Screenplay by: Jeff Montgomery

& Danon Troy H

WGA REG # 1130605

Jeff Montgomery

(616) 848-0936

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The Manhattan skyline is pinned up against the endless black god above. Moving Southwest over the East River, we hear something like a powerful d~tk and gothic "WAGNER PIECE." Skimming the river and floating easily beneath the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges -Pulling up and over Brooklyn Heights, falling quickly to street level and closing in fast to the back of a MAN cloaked in a black trench coat. A gold clasp holds his long silver white hair to the middle of his back. The MUSIC STOPS, moving around to his profile, the mysterious MAN is directly under a pool of light. The early October morning is crisp, cold and silent, He's holding a black and gold trimmed case file open before him. A closer look as his breath rolls out like cold smoke while he reads and looks up to the house before him with a grave expression, this is ALAKA. A frontal view of ALAKA reveals a powerful presence as focused on the file and the house while running a hand through his white goatee -ALAKAs INT. POV BEDROOM - The upstairs bedroom window is held tight. he stays easily

- SAME 35, and and wife SARA stirs as we

Looking down over a large bed. Is BOBBY MALONE, MALONE, 32, both asleep. Suddenly, BOBBY shifts fall into his dream state with him. INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT - DREAM SEQUENCE "1975"

A four year old BOBBY MALONE is awakend by yond his cracked bedroom door. Sitting up, on his night stand. (NOTE: ALL CLOCK TIMES INSERT: CLOCK READS 4:02

MUFFLED CRIES from behe looks at the clock ARE SIGNIFICANT.)

BOBBY throws his covers off, slides out of bed and lightly towards the door. The CRIES and MOANS corne again -INT. HALLWAY


BOBBY peeks out slowly, then is drawn out by the FEMALE CRIES and sounds of a SCUFFLE coming from the end of the hallway. He creeps along the wall. The unfamiliar MALE VOICE makes him push the door open and step in. Over BOBBYs' shoulder as he stands motionless in the entry --

2 INT. BEDROOM - SAME a strange MALE MALONE down on FIGURE in the shadows, the bed with force. holding his

BOBBY watches mother MARTHA

INTRUDER ... shut your mouth and relax, you might enjoy this Martha .. The INTRUDER he unfastens holds Martha his belt. down with one hand on her neck while

MARTHA (crying) .stop, no please, don't this ... how could you .. BOBBY ... mommy? MARTHA and the INTRUDER standing frozen in the turn quickly doorway.




a frightened





INTRUDER the boy,


I will!

MARTHA (still being held) Mommy's ok honey, go back it's all right Bobby. BOBBY stands still, then raises his








BOBBY Mommy! MARTHA (shouts) now Bobby! Get out!


BOBBY (startled and Marna ... BOBBY right turns and back into


runs back out through his room SLAMMING the

the door CRYING. He bolts bedroom door closed! MATCH CUT:




DAY: from this his face

The SLAMMING DOOR of the dream wakes the present BOBBY reoccurring dream. He snaps up with LABORED BREATHING, is shiny with sweat. As always, he looks at the clock. INSERT; SARA LARGE RED over NUMBERS half READING and 4:05 rubs A.M. his back .



... _._---

- - - ----------


3 SARA honey, go before



back falling


sleep. back into the pillows.


- SAME and easily walks out from under the be heard is the CRACK of shoes off vanishes into the darkness. - SUNRISE

ALAKA closes the case file street light. All that can the cold concrete as ALAKA EXT. BROOKLYN, PROSPECT


A middle aged MARY SCHULTZ comes jogging arouhd a bend with a tiny dog on a leash. pulling back, we see on the same path in a mild jog coming towards MARY, is MARSHAL GAINS, 49, wearing a hooded maroon sweatshirt that hides most of his scraggly beard. GAINS (in passing) Mary ...

