio.. • The National Cornrnitt98..:'. I: ~: "':. in .of q ue s t i ons •. Trada Union Opp. .. • • • .U ae r of hi s bloc interests. Its "policy of b Lcc s".za.-"-.ins6·f[:r 'as they.• \'~hen .Septer..:" . . the glOUP.. Ra rejects .1.. ' .:~· . \ .' '" I' 4. \. r chircr.r. Comrade .!..• II -: ../ not agreement ~1th ths content... wi tll all po.7h:3 'b Lee I:: it h Jahruce (Hamb'ur!3) r e s t s -on ea sici..:. . Their "lJ3ninist·. # . . . • • these:..sad ble .riGid . could not understand \':hy \'lell demanded so paasx cna te Ly that two __ . . A. . '.:': • .lb8r:9 in ~ipzi8 a Lone . ._. quito conco't vsb lc from the s che mat i c and .. a3 has be-en pr ove d by tbe d i s t r Lc t.-ade Plep in: \':~iC"h't it must be aa.. In this field they nave not suo ce ede d. pra sse d .1ittee.~ . which had at the same tim1 rejl3oted:.· .of: i t-s !'tacti. i'tself thia achievem~nt.. and perverte::~"":~:: Still" Ln: their see.Nollr. trade union position did "not pre vent·'the ':Jell. .. '.o~ -coric1iti:Q!ls . ------- Comrade Ple p i B the las t· repro -e nt at I ve of the l... Pl....i t. questiol"l-_in c onvi nc i ng ee ven the 99tiy~. the f leor 8GEii ns t the Vie 11 g rcup at the National Conf€ rs nce .: . The Well facti~n 1i.Commi t tee be-cause .. is not 0V~)n in agreE' -·rr~nt with tha·rJell·1'tction-Tii7thG te.ts· -truo that.osi ti on..ny __ nave .. istir.3d a bloc with co mrad e s Plepand Jflhnk •.·o·f the \'Je11"f.'.ich .1el.~'~~s of this bloo prevent comrade .ct1on from defendire tho.\7r0ng.lb13r 2d.both the policy of ·t.~ ff:·orit·'. .. Who a~'a' the po 11 ti cal. :- . ...Lwha c h if.'.an ultra_left point of view. .'. A11 ~.9.inth'l:il'"' ....'le11 from seeing that 't he ~::-:3. Before the N:.ttreserves":. __ comrades be coopted into the National Co rami ttee. comrado P10p has d1fferoncDP with the National COTnr. tr1sm ~ '.\'tb. " .e r naI c~ique conflicts..' :.:. J.o.l_li t·erarv._~ .nn-Joko. .9·' \'/e 11 group i"H~.agat ns.d be nQ longer allowed t. . --. ". i~nt~r. ••• • ~..lo. .. who se vievls in the Russian question rs pre se nte d cc mpl e t e capd tu l at i cn before cer-. fol).. a t \'ihich a who Ie se r i e s of deiegatesrepr. . .untst . ~ •• I .lls· the Koonigsb'u~·G·g':"oup'.""!it..jJote·d .. .l._'..:ian.in • ..bureaucrati c"" c 1~ou0 Gn' 18\"li CZ.".' • .n~ thi r.. .s bean proved in a ~'Ihole se r i e e ·.t~on. ac Las sica..t he se comrades··turn ".consitsof the-'·· '.. 0.: \'Jei. •• .. .tW.e:p has.po Li t. . . .bich' is e x. I.manno r. .12. It 1s trbe that Ne~rn2nn~and.b.3 de s t ncye d by Lnt." •• to".. e.his d oe s not prevent com ado..' .t :t.!as low s chool the German Opposi tion •.g in ·the mos t corap Io te .'ac~ion.. f. .:.:.: •...·N~ C.) h~· t co k.i t pr c ce e da vtc oleanse the Hamburg ori3ani..' i • •• .Lcng ago. in . .. y: PE'.kcs:t. .tional Conforonce.ambe'~s)· O'n3 the. • .'i t. . tor let· .laj:'.· slona the National Co:nm1 ttee II ••• .their vio~ls_r-. :. b 100 fought with aLl 1tserergy for the Gry le\'lioz_JokC' . hand qf . .. .•• . the path of cap_ itulation'.ao .fa.• ~ Naumann group. it· for.:_ _ did the \llell_Jahnlce_Plep bloc fight 'at the National Confe~ez:lCeJ _ ~ .• '. nc ipledn3's's of' :th. ..cs in· the Saxon 'i31s'ctions.r. s t ate ofstagr::ation)at pre se nt it 'has ni ne rr.o'.:..that cc mpr cmi se ' theentira o poos i t iom» Po·liticallv..i on.thq .gove rncs nt. has alway:'! been devoid of any. The·_·lIchief reservatl.bee n r.. . ar he attempts to stay the. this doen: not prevent Comrade. ·o·c.:$ 'th~t':of'~ho'. •. ~.' . . . W .e. allies of We 11? For 1'lhort:_c' '-~. f).t~oy a ppr oao h thl3 ... ted.he Na_ tional Committee as ViEiil' c. mcde no ccnce s a i ons... faction (ui x membe r s ) is boir:.: . q ue s tion (eLe mcut. Hurm has expressed views which he shoul.":el1 group as oppo r t. •~ ~ •••• .. Conferenco of .. be s j:.H~::1blirJ. ..1Dlll':.' • • of ! . . groups 6' ' .i oa L mct'ive s . shar pne S9' . ~h.l :t. .esentcd . have -e x.:' _' . i·t·.o remain in. ~IIo'ppcrturu s tic II' Nati onal...oking" fo·r support t'rom"_:" ! .s of doub Ie.. •••• ' .I.11 Ear._· the semi"_centri st views of Comrade \'Je11 in the Germanq_uestions .cticat problems of the Red" _ .:basiG.n the Rq!.

!' ' .':l..b-c:/~ha~ 1'1i r::..:J l!otb!ng \.do '2:'. • .o-:/1cz~Jol~o .r:-j .. . \7il1ch 1s tho pl"lcduo~ ~ the bu.O.-:.c.~~~. t1:J . 'l'hG 1! •. • 'f J.!.t~o nou==un.~i'li~ .~!':1n ito :_Y=':lko tl'::l c.rcunac·~s.(\t~'1~..900 .c lc~two~ to ()O::li':. _ ..-:) P)..on ot ..' .oco~~ln~ to 1~o nood~..:ora11zlllG l'Oa1t:~ of doub20 boc'~=·OP1I1g..~: (1tj~-"r'. In tho honda at th~ .li:::::U by J~~'.12.rlll !./~o::l·of th~ fou~.::~~n olic~t.gs th4'ou:. . ./ . 'rhG 114400(j~'VOOll of' tho \'lol)' faction.\... .::~("'..'o~lcl be t:!'rc fatel t·o .~c~uo W. ::ct:. .-:t~iu..c:.4')~ tI:Q \'::J11 f:.'::~l 10o.c .1C~ .t1o Sl1~j!.. 0..tt~ ZU~lihc:'1.~"n:..:.2quo around i:ot~:::nn cl.l.:!:'Ci~" ~1!6~·ls tu~ncd 1n~o g rc~~ ~~1eh ::.:lll e cvoz-od up in :!l::nca t(~:l ch:~:::. t'lovo'_c!.:.OO~f'04:'0r.)\...:.:.~ .. ..::~~c:l 10 tl~o tnot thct C~:::):. a-orr::l~ OP~:1ti(. ..=.:~.)Otl <2ocr. I.. .' "l. .c1ol1 it noco:::ac:"y to occupy It haa alrcc~.. A" oyn:..!cco.ct1c.'. 1n r::lY.~· been juC~od by tc:.:) P::'::. J • pc tr~:_':')}J.0 !J~ C~ COlJtOCDO='23 ei::4"Qc~c~'1:ccl hitl::olf' as th3 "1occ..J~~o eliquo.:\.) ~:ut~c..:>~.? tho bcnncr of ·1nto:':::'(.h tho Guttol'.olf.f sa ..~ prapElr1n3"tl:~ . '.nto:.C:::~ C~C~~C~ tho • 4 • · cc~ln~~ tho Iuto~~o~1c~~1 Bu~o~u...J ~:~iC:1~ C:::'.-~cco end l'ottc6noco· ib th~ Woll fc'... plointo of thi~ cl::"quo c.del'ch5.1:.8cl !n t:.') '~~~:.:.. ~ \700 \.c'ao:: ju~r. _ _ It:01? .1or c? 10...."i!.. \'7hon.o-Q:l. .l..i1o.:?l.'."'. m .-.::l!l to tolol":O'Zo r.CO.:tt~ona'.."r..i~~!i?~~('.ucrc. enti cOL::)'~iwoo uccc aD a ~:r~c.:) in Dj' lC50 that tt.o ccz . ~~ ~c~:t10s cll'o. 1011 r~etlo.~Co:.. .c1 not 0\1\)1' !"'':):ll.tl0 cJ.~.t.nt nf tho t!::._r).v.l~":uin..\1D· • -(H~wbu~C) lot~o~o in Ol?y'.~::linDt tho Z'1\.cr.jo~lo:..u:. tl~:l r::.1. on ·thl0 coc~c1c~ ulth.k~. 4) . e~~o net ee:'aj. . th:J bu:'o:'..

