I will be performing running records to assess each student’s reading level, accuracy, fluency, and comprehension. This helps your child to know which books they can read independently. Students will also be placed into guided reading groups based on their reading level. During these small group sessions, we will be working on strategies that students can use to help them read independently at a higher level.

Progress Monitoring
Progress monitoring helps to determine if students are making progress, and it tells me what I need to teach more. At UIUC Lab School, we use the AIMS web assessment about every 3-4 weeks. In addition to AIMS web, we also rely on running records to determine students’ reading levels.

Assessment Second Grade

UIUC Lab School
Wright Street Champaign, IL 61820

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Our Class Assessment
Not only will I be using tests and projects to determine students’ grades, but I will also be checking in with students to make sure that they are meeting their goal. This includes daily conferencing with students and observing their behavior and interactions with other students during lessons and independent work time.

At the beginning of each unit, students will complete a pre-test, so that I can see which areas we need to focus on. I will use this information to help me teach your child. Each day, your child will receive a math sheet to complete at home that reinforces the skills that we have learned that day. Homework is not graded for accuracy but for completion. At the end of each unit, we will have a review session before the test the next day. I will also send home a study guide for you to work on with your child. The scores on their test will be taken as a grade.

Word Work
Once a quarter, students will be complete a spelling test to determine which level they are at in their Words Their Way book. Students will take home their spelling words each week to practice. We will be practicing whole class spelling games to prepare your child for a spelling quiz at the end of the week.

Science/Social Studies
We have a project-based curriculum for social studies and science. This means that students will be graded on research projects, experiments, and presentations. All of these projects will be graded using a rubric, which I will pass out to students well in advance.

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