Hello MARY line flat

looks up to late, SHE is caught with a swift, powerful closeBLOW from GAINS! Taking MARY up and off her feet, landing on her back and cracking her skull, renduring her unconscious. dog leash, swings the dog up and over his head the k-9 against the ground! GAINS calmly looks a deep breath of air through his nose. runs hand ease only from her nose to of GAINS enters the GAINS drags MARY feet away.

GAINS snatches the Violently SLAMMING around as he pulls

MARYs' face is pale and a stream of blood mouth, still unconsciuos. The calm steady frame, wrapping around her ponytail, with and the dog into a set of bushes that are INT. ON BEDRROOM - LATER eyes open 6:22 up A.M. quickly as he


- His









MALONE sits up, rubs his face with a heavy SIGH. He grabs the pill bottle off the night stand, pours a few painkillers into his hand then mouth, reaches under his mattress, retrieving a pint of Jack Daniels and washes the pills down and kills the bottle. MALONE lethargicly rear nudity shown, INT. KITCHEN - SAME makes his way he disappears towards the bathroom with his inside and the SHOWER SNAPS on.

SARA MALONE quickly finds her way to the breakfast table, where she hands their son JARED, 10, and daughter BETH, 8, milk and cereal as they horseplay and feed the Lab DUKE under the table. SARA (waving a hand) get -- shoo! look before moseying out of the kitchen.

Go DUKE gives


a sad




SARA makes her way back to the island in the center where she works on the kids lunches -SARA Quit messin'round you two, eat, we won't be late this week! INT. BEDROOM ~ SAME

of the kitchen,

MALONE stands in front of a dresser mirror, pulling a shoulder holster that hold a chrome .45 caliber, over the white dress shirt. Picking up his detective shield, steams it with his breath, gives it a quick polish against his pants then clips it to his belt. Pulling on his jacket and straightening his tie, MALONEs eyes cut to an old photo of his father THOMAS MALONE, in police uniform. A set of rosary beads are draped over the corner of the mirror. MALONE looks at himself, does a quiCk prayer with his hand~ EXT. PROSPECT PARK - SAME

A FEMALE power walker in a ridiculous sweatsuit is whiffling by the same bushes where HER eye catches a glimps of the dog leash hanging out. SHE stops, removes her headphones comes to the bush. REVERSE ANGLE - From inside the bush, HER hands es for a closer look as SHE peeks in -WOMAN (hand over mouth) Oh my god! The WOMAN backs ing hand unzips away from the murder scene. Panicked, her shakthe fanny pack, removing a cell phone and dials -- yes, pull back branch-

WOMAN I need to report death prospect Park ... SHE pulls the phone - SAME

away, leans over and VOMITS!


MALONE strolls into the kitchen, heading to the table, leans over and kisses BETH on top of the head then reaches for JARED -JARED (pushes away) Come on dad, I'm to old for that. BETH Daddy you look super cool ... SARA gives BETH a quizzical MALONE Thanks sweetie glance.

5 JARED early MALONE mouth! JARED cooler anyway.

... a little

to be







SARA Thanks honey. I want you both home right after school, we need to put up Halloween decorations. JARED a holiday? equal stares to his comment.

Isn't BOBBY and SARA

it give

Just DUKE is under

(grabs be here the

MALONE the paper) smart guy. eating from BETHs hand.


Quit SARA tinkers in

feeding the

MALONE the Duke. when the phone RINGS. She answers.


Hello ... hey On this cue, comes behind a few kisses

SARA Trina.

MALONE drops the paper, grabs a bagel and coffee. He SARA, pulling her hair off the neck he gently places on her on his way to the door.

. ..he's





ask'em ... with the phone pushed

SARA skirms from the kisses, she turns around to her chest, wearing a hopeful expression. SARA ... Chuck n Trina invited for steak and Janga? MALONE winces with the heads to the side door



no thanks look, with for a quick escape.