.~:: -:~ ': . nne vias pr c po seu for the German N. C.nly. ) .' • • ·~I~::..ch submits to the pre ssure . .. 0.y:~~:~~~:t· ·::at~·· the. ''.~~.}~{.th~ fierce cl_que st~U6g1e of~N~u~ "mann'. by Com. Frank.-.l. ~ .tacks 'he suspe oted. ' ' .. a. t -~' . t he National 'ConfA'!~Ce and' the Tral"~tti".....: '" ••• . .:~o~1_ could they'elect ttie:"salile ·comrt.8aln~t: the:..I. ~!. yet mat.formation :of e Left Centrist group. :l:'rank.tions:and the ci1.•....s in which the Saxon ·r...day..• i . r.he L-ott. the polit1ca~.~ .. ~~..:. ~ • •• .t~~e'.<.oad·!. capitulators like Neumarm .101:0.tuT~nd ~ths"process of the . _:~:. has c oms to th9 ~onyiction that the Wall jaction o~bodies that vacill~ting part .:Opposi ti on \"/!?ich 8lides<~d6\'~ii fro:...l"" · of i ts"'stru~gle against t hs Ge rman Opposition •.::..se cr-s t strutig1e.: .:'t~~' . "..•. · .. it . :::"..ha:"eas in reali ty. ..ihic~ ~eon~ ens thine "_<. '. j/ • • • · -. ~.•." ': and saysanoth.The ne~u:lts of.~.n-. dau~above all that uas not r e cogrn ze d in tir. ~ '.· . Ye to.. f ....des. .. ~'.1cial phenomena there VlaF 1l".· C.ter... We·.. '" '. . 'as -ell as on all point.. ~. .eto.. .~-.t·o recognize in ti me t he sub te r rane an basi c po li ti cal bendancy of the ..he roo. ·.• . • •• .in this manner 'to cause the r9signntfon. ".he international::fli'gn1ficance .bii t r at he r t ake: t'he ·r..:.: • .permanent factional strl. behind whose at. The complaint can ..~r~J~~::~: .ti1e. .-ith ..Rtakes 9f which he say...a... that it did not re.~. • •• : ".... disagree with .~.. It' war the mistake of Com~·ac1e. •• ~- :"I : .... (b) i.er the.·chrve of· political: davelop_ "ment. This mistake. ·N. 0° . . of int·. '0 .l~iona the \1{e11 faction has'.. ~".~. It is no acqid0nt that th~y belong t~ th9 ide_ ologi Rt·S ...recT.~: • .. _.position to\.o\"ln·: their differenCes with the NationalCoUlmitt.'. .~. VJell.~ ~!'~~~··..they . along' the line ancl. -:'he N.. ·\lc.·::)pIT~ .December-13. . behind' the I¥i.!.-.~ J .. • . corme c te d v. This. · ·alize·Boon enough that behlnd.-ansigG3n".. I ..f~~d' . .:~:. path.lssian question (eletr.shame."..d1. ..h&~p.~93Q· .. : . - -.. ~ .~~es~ o cca s i cns does it dare to' stand up openly \~ith its Vl€\\!S asa.':. .urec . "" •. . makes'it difficult for many o'omrade s of the German Opposition.1nsulte. vihom en the pr'l'v1~' ou~..obj3ctively along the line of ccp.: -:': .of the Na~icn~l Comiilittec._ '.:.:ard~ group.: . :..'.!-1 dere atodat the. and whose most consistent representative i? '. reminiscence s .gronp'.. · revolliti.age .. \'.•.be... ·:-·pol:1tiou.sGle 'of the Well group... pr o.·rent· th~·t had . ade · \'Ie 11' ... !.··~·.~ .~ . .' - ". .\~. Atteli' ~ the ···centri at We ll. '...of centrism all. bure au decided on. .J···there was hidden a centri~t ClU'.': • :~.!.'.le'mbers. of ce nt r tsm (:lurm).:.. .!::: :': .n 'the' Clost .' C. are 'instructed ~o'lay d.iarxism at ·e:very . ".c~':in~~. 'In 'a \'ih~le series of decicive·dt_ ·u:.·E. . . '. s~..'.. " ..:-~. t ha t 'lihey ar e c Los e ly .~..'Ie 11 faction to oarrv on its 'struggle on a. ~ .·?·. t. .lve£ 01' .l.: . . : -.' •.d bY' n:eansof open sabotage. C.on~ry l.was t.' • •• • :':' # .:Lan.~. ".:ade with justice ~gc.' " " !" (.. '.:::. • ".30w "could the We11 faction' approve' of" the theses ot· the<N'..~_·.nct."~'>. be.L.t. itulat1on. \ th~t sort of . • • . ·. .3..' '... to carry out'tha instrr.theNational Committee and att3mptG'd' . int'ri.:~.. i:. :~hf.i ceede. In a politi cal si tuat t cn 'ofhistor~ 0' signifio~~c~ .. . - .)..~ . aThe Saxon members of the..n£ '··<N..rul·manner? '.·..of o'lique_like attacks.... :': .:~·C~··<.t.'..::.. .andsllperf.:.r."' •• : '" .: . \'Ehi.tory.Llto ..~ of centrism..'.t . ".I.:.~'. ~z::~... (c) in the RTUO question....ee (a) i...·/l::~t:~~~·o:~.ha R. • : :" .ir:st the Ge rrnan H.' :.. ." '.~... ro ruae. : Centrist.:' '. -.:s.. the.. ."Na ~i:onai · Conferenoe. .· only fao·ti ona I .l-level.• ' '.. Th1~conceptioi1 is' wrong.: : •. ... c.:~·In order to force the '.• '.n the e'stit'late of the' pol1 tical s1 tuation in Germany." ••. Frank.:'" ..cy \. I .:Joko.t·~of·his concilic'. . ~ ..~+·: ..::. Ol:l:.. group o r open opportunists.\":hich as a faction belong·~·'to~a··c'urrent in the inte1"l'latiO'~l Opposition which is developing..~ ..imrnac!iately began'~ .. proved "that it f1Ubrllits to the pre s.On· of' ... .• of :tba \VeIl·~group·a.·.9nts o·f double gov'3rnment) .' .dipl_o.e mpt n a t aab ot. ''0'" . only uncLar I ty.~ .es ana -at t.s 1:11·t.'r.. · bind these "secondary .

