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IT Policy

IT Policy

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Published by: Ritesh Singh on Apr 07, 2012
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IT Policy

Computing Facility: With a view to provide the best computing facility, the Institute has state of the art systems available on campus as well as brand new up to date laptops for all the students. We believe that having proper hands-on exposure to the industry standard equipment is vital for the managers of tomorrow. Operating system & Software All our systems are equipped with either Ubuntu Linux Operating Systems or Windows Operating System. Software like SPSS are available for students. Other specialized software like SAP is also available for 2nd year students taking IT as speciliazation( major or minor). Internet connectivity & networking The Institute is served by a dedicated 10 Mbps connection which is available throughout the campus. For Laptop users a secure Wireless LAN is also available in the campus. Network Security is provided by a robust Firewall as well as a personal software firewall on each system. Email Each student is provided with his or her personal email account, which is good for lifetime usage. All students are required to check their emails regularly. Misuse of these emails or sending unsolicited mails or subscribing to junk mail will be monitored and dealt with strictly.

therefore you would be required to bring them to campus on all teaching days.IILM’s Intranet Every students is provided with an account of 37 signals software. Absolutely no software related help can be provided with respect to self installed or manipulated software. spyware and other malware. Students can use it to access Basecamp (learning management system) which provides complete academic resources for classes. Laptops are used extensively in the learning process at IILM. Assistance in logging complains with the service center or resolving level one troubleshooting may be channelled through a designated technician available on campus certain days of the week. For all complains and level one troubleshooting related to laptops send a mail to : laptop. The Mac Id of such a student will be blocked for 2 weeks. Neither IILM nor the manufacturer will be responsible for any breakage or theft. The campus is Wi-Fi enabled and ensures constant connectivity.com/ Laptops IILM will select an appropriate laptop for the students. Warranty is limited to the first year only.edu Computer Labs For maintaining discipline in the Computer Labs the following rules and regulations need to be strictly maintained: . If any other operating system is installed by the student on his/her laptop then IILM wont be responsible for that operating system. These would be handed over to the students on a pre-assigned date. IILM may take action against students found doing unauthorized downloads or misusing bandwidth in any unproductive or undesired manner. It is each student's responsibility to safeguard their laptops against viruses. These may be accessed from http://37signals. You are expected to use the service judiciously. Students will get a preloaded Operation System from IILM on their respective laptops.support@iilm. IILM wont be responsible for any damage to the operating system after handing over the laptop to the students. Students however may decide to purchase an additional year's warranty directly from the manufacturer.

 No eating and drinking are allowed inside any lab. watching videos or doing any objectionable non-academic work on the lab systems or on their  Laptops / Notebooks / Handhelds will be barred from the use of IT facilities. Failure to do so may result in expulsion from the lab.  All file transfers or saving of information should be done online or using your personal flash drives (pen drives).  If multiple computers are required for a course related work / project then prior permission would be needed through the respective faculty members.  Any kind of misbehaviour will lead to ban on using computer lab facilities and locking of the login account.  No student is allowed to download any software whatsoever.  Identity card must be shown on demand. Carrying Water / Soft Drinks / Snacks etc is strictly prohibited. Additionally punitive actions. suspension or rustication will be taken against students damaging / misusing any equipment . ranging from fines.  LAN cables must not be un-plugged by Laptop / Notebook Users. playing games.  Labs cannot be used as a social gathering place therefore no group discussions inside the Computer Labs are permitted.  Any one disturbing others by playing music.

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