SARA Bobby! Are we gonna spend some time together this year -- I smell that on your breath ... MALONE turns his eye, his out the side to SARA, he gives the heart, then points to door. SARA frustrated, I love you gesture, pointing to all three of them before sliding rolls her eyes,





6 SARA Trina honey, we'll hav'ta take a rain check this time. Bobby's really been tied since changing precincts last month ... yeah ... EXT. WALKWAY - SAME car. STRIK-

MALONE strides out from the side of the house towards his Suddenly, a well thrown newspaper flys through the frame. ING him perfectly in the chest splashing coffee on him! TOMMY (O.S.) go Mrs. Giavani ...



ON TOMMY FINCH - The 12 year old rebel paperboy sits on his bike sidearms another paper to MALONEs neighbor. The elderly MRS. GIAVANI as she prunes some bushes in front of her home. The paper SMACKS off the side of her head! MALONE gives TOMMY the look while wiping himself off.

TOMMY Good thing yer' a cop Malone, you'd make a lame football player, try puttin' yer' purse down. MRS. GIAVANI (pist off scream) One a these days Tommy Finch gonna nail your little ass! TOMMY (riding in circles) Promises, promises ya' old MALONE the car) is comen

-- I'm


Your TOMMY LAUGHS as it at an uns~en

(at turn

creep. paper. He slings

he pedals off grabbing another target between two houses. MALE VOICE Finch ... you (O.S.) little ...



... have MALONE opens his

TOMMY crappy day door and


Roth! coffee down.





MALONE doin' Ms's


MRS. GIAVANI (back at the bush) Ird be fantastic if you'd lock that kid up for a while -- or better yet, just put a slug in him?


MALONE Maybe we can snatch the little rat when he makes collections? MRS. GIAVANI Little schmuck got his sister doin' all the dirty work for'em ... MALONE ...he's gonna make INT. CATHOLIC CHURCH - SAME and statues of Saints, a good bookie.

SERIES OF ANGLES - Stained glass, paintings Mary and Christ adorned with candles.

ALAKA walks smoothly into the frame, gently moving from object to ceremonial object. His demeanor seems to visually reject the entire Catholic production. ALAKAs attention is then held by a large crucifix. FOOTSTEPS can be heard approaching from behind -May PRIEST (O.S.) I be of service? stops in front of ALAKA who pays no mind is appraising ALAKA carefully.

The middle aged PRIEST to the man. The PRIEST I'm Father

PRIEST O'Brien ... little

In a moment of awkward silence, ALAKA looks him over with interest. O'Brien stirs with a need for answers O'BRIEN I don't recall seeing you here for mass, is this your first time with us? ALAKA finally No. gives his attention to O'BRIEN. you. name?

ALAKA I've been here ...before Of BRIEN I didn't catch been

I'm sorry Because Right ...


ALAKA It hasn't


O'BRIEN ALAKA ...1 am ALAKA. O'BRIEN extends a hand to shake, pleased to move past the barrier he feels. ALAKA hesitates then shakes his hand. They start walking side by side through the middle of the empty church.


O'BRIEN So it was Father Vinchi

you knew?

ALAKA No. The man I speak of, called himself Father Batista. O'BRIEN Surely your speaking of another church my friend, there hasn't been a Father Batista here for well over hundred years ...and he was excommunicated ...was said to have come under some form of demonic possession. ALAKA (faces O'Brien) Yes, well anyhow Mr. O'Brien, I won't be taking up any more of your time. I'm quite sure you're busy ... (sweeping hand gesture) ...with all of this. O'BRIEN Stay as long as you will, I'll be out front if I can be of service. BOTH head in opposite directions. ALAKA stops after a moment and looks up to the ceiling to find: a large colorful mural depicting an Angel and Demonic Angel below heaven in a struggle over earth. INT. CAR - DAY MALONE is driving up his street with the window down. He comes to a stop sign. On his left TOMMY cruises up alongside. TOMMY Hey Malone, I got somethin' I forgot ta' give ya' ... TOMMY digs around Yeah in the front basket here of papers.

MALONE -- what's that?