age:ih:J't the basic' . alio.a o~n . D! O.h~ pamph Io t . .Jrli:l o.intol:'i'l3."' '_ 'j~ . prcvo d ct.v·. hi s . :tot'r!3tional OPpo:lit10..t!lO '\:011 fc..1th0113h 1 t \-:a3.b!l~.gai rr: t Ur~e.. . tQ1cg~<l?hicQ:::..".:li~:jcs : fecto: .zo..o . and . faction has C(.root b.iocraZic cant . to c<:.. • . !ar··.ZJO .0.. in t·O adopt t~:) r'::Jt..9P!oS·j" a nd of t...\~hitt l... I• ) .of the C.~_. -·st.~t ~.4.o orc:.t.d of riilich the D.fi. ~~ .haLe ft Opposi·tiot) . ·m!3i·o·:.te~: 'l:a~ers:r..~y ol"tcnization .ilbt1on of . tho \10il·. ... C.inevitablo.) nYJtor.yo1utionary \i'or!-:t1ist.'. . t[lO. . gainst ·oentrism in i 'C.od (J)..1:( cn ...1liot3 in o..nc0 of i t3 po• n ..()ct0d t h .o:ic·~a. • • _1 r -The bam s of I'evolution:>. • n. Tn3 Coll fc. . .l:?.rJhich is th3 right for tl~:) l~:::':~r::. ttJ cos t fUl~dc.iot::ativQ Soc:-ot~rit1~ ~t..:.publi::)1:od thr.1on::l.Jotin3~ th0' N·. '.liI"-3 Z:::'11r.i:? lc.ioo.1f.G group.:\_l~on. '. C. ..·in::tho struggle a.gC1a by tt.'dor to' 1·c. Dinee every f~nda~~ntal point .~:3ni:..hich tl::>N.co::1lng9 are . . ~ThD~O.!iQ. Tt. . that of Leipzig hanGUi~~ to 1.'V.lvir:. Tt'3' N·.ll a i.y io £lil"l~:in3.. pro~org to hide hOhind o'l Con-.. tall . orccr.: ...·ir~·rr. ha r._ fo.. '01' Sa::ony stands \11 i:.. ".itc()lf. :. tho m=-i jtonc..:id i'':OQ the iJ. ·/\cioil". lifo .: !J~ C• .. : r..ttocpt ia made to .~ p dce s n?t· re J<:Ict serlOUS and pr<lotlca'l .L~i~)zie brot:!. '?il:> l'0:ult·ot tl'!l(J Gc.mpat gn .II or in a draft thesis and to . • • ~. en.1p r.tion~l e e.. hac been .ith a p4'oai.P?':~ e i tion.th3 he rna t1 o ina 109_ uro of L':li~ziG'~' f~'on r:to:. G.'··th·O 1~b·~t.l bc.o.o11z01tc oini s_ tor pol~ t..:::OU:1tS to four copies p~r.l t ..:.~. or: :t.'t.~oting f~:: "J':'~"". rJ.' .ir.-·Y. .· The . it.Cl uo at.. ·0'" . C.. tho ) tatlin of ·thi.Z in t.• ...':10er_ G~p .ll::ont. .io11l:C~ had tor: .r. clcG?i to 0. ...i:out any rasorvnt. P.raclo FranJ..the pre co e s of r e...ion Trotoky.' .j.t . . t..::li.b_le'.t ho activity 01 tt. o! ir.ool"i:?1oos. · In til" .ion ho s been dsa. ~. . Cl1:~::Il"':::c1r..d6~larine i·t.': .::ltio r. of ttl:.'i'lo B._·. To this D tb...:~cl·Db.·C'.y to tz'ococ..pri·nci-ples.~ ~hG . . nas poat poncd .l)t~llning t.r. ot Sa::. c~opaign is dircct3Q.o i..>::. _!rh. In.. undo.. ." . C...~ '~b..' ! . dCr:::l11cis of tt"._•. .3!. :. .e~ . C·~~of th3 G.of· 1~2..for a z:egi::1a .q~::StiO~3 invo._~u~yo~$.~ il1foi.' .=lr.g' tho exai:iplo .have· boon E3ttlocl .:. . 98 m6ntho..: ' (~ . .t3t:.hio.z~ t101"'.:"::) 0:. orgarriz a t f on. ps=feo~.of. . ..in 1 t s ' 1CDt lettor to' th:l D. 0.o· .. f.nJu.~ttit13... ':" . ':. C. ..olu.:...for..~ . C.1 .• '.~f' ._· 'i':_3 :. in a doolaration ccamunt catc 1tto tho lJ.n· .n ttl!!! a t t e apt . :·i.al COr.C.jJers of tl:.'L'li ttoo of Sa:~ony en::t-:3'red: • The ..rty convontion it sold only 145 . Comj'ado ~--" " c. rbt-ho11s' are elosoly conr. thopamphlo t :-.• _of.a!:3s and SQOl·t.Dp!.ho parnph Ie t on tho Situation in G::n:·r.o ccntrict _tIall feet.lrcu!ation • 'Dor of the of .. • e}:olUc. .this.a .otion..lltioa. tho D.:3 Di ctr'iot COr.·.:.r'an!~::r.: ~ ..··prossti:·o in t.~. C.. 9th.n al~::.t 40es·i. . comrade t Trotaky.'~ 1.'.:1 th in th3 parnph Io t . .ony holds tho vi o o that the elaboration of se par a t a theses on otr part 1s'~up3rflucus.::C.fn.c!al)Uary.ternalda_ . wi 1.d to tt::) lie: t.: .Qer·~anOppo6i tion.Uonal cc •. and .". for tho 16th p::.:~nO. ."c~rning the dooision or teo lJ.moo~~oy in th3 ranlts of -~h~ Intornational Opposi"tion.. C. C.uttl:oG-Ol·Dan l'~ C..·. Co:.. .' • '.. r:j.::l:· ' -.:lbot~'::'o ·tto· ·~~D.c·~iOl' nce d s t~_·:.is der. r-:ho have ccco to U3 after· n:lrd at:"l~gglcs full' oi':.o<l Oll ~~l.. :. .3nt p~rt fJf ._15_ views of tha N. 011 t ha C::·our.3r •. C.of ~axony on .~ unity of tho G:orf.~.~?t O~~osition..~is.:·. -_~ ...~Ci p3rGiatont.~.ttco dc c Lcr e d 1 . solt infallible end fro:J.::ll~y only 75' oopies. def€lnd~and ropj·oEonts. '. •. have· a right t.-.J. I~ it:.i?o:-. 1931: ...~ to call 0410 rei: tho 11th ot J~it:C~y.: In . follc-:.. \-. _.hil' to·:'oc~G. .t he 'pn!J:lr in E:.r..i i tsaU'.of t he pacpale t o is sin!dr.ttiolf is.O!dR it b!lc!~ i.o r. .:ods ci~3i~::Jt.0. .ab~olutoly ecrr ect .:1·. G..9:tho g~oup s oLd about 350 copies 0 f.~ts .cr~tlc~sm~·. ' .:nizatio:) o'r . lwr:ovef". .l c.c.~6n··:·o~~~ci1t{On·..rt':d!31~ ..:zr.:. todc.

ical atmosphe's 'and of c~eating"tha.". . has tarried lon~ enough . OPPosition to its ovm backwar d politicallevel. to d.old i. ' .. - • . \":i ncbags for If. vii t h a clique 'lihe organt aat i on. the m3thod. .-_ the German Oppos i ti on in t h.~:... the Well faotion presumes. ~ " . . 1s.1'. :p~s. ~he .-h'ich. In a proclamation for a. . oonVic. deceived by the manoe uver s of the \t!e11 faction. ..tion en vne ground of~the political vie::ls of the National COr.: .t of their lives ccnsd a ts in" sniffing around : for 'd~viationsll. ua . .:--:' that is spli ttlng and destroYlns'-.' .".interI?-a_. . sharpest protest again~t the unfair mathod~ of s~rudgle conscious_ ly employed ~y th~ \j~ll faction..~de cide __ for the dl:ly e lect_ ad N. ' •• I • . :~ • .those principlea for whi ch the majority of tt". . ".. .o.' " ' .e rriet i ona I opposition.3 the polit:-:. ~o preservs. . Which it needs in order to 'un.' • .' own ideas.e struggle \lhichis being conduoted against tho person of Co~~a~e Landau. C. C.nde ncy .ir. ..ot. who .I I I . .~.. Le't the Wen faction go the' \'lay \..d. knows that th.poisoI"~in.. i 'I"S -confc~er_' ates Neumarm . ' in the hope that tho Vlell faor-ion wcula. __ which..~ta:'ians and.at:ried~n it's s t r ugg Ie ../- We do not dispute over petty matters. It will go to pieces ifit d09b not put an end to a strufg13 carried on by a cen~ri. -:--.t \'Jell faction.y . . th~ ti ma has . . On this occ~6ion the d~iy eleoted Ge~man N. ~iil withd~·aw to' the anational turtle's nouse s .that the N.up t. al~h~ugh .on a firm principle _ basis. ~1me of c~rnpr~mises . ten.over . :. C.~ ... " ...mo~e or le~o complete rcrmuravi cne . • " • . in order to drr. ''. "Ho\'iever~' when :the Aacrifice 'of giving up o ur-vd ews on the) pr i ncf pl e pr ob Ie ms of the Internr:.split. . .e N.. . in 'order to oa::ry on the strug~le far away from the intervention of the' brother ·organizot10ns. hcweve r . be groups 'or co mrade s 'in . struggle..ent se nse fro~ that _". then t he future a lone \'.Clo'sing Remark·s • in the interna_ The cri~1 s has be come a general.'..'.. N.sn~.' The German Oppo~ition h~'s c. . hcwav~r..ts dis1n~egr. hem the whoIe co n. . and i tspoli. If there \'4111.t internal t cns i on . ...1 ..' • • •. raises the. ~ .i 11 prove which tendency in the German . r.' .cy or for 'the ce'nt r i s.o the' p!':~senf..wi 11 continue. We have made .a.' . .t.Opposl tion embodies ..ating political co.g a nc : s quabb Ie s Vie le~ve in all secur i ty to those s3..oi:l:-:ipn· t h .g downth9 Germap. . "" .' c. then the question of -um t..coma where every s incile comr-ade of t ha Garman Opposi ti~m wi 11 have to. H~~.. Such' a position has no t hi ng.~::. . n as fought and ." . Joko. .\'I!. . That ~does not.phenb:n3non ....Th'e ideas of the Well: faction. ' .. Lnt.st t.the urn ty. Now. .. That is qui te correct.in a d~ffer. ~lgnif1es the struggle n3ain' ' . . '.i~l = t and a_g_§. Its shame'ful methods have nothing in c..Ge rman o ppcs r tiori.tnFt. the de moc ati c regi"ma' in the G~rt'lan Vii Opposi tion.~. ._ t I ona I Opposition is demande d of....1I . The N. tiona 1 revc Iuti onary I'. Comraue \'Iell declares: "The ..- ~' _i.' ': '. . ~. to fight. mean.'-'" .Tha majori ty of the German Opposi ticn' __-~' s tandawf t h tull. surrendor t he weapons of -'~its unprincipled st-rug-alEJ~' " ".-16_' .ionalism. are not our. ' .steps to the backgrolip..every· ~ac'r~f~ca .Q.. C.:of.1m~ ttee.the.ot1vity • The.N:'plitt.n:l FI:ank have already gone.\arx~." 'Y:. .th'·:real internat. ': . ~ . C.: .

