gbc4nspire v0.

91 - by calc84maniac, sponsored by Omnimaga and Outside the Box Pr ogramming 1) About gbc4nspire is a Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator for the TI-Nspire, TI-N spire CAS, TI-Nspire CX, and TI-Nspire CX CAS written from scratch in ARM assemb ly. Now with Ndless file association support. Make sure to get the latest revisi on of Ndless! 2) Installation First, install Ndless so you can run third party programs. Ndless can be fou nd here: Next, create a new folder on the device to hold the emulator and ROMs. Then, send gbc4nspire.tns to your calculator using your TI-Nspire linking so ftware. Try running it from the Documents menu. It should say that it cannot find an y ROM files. Press ESC to exit. To install Ndless file associations for gbc4nspire (Ndless r530 and up), edi t ndless.cfg.tns using a text editor such as Notepad. ndless.cfg.tns can be found in the same folder as ndless_resources.tns and t he Ndless installers. Define the .gb.tns and .gbc.tns extensions by adding the following lines (or editing if they already exist): ext.gbc=gbc4nspire If you renamed the emulator to something other than gbc4nspire.tns, use that name instead. Note: Some newer revisions of Ndless may already have those lines for you, s o you can just send ndless.cfg.tns to the ndless folder as it is. 3) Sending ROM files Take a gameboy ROM file and add a .tns extension. If you start with "" , you should end up with "". Please keep the filename less than 40 characters so the filename will fit on the TI-Nspire screen. Note: If you are using Windows, you may need to change your folder settings if you cannot see file extensions. Then, use your TI-Nspire linking software to send the ".gb.tns" or ".gbc.tns " file to your device, in the same folder as the emulator. You can currently only have 14 ROMs at a time due to the menu size. However, you can bypass this limit by creating another emulator folder. Or, if you are using the Ndless file association feature (Ndless r530 and up ), you can open any ROM directly from the Documents menu. See Installation. 4) Running ROM files There are now two methods of running ROM files. 1) Run the emulator. A menu should come up where you can select a ROM to run from that folder. Select a ROM and press ENTER or Click. 2) If using the Ndless file association feature (Ndless r530 and up), you ca n open any ROM from any folder directly from the Documents menu. See Installatio n. In-game controls for CLICKPAD (note: the game buttons were strategically loc ated so there are no issues with pressing more than one at once) Arrows = D-Pad Esc = A Tab = B Caps = Start Clear = Select

8: Updated for Ndless 1. Removed Ndless 1.state file +/. .state file 10^x = Load state from .sav files generated by other GBC emulators.sav. No more changes are currently planned.tns files are NOT compatible with any other emulator.7 version) Omnimaga.sav file is automatically generated if the ROM supports save games) e^x = Save state to 7) To Do The source code got lost over a year ago. the watchdog timer is used to automatically reboot if the emulator crashes. Fixed a crash-inducing glitch that showed up particularly in Link's Awak ening DX.state. . That's TI's fault for making it touch-based rather than using actual butt ons.state file +/.tns files are usually compatible with .8: First release.9: Added Touchpad and Nspire CX support (CX has color and 60FPS).HOME = Quit (a . for being so awesome! http://www.= Change contrast multiply = Hold for no frame limit (run as fast as possible) In-game controls for TOUCHPAD and CX (two sets of controls are provided for your personal preference): Touchpad/numpad = D-Pad doc/catalog = A menu/divide = B var = Start del = Select esc = Quit (a . for creating Ndless Goplat.sav file is automatically generated if the ROM supports s ave games) e^x = Save state to . so any recent changes were made wi th a hex editor.) 6) Special thanks ExtendeD and geogeo. for creating a great TI-Nspire emulator and for help with OS routine s (and hex editing the Ndless 1. When using the touchpad as a d-pad. activated by pressing a cer tain key.= Change contrast or backlight multiply = Hold for no frame limit (run as fast as possible) 5) Random thoughts . Added smooth scaling support to all versions. 8) Version history v0.7 support (under the same version number because no thing significant was changed) v0. only touch it with one finger or it scre ws up. Hint: It may have no effect in color games . The pixels do not appear e xcessively uneven anymore.91: Combined all versions into a single executable. On the CX .state file 10^x = Load state from . They contain the data saved on the GBC cartridge.1 builds because nobody uses that Ndless version anymor e. v0. v0. There is a special easter egg in the CX version.

.Added support for Ndless file associations. Uses a slightly different touchpad-to-dpad conversion.

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