Presentation Bank Fund management

Presented by Sanzida Sharmeen ID# 50917065

.Good Case Rashed Knitting & Garments Ltd.

Rashed & his friend Mr.Background • Mr. • Have served about 5 years in Saudi Arabia in a construction company • Came back with a sizeable amount • Not interested in their profession • Good connection in European & American market • Decided to start export business . Sayed are from different rich families in Bangladesh.

000 dozens per year with their own equity • Paid bank dues regularly • They are one of the largest exporters of knitting & garments products .Business Condition • Started commercial operation of export oriented Knitting & Garments manufacturing unit in 1995 with a bank loan of Tk 70 lac • Started with the capacity of manufacturing 60.000 dozens garments products per year • Expanded it to the capacity of additional 60.

Analysis • • • • • • • • • Honesty & sincerity Good intention Eagerness to be self dependent Availability of fund Good knowledge about the market Good contact with marketer & banker Efficient management Earned goodwill & reputation Willingness to repay bank dues .

Bad case Kamal Cement ltd. .

kamal a Bangladeshi citizen • Graduated from London & was associated with hotel business • Had sizeable amount for setting up an industrial unit • Had some political resilience • Interested in cement manufacturing • Had lack of technical knowledge about cement manufacturing business .Background • Mr.

25 crore • Commercial operation started after 2 year from scheduled time • Selection of machineries were faulty • Construction works of factory building was also delayed due to structural design • Failed to pay bank dues even after rescheduling • Bank decided to file a case under Insolvency Act against them . company with the bank loan of Tk.Business Condition • Set up a public Ltd.

Analysis • • • • • • • Availability of fund Lack of technical knowledge Lack of proper practical knowledge of business Faulty machineries Inefficient management Lack of close monitoring by the bank official Unwillingness to repay the bank loan timely .

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