.. • .! ntEST10N.Ellropaan eonfa:.nuo8 to be 1i eve t ha t ti-::Q . 'partly. lri .".~ La:--dnu group of the Garman OpPosition . Unfortunately..~!.. t10n • A . Up t o tho pzcscnt . ' \70 IlQ\"O little to odd i~'l tb. All tb. eV3n thi~ information is incorroct.e NATIONAL CO!.. 0' CBOLSH~'VIK-LENlNI S7S) ..:~iV. Thol'O TOClains only one thin3 for t he Int01'natioI" .10na. then tb. .t the tra._...faotion" at the confere nco" of 00 tober '11_12 \'i ha re it is au ppc ae d to have approved.s phe re and did not a:iopt 3"y political theses..ttorrJ.:.:> be s t t cs t_for ti:~ !::. . have these theses really been adopt.~~.::..9 to one oonclusion: In tbis qU3stion.-. .h9n cor.au. .r " • . by Land.. " Mahnrui" g~'oup 1. We or. ' " " .lid b:.. on \thich to base th~ir Staliniet mathodo \'lhich are hs()'ding t ha C01'.3re. ' •• ~ 0 After a syato matd c ~11E:noG.:!ll'l L:lt't towa:rcl destruction. l'~O luut "eU'li ficntion co~::-c: r .io (1'.c~~tio.~. January _' ' 25.::.~ IntornQticn~l Oppos1 tion lJU~t lay dO~ln its vi ona in a plo.:1e union theses of the Saxon organization wer e aao p t au . aft:~ til::':J e xpe r Ic nco ..ical and..' In this re por t it.7 COO:'CO'Zl Fral~co 1..~q tional 01?~o::.9 "i-Jational Cor. those groups have done nothir. any O~~ of the groups by the Intarnutional Opposi~ion ~s its ~0praH sentatlvo 'in Aust~·i(l..:ost1on. For ..~neo as Quicl:l~ C.ition in .l . OF ~J: tt:.has dcdiccd to.ntl'ou8 offoct of tho b uro cucr at i o r:..:'uf oro'Jp.untable political a t mo.c.. . t1o~. . utho theses of the Nation~l COIn::1i U• ttee Firot. Landau is defen1ing his f~cticn~ at interests. tt:. . .143 "cloclarE. The ndec lara ti on" s pe aks of the 11 capi tula tion" of the iI\':e11 ' . ence? If SO __ \'lhat theses? No. c r . 4 Berlin. /! 11 thi 0. Tb. han been c:.9 tho nuc Io us of t he Inter. .triall. stan~ up tor diGc~~nion..tion" of tho t. Opposition: '11 to \'ta1t £Oi" the moment \'... -17. Defore dioctosing to tta ~o~bora of tho lnternationol Oppo~i_ tho dict.!IT7E.. \'Ihich \":i11 fo::o tile basis for the pla~_ forms of the d11:{Ol'ent eec t. 1931. __ ~..ditions \~ill become favorable for the oroation of a ge nut na Lett Opposi ticn in Austl"ia. ~ •• TRZ AYJS7:?!!I. Tact. ..t 10 oor... :~e conference took place in a lar..ta!~e i poaa t i orror.hE..g but COIDprOQ1Sa the cause of tto Inte~national Opposition. .etically pr ovecu against tho re c ogrri td o: . nona political ql1CS_ tiona in the a~ova dccla~~tion. says t. pr1 ne1 ple qU9S tion~. .'. G. tt.3 p03:Jiblo.oo con t:i. 're q u1res th~ convocation or Q .. • .B C.l8t be conai de ro d 0.ndau group.:3thods c mp Loyed by ~t3 Lnndau crDup. . ~e ~i9h ta ta~c Q ~Qsition paint by point to each ohnpter of 1. e nce n uas tt.al Oppcoi tion. 12 of the "Kcmmunis t " ~ublish'3d (1 report on tl:e cc nre re nce .o latter can only COr.s lEFT OPPOSI TIOH OF T. I. P.. po . !lh:n.e1 by the ccnfe r... Ths 0 isia in oharpenod tnro~n tba lac~ of lZ~ ternat10nal l~~coronip.Ae..

