All About Me

My name is _____________. I am ___ years old. My birthday is ____________. There are ___ people in my family. My favorite color is _______. My favorite food is ________. My favorite animal is ___________. My favorite thing to do is ____________________.

Favorite thing to do . My Family . 5. 4. Birthday . . 6.draw a picture of your favorite thing to do Examples: riding a bike.draw a birthday cake and write the month and date of your birthday. reading a book.draw a picture of your favorite food. Favorite Color . **For poster: (child completes) 1. Example: June 15 2. Favorite Animal . 3.Directions to complete activity: **For All About Me Survey: Ask your child the questions and write their answers in the blanks. Favorite Food .draw a picture of the people in your family.draw a picture of your favorite animal. etc.Color the rectangle your favorite color.