TOMMY Here you go ... TOMMY whips his hand up from the basket revealing his middle finger, giving Malone the bird and tears off LAUGHING. MALONE I'm gonna send your wise ass ta' Rikers when your eighteen Finch! Bring TOMMY (O.S.) it on copper.

MALONE I should arrest his parents.




- SAME car rolls to a

FATHER O'BRIEN sweeps the front steps. MALONEs stop in the middle of the street. Mornin' MALONE Father ...

O'BRIEN ...hey Bobby, how ya' been? Alive MALONE and kicken ya'no.

O'BRIEN ...don't forget to throw a good punch in every now and then. MALONE All right. Why don't you get some a the kids in the neighborhood to do that work for you? O'BRIEN Sure ...like that paper throwing demon on two wheels! That boy needs a good beating, Some discipline maybe throw in an exorcism too! MALONE smiles as the neighborhood moves in the b.g. a car HONKS.

O~BRIEN Give my respects to Sara and the kids. Will MALONE do Father ... swing open, drawing MALONEs and

BEHIND O'BRIEN, the front doors O'BRIENs attention

SLOW MOTION: ALAKA exits powefully, making direct eye contact with MALONE. ALAKA cleanly descends the steps and vanishes around the side of the huge church. MALONE What was that? Who knows MALONEs phone O'BRIEN anymore ... He reads the called I.D.


What's EXT. BILLYs

MALONE up Billy?


Moving quickly to his car is BOBBYs' new partner BILLY CARINI. At 30, BILLY looks like the Italian version of SONNY CROCKET on Miami Vice.




- PHONE CONVERSATION BILLY We got another vic ... MALONE (hits the gas) Where? BILLY Prospect park, jogger found the woman and her dog in the bushes half hour ago •.. (jumps in his car) ...forensics are on their way. Where MALONE are you?

BILLY Five minutes out -- and Chief Carlyle and Commissioner Bruce are already in a press conference as we speak -- medias trying to stir the pot on this, Son of Sam talk! MALONE I'll be there in ten, secure INT. CONFERENCE ROOM - SAME up mic's it.

A flow of PRESS and MEDIA pour into the room. Setting and cameras. It's crowded and charged. INT. PRIVATE AREA - SAME

In chairs being prepped for the cameras, is COMMISSIONER DOUGLAS BRUCE, 65, and CHIEF of POLICE GREG CARLYLE, 50. A Male and Female make-up artists dab and swish the faces of both men. BRUCE All right, all right, enough on the make-up! This isn't a broadway musical. Give us some space ladies ... Both ARTISTs exit the room, not before the Male Artist shoots Bruce a cold stare for the ladies reference. BRUCE and CARLYLE stand up in front of the mirror. BRUCE dusts and straightens his sIeves, then stands in front of CARLYLE and fixes his collar that is laden with silver stars, BRUCE Let's keep this short and tight -nothen about the clues he left ... CARLYLE ...come on Doug, I know how'ta freez'em.


__ .- .....




11 BRUCE Listen! I don't need this second murder to turn into Some media circus stroke session god-damit! We can't afford some serial killer ... freak show, tie'em off -- got it!? CARLYLE I get it!

BRUCE Good. When shit like this fires up, it's our asses on the chimney. Try not to blow it. BRUCE throws him a stern look in the mirror CARLYLE follows with a pist off expression. INT. CONFERENCE ROOM - SAME their attention CARLYLE behind is grabbed him. as before marching off.

On the FRONT ROW of REPORTERs, BRUCE steps to the podium with

BRUCE I'd like to thank you for making it on such short notice. I called this press conference to assure the citezens of this great city and all Brooklynites that we are going to find the person responsible for these sensless murders ... EXT. CRIME SCENE, PROSPECT PARK - SAME at the scene.

MALONEs car crime scene

pulls up short tape by BILLY. MALONE got? BILLY

of the perimeter. MALONE is met A crowd has gathered around the




M.D ...

MALONE and BILLY arrive at the bushes that have been pulled back. Leaning over the body is ALEX, a 30ish, crime lab member. Both MEN kneel down next to the victim. ALEX (focused on Malone ...