::. .. . 'the uni ts d rr ont .·out." On the eve . . ' . . ' ' ' ~_.._ .:.::.o:::'. E3 'at't..::~.. .1 \'\0 .radically opposed to La~dc:..~.~ .u's concsotion in this q~estion. ~.~e y s pee c h unre s s I.c. .. C. " . point of' vie\": in this q us s...nly a que st ion of the fas ci sts rae.· for a long ti:r.I for the t.> -- . ..'. Did rle cap i tu·la te '·1n t'ha ... ll.. the .. 't!lis iE: ho~'..-i~d r.tional Committee infori. L:l:dall'!3 ontn~i~. .c:. Co. in or-e single q ues .at. Opposi tion (RGO) is not an eutonc~.r ade union policy • pf. What do the trade union the !:'ns 'or tho Sa:-con orgap1:at1on re_.i th t he b our.e con'CeiiCd a' mis. '0 . ..I. . .i1:'. t~_Ieninist? .~ that I would not be able to r':':-i:. Bruns'. Toda. adequate andeyen confused... conference in Saxony.~a~e \. "!'::2 .he cont. nothing else but the liquidation of cur Leninist opposition in th~.:r. the . . fasoism h~s been developinz. could it ncit have bean .6r Landau is ~veale~~ith most precision in' this qus s t Ic n. - • of the: >'cold .us.ajority of~h~ or gani z._ . The form9r~. We admi t tnat "':e' vo-luntarily "capitulated" .'. It th~ "Saxon the cas \':~re ·ac.eli1p~".'3 c.' as ~ was \'. .t these theses wer s in. . (PI comrade-of t. ..r .. to cilll us "centrists . . In certain provinc3s of Garmany (Thurin._' characterization of IIfederalisli's'!'~as.. phrase.~nore cor ect to. want tc split -t he -.e co a l t ti ens \'. The tr ado' union t he se s '~':hich \':e1'0 pl2Glishecl ~-n i'f·5 of th~ .iell.' ". tit'lL_thc or"e. t he policy of.'is'·us that 'one.tr::.agains. que atd cn. present? They arecounter_theseej l!t t. : '_. .::. of view o..:'Ju:3 t r ace union or.. / .international 5i tUiltion.t.nizatioll . 0- Ill.o justiiy the a ccus e t i on ot..conferc(:~o. how' c an the "caoi tUl'ation of tho \'!e 11 faction" be exp Ia i ned'i . .'i th9 international.:._ _ ..1'3ft. 7hGY seize the mim avr i e s of the interior in thG hope of executing the counter_rovol~tionary: insurrection with the _ . t. The dem~~o~~.. ge e i s parties.. is our Ilopcn capi tulCltion" expressed? a sLatemant ~e~oid of all founc!ation.luding Lan-. _ m spoke alon~ the lin~s of Lancaur s th35€. . '".ia.diffa: e nce s bet\'laen o~:. .' .~3 que s t.in'my~spgech on·the spitit of our pcs i t i on on'. "centrisr:1l1 'that he"hurls.:'1iz2. . .-l. after .h'i·dh t ho . . .was an.:::.) dec.l'selves and the Landau oroup were most' 'acut.It· is . -:. \':0 did not . admi t that th~ forr. .efenc!ecl the u Lt r a..e.. an empty tho~..only \'[harein.ts~on. Wl'If:t .. in this .JU3~no'N QF FASCIS!!.or the party. s e s s i cn of the N.vic~~l c ucs t i cn. . the trade uni9%! 'tllctics.3 1iterc:... f.. ~ ':.i.C.. tion. dau.h9 d1otric'\. tt:.n·(~e Landau reported on the . I·-...i ns Ye co gni ae d uns qut voc a Lry ~. -.of. 2.o':ition and the entire Lett Orposit1onrnust belong to it in' a body.and the t<?cks e.....-t r ade union rrcr s. i~itatin3 their caroh tc~a.. ..f the party leadershi'p in 'order t. C9 and. . __ that is to.d the seizure of po~er by capturing po_ sltio··s in the sta~e..: e t c . • . . I rejected "'\ina conditions thnt wer e posed before. conf3ronce-.other q6~3tions? In the ~ame report on the conf e r e nca-we r e ad : "Cor.based the conclusiot~. ' .3TIN ~re .re pcr t e d cn th8' 2i t ua t t cn in Ger aany ~nd our tasks. ' .'Ji ck) th~y co ns t . .. But.Y... ir~r. ~evo1ut1onll that Landau _':_-=~-. \'.~ long cliscu.r i s t s hit up agai ns t the .i ons of' l?ascis.1 I I • • • .e sought for a'lab131 to attach t e.a'bout . II This conception Ii:3anS-.h~ii a1iz~ that this· 0·:.\':!enistance of t:. It is a trade union o}:'-'. precisely the ques_ tions on ... forr..:n ac t ua Li ty . .ided.. the Landau gr oup in_ . ..of aat e .onier~nce.BULL.lly declared the 2011ci"ilng.take •.ny v.:::.()nted by ~h9· c onf'ar e nce . the 1I\~iall' factionll •. lI':Lee Reu Trade Union. Finally it .r~~ Ne. .s to' attributo to us the pcin+.the formu'la .Instead of aocusing'~s of caoitulati~~. pa ns on to us? For IlS 1t \':as o.Q·p_ post tion.ar· ':trade union posi taion. ..J.. ~ ..:.

:i ccns i de r 1 t an e xpr ea s io n o~ pe tty bour go oa S panic...the "united front fror.·c.1 t he imrl~ediate defeat of' fc:scislil. we 'have only t hco e c cct cs £).e d Ycnt .ho do not balon8to tho "\'Jo 11 faction" have undo rstood it. .a.l ab ove s .) cl~ar and pro o i se pct nc of v i e w on tt. C." " .6 tiiscuzsod this titlo and v.lIbentnst' '?ioll f€lotion'" for:riul~t0d lOll~: before the publication of Comrad. fen r..e reaI. c cn.lt8s -:f \~b.icl.JGting of tho N.ccording to Lanc.s Lancau t ake n the trouble..t r:oVOt::nr~.a an ":ltf_cc. Land~u contents hi~self ~ith minc9d phrase£.~~ch no chcco d th:lt "-JU..au and his most t rus t ad tnotion fj..Ir. . of my e xpre e af on: the other comrades \....:=. as '~he only r one to "rnisund. T'hls. .-------.e era. " . today D.rac. On the o t ne r hand..h raa. the=o io n clen~ir. At u C::Oti7. to c onc rs t i ze the t ac t ro of tr.911."ionds.rsr. " -I • Th3 odocrc. '.' aid of th3 S ~ate apparatus.Landau .it1el" is bo:::ol'c' tha gat e av .hich f.s factionirie'nc1.t. it.I on of the Jrighter.. ciam it ~Q~ a quo~tion of anti_~onopolist toneOnCiG9 neons F3tty bour30oio o Io cant.e lon.At a t. W~ila T~ael_ man forosa'.. ".. ~ revolu~ion \"1ithout 'an ir~3ul'!"ectj :))"). ".3ntary victory of ras .:.aocisl'l S.. THE.r..Lmpo r. . aZt0r u d1o(luPf-ion lastlng tr. . Ti:~ discussion has 6. .his sensa that '.eunitG<l f ro n t .. . bv tho p:::rliOi"i.I b . the . we thought that it was not our duty to sow panic in the ra.js to' t'ha chapt or on the ulJ~9trlOds 01' Landau".zr the fa~cistso...' .a t II ti::..- ... .~'3 r.e \1311 cat d at a n:aetil\3of the Na_ tio1i:ll 00:'1:I.. . Only.. IV.. C0n1ratlelJil19r..11in all.it tc e that it \'.9fanded by c he ce nt r i avs .~d1ffercnoa in the o~t1~~tion of fascism bo twe o n Land cu and '~~o S~i:on cor.'3 t ac t i e r of the united front. o..? --------.thin.~int. Lnndau. The:'e is nothing • stoniuii-l~ in .La te r that he n:. "/-9 are de iandi ng a point of Vie\1 tb. to eliminate f r orn the t he ss s the pas s aj.d03. "\: : Hi.~Jof ccnt r i s a because I vras a. VI.r. uxr TZD ' . in ttJ OOI.. s t at i ng . It cas only in t.ert'ljected it with Landau'D oonse nt .:lcd ·~l:. at tho bDginnin3 of July. FRO}.aanin.)~:Jr ho Ld such a view.o'oks .. Landau i-.:. C.'.3d tho forr.andll tq. gat ns t ttl':) rorr. As to ourselves.~CO 0'1 r.. 6ains tit.:ula of th'3 "cold .:!it~1ir. did not at all prevent hi-.:ediate victory.. ~ Ho~over. one of-tha most . quit-o \'.sarc.: b?en 'd.. In no do cume nt \.. uhott:.ot t~1:ii1g tho path of a cold putsch to fac11i t a t..ithdror~ his vier:::.&S rro ceus ary to discuss the q uo at i on . .'.::o hcuro . 'cisrn end foras~~ its deci~iva victoL'Y for tho im~adiota futu:~. ~~acio ts want to neke a 'col~ revolution'. . In circular ~5. • • Landau was fright~ncd." .y were Vi3 against thi's ti tle? .. Thor:1rnuto~' are \'Iritton by 'Lano.:·ationll Z:OCUC09 r.a . fuses the beginning of a proc~ss ~ith its conclusion.'~ But.:.. I am still a.d pe t t y bcurge o t s \~h.~ li'or.i~appcarGd from tho r.11~: u~.' . c. The follor:ing quotation from tha letter of Com:'ade Se1pald proves it: uOo:-:-.e on . nut' t'hio \:. \'.s oa ve r hr.revolution".o their decisivQ stL'ugele. Land au cla fcr:. This was the e e t t raat.'I'1ks o'f the party • " " 'In tho question or' the uni t.'. .1 hat.s 0'.o mec hani ca I conception of tha unitod front has al\~oys.au. ... . Landau foretold imr.s of 'tho N.antcd to give this titlo to one of his articles dealing \'iith the rOG111to of the e Loc'td ons in Saxony.o' point of vi 3i':nccol'"di ng to \. plo. tant quastions. that 1~ . ~hu.e Trotsky's pampn Le t on t he _Gorni~'1) Situation.b. pr opoae d at one of t he meetin~s of the N.

