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DIN Test Prep #1: January 10, 2011
ELAC1.d. Revises sentence by correcting errors in usage. ELAC1.d. Revises sentence by correcting errors in usage.

Monique has been assigned a paper on ferns for her science class project. She finds that she has many technical terms that she must explain to anyone reading her paper. What can she compose to do this? A B C D
an index a glossary a bibliography a title page

Which words BEST fill in the blank in the sentence below? Both comic books and encyclopedias are available at the library, but __________ found on different shelves. A. them are B. it is C. their is D. they are
ELA8C1.1.f Analyzes the structure of a sentence.

Which phrase BEST fills in the blank in the sentence below? Dad was cooking a _________________. A. pear of stakes B. pair of stakes C. pear of steaks D. pair of steaks

ELA8C.1.c Revises Sentences by correcting misplaced and dangling modifiers.

ELA8C1.b Analyzes and uses simple, compound, complex, and compoundcomplex sentence.

Which of the sentences below is an example of an imperative sentence? How should the sentence below be rewritten? The woman
A. B.

Which sentence below is a simple sentence? A. We might arrive late, or we may not come at all. B. We will try very hard to attend. C. We will come when we get home from work.

That play was fantastic! I have twentythree kids in my

In the hallway standing the woman is our new principal Our new principal the woman is standing in the hallway. . We may not come. The woman standing in the hallway is our new principal. D. Do you want another piece of chicken? Turn left at the corner. class. D. our new principal is the woman.is our new principal standing in the hallway. but we will send a gift. C. Standing in the hallway.

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