6 Word Stories

More funny photos!

Part of a free, Creative Commons licensed lesson by Alex Grevett. Please attribute the author. More at http://breathyvowel.wordpress.com

„ Write a story for each photograph. „ The story must be 6 words long. No more, no less. „ The story must use English that is right.

“Where is my delicious, fruity breakfast?”

Dobbin was too tired to race.

The horse was very, very angry.

This man is Prince Philip. He is the Queen of England’s husband.

A sculpture of a woman made of wood. From Suffolk, England.

This is the musician “Weird Al” Yankovic. He is from America.

A crashed Beechcraft Sundowner aircraft in Mozambique.

A girl with a gun!

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Leo Reynolds on Flickr Garp B on Flickr

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