:cl'::e:· and._ cisr:la in .cl.he:1 vhe f?.ith the daily Lnt. t.. .'3 fas_ ...Gizationsi: •• . can shoi": t he Intori:~\ti cna 1 Op-_ .g c Las s (a~ainst wa30 cuts.. nhich·trL3 "turn" \Vas_ evaluat3d as follous: ..utes to them b~ the ·minu te s •.r..e Lan::lc:. I 1 I'~T .1 II...l.• . . Landa~ knC72 v~ry "/."··". •..n.~'t. ~ '. C.. to COii. tion have not be e n renounced •••• The c once pt of so c i a L fu·scism·re_ rnaina.. ership of the pf. the form of ~hops . of Saxony.pposed 'to have stat'ad the:. • 'it ~ill renounce the thGo~y ofasocicl fasbis~u._ It v ~ 1 .C • "'1". .1i!1utas I am.munists must ce linr:ed up r.._. .rty· wee ·.erG no Longe r e mpLoy ing .l Q0~..scists pl an the dis_ r upt i on of the trade union ·orcle.~.. . t o ev·?:ry \'lorker c r.from a circular of the D..i9.tha"i~ ~cfe'1di~G "their orZ~.e union • L... ..tions •. __· .. _ .a !I •••• the .'...o 0 f ~ir. .."U"'\N L'!lT"\~··C..lly s ai d .-.e re s cs of the \'!t)rkir.._--.. tra. ..he le. gnm zc d in the trade unions that.po. Ac cor dd ng "to t:h§ so .1~·wlth all'the.. V r.!.. .. .. ". c _ :'The party must resu.··~T? 0-:. .iocra t.n~1 (uni~eG.rt:r r. .-.-_ --. J " pre se nt turn is nothing but an ultra_hft z1g_zag. "'"L-~Ver held. etc... . .' I· .~h. let 'us quotG hero a pas_ S9. ~.. Sl.~£.. -. . lilt is ne ce s s ar-y=t o c:''3at3 the def. the Uictatorhip of the proletariat.. tories. .:OC~~hic '.. ne ce s e ary ene:-gy the \.COll!'!:9 of r:hict. The "op3n letter to the party" is cc nce i ve d in thi~·spirit: negativ~ cri tici s~.u r e s t r i ct s himself to·phrases.the trade union o~~enize. . . organization in the i~portant def3n~e qus s t i on. th~ uru te d front r. front of the \':orking class.) wit'hol!t t sr: . fr 1..t the name ti:i. The Landau oliaue ho s be co me '.t they hG-v.. ... At a time \'.. .nizationst th9 r-~rty mus t taka the lse.e~r pr~pagand~ a:l~one..t~3 "':0. not \'.'1 .hich . in .7 m6·mbero·'ffiust stopgiv1:ng these or&anizations...----------------. -'. of their ownv s .. On the basis of the uni ted front. front.seG to 'manufactur-ing oinut'H! 'in they attribute -pci nt : of V13'·. .-10 '·(1930) ua wrota: ~••• It is necessary to pit against fascism the closed ranks of the uni ted......• ·G.r.ib..i 0 functionaris ~ as -ne 11. " . .gress 'and of the ~....hat I e. ' . .n~s or'gard aat i cns Qf tM pro ._..d of pant C J phrase's and more phr aaa flo" I'\'. The pr cpaganda of ToneCo.lon. In order not to waste too much tir.. a'S here·tofo!"e • . ..ia~h tr.().etting . .ith the 9l~~an: I'sr. ~h9 mas se s.oir)8 t o make a serious t ur. The .. ·p~:'t:l pr e c s an:it.I!)ocial f~s . the s ta t.59 .ctue.ol·l{ in the trade uni cns .ell ~'.rt.r.C.. .~ . • .it is '~b9 Corii..tha.. be conducted in t'ne factories. q ue s t i on) • • I .~ .itl~t e ab re cs not only all· the v:orkel-S but the so cd a I cer.'btariat in the factories on the basis of the uni ted front.d in the ~efense of. : . f or the seven hour clay..t. . the strllsgle against fascism m::..t : the pe.nist p2rty and not· tho trado union bureaucracy ..'·'·:' -_....·Nothi r... . eiota ~herover yeu maot thsQ" but by calling out: ~dtive the fascist lac~ies of capital out o~ the factorieslu ••• . in.92 ·iJh2... .. I s a i u ~hat '.0 ... A.he Sixt.• J.or. in ord9r to re cons t i t u te and cc nso Li de ta ~ t'?2::-{"unlon OPPoSl"\.h 170rlu c.~ r: The polioies o-Z t. . p. I~ must be_ cone clear to ov~ry SOCJ.g e xce pt the se quotations position the position of the·Saxon que s t i c ns in G9rme. In the t s«.I.t he principal aim.':1 . he .~ddj!"lJ conve n. The entire activity an4 the ~nti~e polioy of these oo~raaos provo the direct ccnt r ary of what 'Landa\l l!tt.

rnl">:ist ostim:... hCr!~__ t:-. VI.:3 pr'oGl~oss in o rdar 'to 'i10'lualizoii .~aticn.h9 pa!"ty's policies periously.t ae Lumber of t...Jors!'.o Group!)..'.tion of fa~cir.au's j..l:::ll· i:2. not make an o.J..~:)litic31 \". L Dr FFEP::.e en the ti..G2.n-~. ti'.ttOi... our c orar ade s il1 a political ana Ly s t s .he cc r r e c t. _.izatio~'\....t..·o'loJ.uv IJ"\.. \:0 ~:~\!O risen abov e tho S~.·.ULol~: ~~ain3t U~ OUl' coocl relat1on~ r:i th co nr aco e vihcae tnot10 l1ig:?o~~G ?:lC~ Ol:::: cr..~ G. \". J:!:!t it b:10 b~Cl'! Cl'ld C). .. n fourth or ito r.rIY""'" on tt.~p. "/hat pushes the other or garu z at..nizat.'lants '(.ogr. On t co o·i:...xon 3:-:8cutivo.0 s UbL-ltt. Before.: influence._ if'icaticn arc correct. No serious comrade '.' to the regina whi ch Landau has introduced into the Ge rman o cpo s i t i o n. It doe s not ta!:o the troub 16 to cake posi ti V9 pr o po se La to t he party. no \". Landau ho pe s to \i1n OVCH· the p~rty meabe r s to. REP.nizc.. s uc a !f.lir.s an opportunity to bOCC:...ch s t e p by the party V:1 th a floocl of s te re o t y pad phr2. con6roto trea~~ant of the t2. <.an~ (..~ir rnsmborDhip \'.=" the ohr aco. F.'s of th:> o~·c..Le d our s~ruG~le against t!-.i~ Viholo .b.ploy t hcra 2.11 th. "J .::.?-JC.!. ~\J cuacr en 011 0. olo~y in tho qUJ~tion of tto united iro~t t~ctiC8..·. positiv9 proposals in the doisnso q~estion...t:on tho o.. the fusion of all tbe L9ft g~oups i~to a s1l"'. "0'7_ l.iS_ ciam.. .ctS. ._21That is all insofar as the turn is concerned......G~o in c.n Left OPfosi tion. VU .dau gro~p to~ar1 tto dissenting cO~Qes. Daf6ate:! politic~l on tl:3 'political fiola... 'i'h::so .£lYS is Ot::':' Cl: ...Loris of t:te opposi t i o n to '. • til • b) Inforr.a pert 0 f tr..'iho share different vis'. __ on the par t.i!:l."'go.:::'r. A~") .. po s i . . L:::nc. C. tion on tho subject of the po rs po o z i vc for th.se s .r-'Viv:.oio..nc:J ct:"·42. \. Co~p19te inco~ I>::lton~o in ti·.. ncb 2.:e bo_ ·lieve that a fruitful disc~ss10n can cn~y bo hald in a friendly at_ mos phe r o ~:hic!1.:.'.'i t h this...i c i s s o£ Landau.·O"'-.:> c. 'r . ".ti:ots and are r. t::.. J Of .':!u car e s \'6ry littl0 cbout.. ~~J ..Jle Left .1I_ f91'"OnoOs be t\. tr.·r·.tions \'.he Saxon D..2.:.(:0 have made COr. ".' U •.:Jl·. ' If ho be rc .J i'or.J c or.::...s.'n...~2.:<)~.zS • it dco s .~.n<iau believes that ~uthOl'ity through. of tb S..l Lal'~C:('. sooras to bo to \"le:. or ga ru z a t f ona I f:"e"suros..~~' · '"'" .ill obtain •• p::oblou'.Gvs!o:n:::mt of :'~.. w ""' J..c ro te pr o o Ic cs of t1:0 c::.:pt What we hole: against the Lancau group is the"fact that to ze ce t. The Landau ~:CO\lp r c p l i e s to e z.ell r ac t i on Vie have ns v ar c once o. We openly carryon OlU" s t rugg le aJai':-.i£r~:.iat r.ith t:1at of Borlin. i:?..'''?\~c~·~''1':'1u'. \4 \! " .. he v.i 11 give tho corar a de s '. There i..CtiC3 of tho united front.3r figW-·OD of t 1'.ins'i:..~ Left Opposi tioni2 .od... 'there 'On tho ono ~( arc 'serious differences t n t ho Gcrr.ion c cu Ld hC'l"dly rc tut. ..~ ~·""I O"~''''''''''''Y''~'~7 ty to .nre thE) l"9ul J..3 u....r!.ne s s of our lir..::lt at all incli~Gd to err.=..1G convinced of 7. e t o ..G. is the burea~c~atic csthods of the Lar:. .~~.th:l Berlin o:.'.. " .l ..... It is not aocidontal that th~ E0rlin o~~~ni3Qtion bas mado no proS1:'Oss. c~ tho trade union quoction. .:'ot::? rc tr.9 false po Li t... .3 Landau gj:"c:.

