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Experiment No.: Aim: Radiation Pattern Of Loop Antenna Apparatus: Matlab Theory: Loop antenna may be rectangle, square, triangle, ellipse, circle and many other configurations. Because of its simplicity in analysis and construction, the circular loop is most popular. A small loop (circular or square) is equivalent to an infinitesimal magnetic dipole whose axis is perpendicular to the plane of the loop i.e. the fields radiated by an electrically small circular or square loop are of the same mathematical form as that of an infinitesimal magnetic dipole. Loops are classified as:1. Small loops – C<<λ\10 2. Electrically large loops – C∽ λ Electrically small antennas have small radiation resistance, , thus they are poor radiators, hence very rarely used in transmission. Radiation resistance can be increased by1. Increasing its size or 2. By increasing no. of turns or 3. By inserting within its circumference or perimetering a ferrite core of very high μ , which will raise the magnetic field intensity and hence radiation resistance. This is called ferrite loop. Loop antennas are used in receiving antennas, in radios and pagers Date:

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