MALONE ... I was hoping not to soon, how ya' doini? BILLY stays busy while MALONE is








ALEX Oh you know ... coffee, same world, different

donuts, death, day is all.


.. --


12 CLOSE UP - The victims pale white and blue face is frozen with the portrait of death, eyes are fixed open with a crimson streak under her nose. The leather dog leash is wrapped around MARYs neck with her broken dog connected to the other end. ALEX (hands evidence baggy to Malone) It's our boy -- that was in her throat like the last one. No sign of robbery or sexual assault. MALONE EXT. puts on his reading - SAME glasses and studies the tiny evidence.



AT gound level, pigeons are stabbing the concrete as bird seed rains down from above. A pair black shoes are pulled into the frame, moving up the legs, past the torso wraped in the black wool trenchcoat, is the silver contrast of ALAKA. He sits poised and still on one of many benches, with a dove' on his shoulder. ALAKAs POV - Directly across from him at twenty yards, sitting on a bench, is a clean, powerful looking middle-aged man with dark features. He is rolling a wicked looking cane up and down his leg. He stares evenly at ALAKA, with a large raven perched on his backrest. This is LEGION! Their expressions show a clear and precise knowledge of each other. The LOUD CAW of the raven breaks the silence, but not the stare. EXT. CRIME SCENE - SAME from the victim. MALONEs attention is for a moment. He notices ALAKA. Holding in the entire location and clues.

MALONE and BILLY move away keyed in on the bench area the small baggy up, taking

BILLY We got "Mary Schultz" off her asthma inhaler. Called her pharmacy -- not open yet. MALONE He's playin' with! us ...run the dog tags by SPCA, see if we can pull an address out of'em ... BILLY Got MALONEs it. ALAKA and LEGION are still seated with their fowl. POV - Both Tell

MALONE me somethin'. BILLY

Shoot. When's MALONE the last time you (MORE)





MALONE (CONT'D) seen a dove and raven, in a park around New York City? BILLY (funny look) -- never why?


BILLY follows MALONEs stare back to the benches. ALAKA and LEGION have vanished. The dove and raven lift off at the same time. On a third bench, sits Marshal Gains in his maroon sweatshirt, wearing a faint smile while tossing seed to the pigeons. MALONE brings his attention back to the clue and reads aloud.

MALONE "To me belongeth vengence and recompense. Their foot shall slide in due time. For the day of their calamity is at hand and the things that come upon them make haste •.." ...you recognize that verse? Na -- should BI,LLY I?

MALONE Find out if it's Old or New Testament and what book it's in. Read me the verse he left on the first vic Bahoff. BILLY (flips open notepad) John Chapter 1 verse 14 ... "And we beheld His glory as the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth." I'm at a loss on all religious stuff -- church to me is about gettin' married or gettin' buried you know what I mean. BILLY shrugs as he flips the notebook to the benches, GAINs is gone. EXT. PARK - SAME shut. MALONE looks back over

ON ALAKA & LEGION - Walking side by side along a winding sidewalk that exits the park. Both men are looking forward with confidence. ALAKA So tell me Legion, who is it that brings you back this time? LEGION We almost thought you lads were gonna let us have this one. U-no with your late entry and all ...

14 ALAKA ... 1 see your ignorance and arrogance have accompanied you yet again on your commission -as always. LEGION puts his hands up blocking the verbal blows mOCkingly.

LEGION Easy, easy my golden friend. You're bruising me with your truth -- as always. It's been a season since ... we've played, is this how you greet all your friends ... ? ALAKA friend but LEGION -- I have one ...





So uptight about this

a good


ALAKA shakes off his words and halts as they face off in a good guy bad guy: (DeNIRO/PACINO) type rivalry. LEGIONs' darkening, with a plastic grin. ALAKA points at LEGION whose smi~e fades to nothing and the game evaporates as the lines are being drawn. ALAKA underestimate this did with David.