.. This faction ce clared that it had b~en infor~od of financial irro3ularitie~ ~ince Mayor June (1930). of th3 Leninbunci diet not 'rise abov' 50 to 60 members.i1ano9uvars..~n.J~b. Unsuccassful·:1n. At the s ame tiillG an attcn. Unfortuna. The 'methods! ~anaeu u~'ed.eipz:i..e from· ~ha South..pt was made in the very letter to \'. . . 'just as in South \'lest Ciorr.a·f~cti6n...s present~'~.ed'··to destroy the str-o'ngest group_.g. the 00 .the Opposition.l1bers of the old Wedding grClllp·and the forr. . letter to Jahn:ca pj"cr..National Co~mittee and on the paper. . t. " .. ' ... for:::er ly be longed tc th.i ng c omr-ade s Jahnke and Ju~c las were expelled by a decision of the Landau fe. tober conference 6.. N. did not make a halt ancl c ont i r . I.. . ~hree Berlin 'com:·~~es..• .ndCluta!~e or~anizationa1 r:..tt) wr o t e a.ne·d through the: .· Landau.ac t i c s __ in the attempt to rcr ce 't he . The Saxon com:"ades I.heve held 400 comr-ade s .g ourselves...nd..he 4th Dist. ".o te s t s aJElli1st these c:rimiri'al. .i.' the Landau.. even . his majority. .... by Comrade' Fraenkel before the' conference. .s·ed of tle.. restric.. . ' .. th.mi..~n cvar . VJJ. He told us' that the Weuding:group nambar'cd nearly 200 comr ado s .o·toel r~utlber of t hs Berlin or. Comrade ' Soh\'ialbach (instigated by Landa..:te. .Cornnlda Jahnke to the Landau t~ction in 01"f' ~. ' . c. 150 comrades. . he had to admit the unanimous rejeotion of·'hfspolicy.iscovered t.\·?O_25 ma:nb3rs.aft... ... '.-: o # . The l~aG.. • ':. '. .at:·the tim~ cf.' ga1nnt the' ·D. Lj:lndau de s troyed t he Hamburg organization unds r the pre text of fi nancial mi smanagemcnt .lf. \':as c·bta. 'But after tha Conference Landall. .majori ty of the Confere nce . . . to .. e)Sambura . .t!?d .. . t(lhy d i dn! t Lt.. Q .~ • . h9 gas giveri.'3a::ures against these comrades previously? Already in July. However.!l'th~S aim' "in .o. •• ii' ~\ ~e seere. atte:.1pted to '. de.he t. Landau talnoly 1ntorc~d th~ Int~rnct1onal Opposition about thO nu~arical strer~~h of the different groups.acecrui ng to ~he f1gurt.ar his atte~pt t~ fb~~.co.ey. not su ceee d__ de s pi t e the splitting t. Conference. ( Jani'zations.Berlil) ·\tl·th erap ty hanas . . • .s· able to holel'Sl Votes.e mi no~i .roup .. .ty .tly sent.1e ge ie s to' 19 ave tho..fe'\: :nohth~ frof. ··. C.n group_~\":r.oppo~tunity~to~ad~Tess a mamber sht p maetl'ng.~.":ere ex." and after a s pae ch lasting._the .n~ciously gave false i. . 'gro'Il'p~~so that one de Le gat...t. \lhat harpaned to the hundreds of mer:lbers? \~her'3 Vlere they lo·st? We belieys that th~ Land":!l. . upon the nscesr_ 1 ty for uni ty in the or'ganiza t1on. ' th~re \1ero.nforrnation.•. hO~T .any.the eom:-ade. . u. .l : to . By means of systerr. b·asin. .t i. the Landau clique did. Se. ferm a fac'tion in Saxony." FDr.:redist~ibution of mandates b'. Oppoo1tion'1n Gor~any.~a·xo. .. they wanted to fOTce the Saxon organization to quit. . an. vlhere the former ?alat~n~ te 'and srucbae r organiza ti ons (\'I ho had.s in Saxony.ht.t. The Palatinata was suppo seu to .- . (Reionolei tuno).oursalves meraly to pr..tar' rninori. Landau cannot ·conplai'n t hat he di d 'net have an • opportun1 ty to.' VJest'we.1is:ng to finance his trip to Berlin for participation at tha plenu~ vi .te~y..In this manner Landau achieved .\'Ie. ..and a hq.returriec.t. to accomp1 this aim.eek..e unification to 120 meabe rs•.heir'a't~ej .ty)· fused.xony . • eluded from participation on the. . of w hI cb Lan9?u talks so much. Even at the Conferonce. Comrade Fraenkel has treated the preparations fortr-e Conference e~~ tens~ ve ly in hi s let...pt.of .ich rose af_ t~r only a..ction.cocpo. or Saxony are partly a : kno\'ln to the Interna·tional Opposi ti on.at1e provocations. :rhe. . sp.

ij:.:)I. r. 4..""0"0·• ._in J:Ll.3~i~otJJ. Land au X'~_ 'Plied: IIl'Jo chail de a I \\1 th you at the ccnre re nce that \.ct" in c!.gr._ ~ ...'7.nizo.. A \"Iorkers' group of 18 c ocr ade s near Eerlin. -C..oL". ..inst l(orl\:.r. typical e xamp l.'"' .:. ' Jut cuch ca'sen .J '~ho ~1::'C=> CJt tt:~ ontiro ...t hia· cl1qu~ policy de at lie! in his accusatd cns .'i We do not : . e a at.~in:t the or~~l'izt\_ .lck~n'i:alrl?) cc. 3.bu~g or..13. or o~Gz... J~.:l:~burg c ac e 1s 0. nho is carrVil".t::' v» • t. .:>t. of the French qppc>~i tion. Zb.au' s.~mburg orcaniz:ltiont Tb.1__ ( .. -2. • . 1 1 r!'I.li11 ccnsum. has just'beon expelled from the organization.~trio..o~oa to e!l t!:3 burco.h~ Z:-::!cL\ti v» ~'l tho .1n:Jt tho n:3'..a d~ruanc:..n C~"c.:.' . ?1~C! c ono t ant il1triGu'~s of ga1nnt cocrndo:J . ~'~"J ~.) ra.. .t ion:>.'J H. -1 ~~ j n ·t'~·-\ .J: "But i~hen t ho aacr i f i ce of givl.inst 'foe ..mst ii:'et be subr:1i tted. . Landau 'is "conducting a cC:~paibn.::.o and JUI".Comr~c1o J~hn!(:l 1n~orlt::.bozzlor.." .go.B.!.I ~ ...i tion con.:.~cu~ivo...'J i7 v __ d. '. Cot\r~do Gryl(H:icz.io.:ocu. :t:() ~icht cgain.~~ in 3ambura.h~:.:.. understan~ very ~ell ~hat views ~re inv~lved ~e~? f .ill botho first to apply tho na co aaary measur such..n~ up ourviev:s on the' pr i nc i p~l problems of tr.. tho attc~~t toaccucc G~ylo~icz oi ombozzlonont (this ntt6~pt .. question of unity s t s ps to the back~roLl..3 International Opposition is de manue d of us.c1~l1:tboi~·' a~.. La~::i.:~y._J..6'_' } "'v ""J \ ~"-::l c!:fr. j."""! U ~.ho:i~ publichcd. h:..... ""'~"" ..9P.lly agc.) "-'. f".J~. OC'... a ccnrado .' gUinn~ .r:..t... to a SOj:iOLl'!. VIe read in the "declaration. t_h:= _ '. . L:'~1.tion bas be'on e~pcllcd. lilotho<._ •••This is on3 of ino causes fo~ the e~pulsion of thQ P.......:!:..'" oo nro rerice ) _ _all this 1ft or-a and the se~~ ffi3thod for LQndau. a r..:. mate the spli~.€.'7' .nr ade s GO . SUO?! cic:'l of cc. of Corr.(in has not bee n admi t te d into the o ppo s i t.· II • .)nt C. . ts r . t1on. .. V.• '1"0 S·'P.elegates bout thotO !&ction~l ~anoouvors...:lQ at tr~o (lctobol. i.-. • e. ."y v~ L.e of Landau I!.'_..L . .tV~"'"""" ~. . Th3 four to1pziG cornr ado s riho are ~3::-6ers of the N.:~cutivc..g on important ~orl( for Opposition and espocially for the PussiBn ~u1lotin.ljl I'02'\l!:. .' LO• . \ 1.'__ "'~ ••• • • . ~'i:~ cccucatd cn of stooLpigoonry o. of pa r so na L slander e~ainst S o r t he I nt0rr.. .as unc:..~ thods VI.itwo sti3Qt~ O~." __ '. . in advarice ...~ . "..i on because thes3 approve of Land. h~~ alao b00n oxp311o~.'~\U3 Buechnar' (Leipzig) to call a rr:3e'~il~ of the Exacutive.niIi:.-.""i. dar to condl!ct a common stl'"ugslo egain:::t the ':n::en of the uc t obe r __ on!o_rC:lca C II toee~cH 3 ts"..::li~~'i)!cno ~t~ i13ht~ a.0... V "..::."J-)· actually been rc movoc i':'oo tho ~. not 7.. To tt-..~ .o.ior:J2..au 0_ roy a~l ho_ ~) ~bo Snlittin~··Action~ of La~dciu •..~~ L""'-"u l.r.~mbo~of tho ~.'1E. an~ obj3 cti vo .. .L.o nKo(::1l!?J... .Ij". _J..T\' "".::O::O 11\ oll)..._ . t he n -.I ·0£ 15 r. t'hG lODdi 118 c orar ado ~. When a comrade roally cornat t s en injustice .S~:." 6.2.sl:lc.ucj.·~tio rar zo spcndnnce e ~Ol" r.. ...._.d tho a. 2.j .1 Oppcs i ti on and e Sp9 cio.. b...'ticlo3 and CJ)"_ . " • 5.1~. .

: _I . II Iii '. 'serve to nake our re.ue ]olicy for hir:1 'to see himself' accus ed !. T:'1a means intl"'igl1c S • -I.-.'...t. t~~.. :'.lity. We have nub1ished all in the Ger~an Cp~osition the irnpo~tant documents'r~Jating to tne and tp its solution. demand the·' co nvocat.. I elsa in mind. Vie . ._ . to' La:ndau' 5 \'(ork of poli tical. ..\1st .ll:li~ ~7i-<.-f.eoloGica. ~._... Ovt of the 12 .8 :poli ti~e. " of .c:E:l:rs sufficiently • 'fm.nG. or·as a thief..e.·- But this game wi 11 not turn out to be succe s s fu L r 01" Land au ... ! . Lnt er na td ona I Oppos...:1ization rL::"Il'" .e· T~bt··skY \'/!'o~.. Iii· ..o:rga. His rr. i . the enti:re Geroa.l is ~.h. sllirvggl ~ It. . ana in crisis .\ • 4 • ..au began to oa.l~ le2..anoeuvars \'!ill clash v:iththe r3volutiona7~Y re sf s t ance of .3LL . : latter did not ~~t long co~ng to the ald.he ~'i .r:o~ d .. OUR .cllcy much less e.led· "lihc International to Soc:ret~ria t and to all "'..e['sentl~.dl··sruptiori~" ~.ion ty against !. .:." ~ .tions. or else-wiJ!jh e. . .Sou g:'ou~'~ !la~1jhel" of t. this petty·cli9. . "righ'liTl one Teen.o. of the German Opl>osiJ-.. t.ihJ:jhe '00.in! lu.---------:-- . . Cur GS~~l conrades ~eould net tol~l"ai.. l)Uolisnc~ in No.. . the' .n -irrecollcila"ule orie-.I R. .e Lanc. ' ).. _-..ion of a c.gainst the in'toler~ble regimc v)'h. ~ . his Ii ttIe··3e:r:liri clique coned s t ed in a. slanae:r.l Ste... e.. is enough fol" a worlcer to prot est asc.. . ·It must Donald.ifferer.itpg. _.nd"3..~oralii_ .1l.l lIasis of the' ·stru. es ~ agent provocateur. \1~ich are published herel.d• .'eo re:presenJ.u1l1ioJ1 t:"a ne~t day. Hera we demand.. ·tile I.i. cor.n conflict.ch of t~£ .) Comrade . .: GEPJ... --_:____. :. 9.. .t says enougn .-.l sections of the Left 01']06i ticn.eInterriat.:::. ."hen:?/.·-of. the po Lemi c be~.. . r:a..n corzr a ces . .'t{ SEC TI Oli Secretariat I • -. LC::1[:::'"'.ich ·I·a::lli.. ' ...-or the lIe. they a:!?-:gec.8is· for 1.~u.. defana:tion.clo Well..the.ry 17th~ "nef ther the' Sru:::on .n. .• . Tro"':jsky' s le/:jo{~er of ~ebruc.onre re nce of the German Op_ position which will have as its ~aks ~o adopt a political platf?~~i ..·T"~c~a.:10..: ~ ' .au grou)_) ::>. . ~. The.o pu.. . .r.c1iul"e political differneces DY laooling ea...._ .nal .ionc..ionaiOpposition~ .terae'ht by The Interna.t de3erte<1 hi~ either \7i"'liha "leftlf SJliai:19 (con...j~at di v:iclod 0'U~.. They r~vblted vTi. _-_ ) • I\: .hnl:'uf grou]). r. ..l: charac-lj·er ·. .. comr ade a tha. _.der fundamental views he of hl\! ba.uiJ\ie· 0·1)cr:1:1 "l.:» •••• 2" ••• ~. mmbers of the German and th.tN.' by the ---J Landau has so~ething un~arstands the approval reaucratic methods.o~ .t. Sei:po1a).e "'"his ~4egi!:levery long. _. ... not be a l koue d tl) t break up the German Opposi tion and ther~bv to spread his der. Gerj"~a. the e ne rge tic intervantion of the InterrJit1o:\a J Sacretariat in the Germ~.6..(!~d at the aane time.3 co~ac..'aeen ~jr.s 'C'~n:y inde:pe:ld. V.__.la<jor1.u i:·... .losi tion-.n O'~Dosition.nufa.:ll"uc..n their org~""liza.t.S'Gle of. u:pon.ry ~7-i..au and..encl"3in tne International : oppoai tion. _.~ .nc.. • .he..n 0DJ. Leo:nnaT"'dt) .itic:n Ur.and. .t i~j \72...__ . ~..8 not ·G. .'!l th.ihn.· ·Ii_..i.. .• :..ent tenC!. an end. tI .1:posed from :2erli :1.--:--.cC3 1)£ eo se~ilJt"1. .s only ·la~jer tha. In rea.e on·Fe~.:.~erm~ CD~osi~ic in hcl~ins i~'~id itself of the ]oisonous regime i~~o~ed jy tAe La.~...u ell que..~~..he crisis in t:1e GerrJa. Landau mu. .

~ . t • I!_ ." . (.o .. . .I :: 4 .• i •" . ..•... . .' • . r ... " 0 • ".25 • . I....

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