... don't like you


LEGION Here we go ... he was betray of his will! this fluke occure? ALAKA Luck. Fluke. Sounds from something that cannot exist in! LEGION Why must you always well of our past? I when we enjoyed our this ... divine chess

lucky in the How often does

funny comin' superstition

pull from the recall a time commissions match.

ALAKA Seasons change, mortals and so shall we.



LEGION You've been reading again haven't you ... ? You know what your problem is Alaka, you know HE made the wrong choice in creating all of this ... and you know it! Yet you hang on while your ailing light suffers right along with theirs!

15 Yes ALAKA -- light being the difference.

LEGION As I see it -- any differences in all of this sordid, joyful match we play -- was balanced out when we dropped the Trade Center, so what did'ya think of that one? ALAKA Now whose drawing from the past -I'm a little surprised your on this one personally, I'm insulted and flattered all at once You may want to play soul repo in another region.

LEGION with a ridiculous with his cane, as people

smile, does a little Gene Kelly rendition walk past and stare at both men. of the got open and

LEGION Corne now my celestial kin ...you all know that I work harder for strike -- not the spare ...we've this big girls legs spread wide won't be long now. LEGION shiny,

cuts the dance short, his eyes turn .~ ftill pitch black the smile fades as pure evil dominates his profile.

ALAKAs portrait becomes even more serious. His eyes flash a solid lightning white as both men corne face to face with a tense restraint for a moment. They both smile before ALAKA spins and walks away. We'll LEGION be seeing ya ... - CONTINUED


CARLYLE ...as of this moment I cannot answer questions pertaining to the leads or details at this juncture of the ... VALLERY ...Chief Carlyle, do you have any suspects -- anything we can show the people at thi~ ti~e? MALE REPORTER Is this the work of a serial killer?

CARLYLE Again, let me reiderate -- we are working around the clock on this and I will not compromise this investigation for a headline! BRUCE stirs in the background with impatience.











16 VALLERY What about the safety of the people of this

and integrity "fine city!"

CARLYLE (cold stare on the cheap shot) That's all for now, thank BRUCE tinue INT.

you. The the Media and Press contypical smoke screen.

and CARLYLE leave the room together. to throw questions, unsatisfied with BROOKLYN, POLICE PRECINCT - LATER

MALONE sits at his desk going through crime scene photos. Other detectives move about, phones RING, chaotic Homicide Unit. BILLYs on the phone at his desk which is back to back with MALONEs. INSERT: CRIME LAB PHOTOS OF FIRST TWO VICTIMS his head is strangled.

The first victim is a middle-aged man, JOSEPH BAHOFF, smashed in. The second set of flics are MARY SCHULTZ, BILLY ... ok ... yeah, got


thanks ... over a

BILLY hangs up, finishes up his notes as MALONE is going list of names. BILLY rises and puts his coat on. BILLY ... Schultz' pharmacy and Doctor won't release shit, but the good'ol SPCA gave it up -- she lived off Penn St. I'm gonna head over and get an ID on the body ...you wanna join me? MALONE Na go ahead, I'm gonna work this list of possibles ... this guy is talken to us -- let me know what you dig up see if there was any money behind her u-no, trusts, will, insurance ... BILLY ... the second scripture is Old Testament -- Dueteronomy Ch. 32 Vs. 35. BILLY leaves, MALONE rises and makes his way to wall crime scene photos. For a cold moment, he stands and many faces of death, a puzzle of unsolved murders. INT. PRECINCTS FRONT DOORS - SAME

covered absorbs

with the

BRUCE and overweight

his AID enter quickly, marching past the front desk. DESK SERGEANT is caught off gaurd, panicked salute. SERGEANT ... oh shit!



... ---~~------



BRUCE it lard ass! the insult - SAME desks. They see BRUCE after they blow by.

mimics OFFICE

A MALE and FEMALE DETECTIVEs are at their and his AID about to storm the unit. FEMALE DETECTIVE Bruce is hotter than a crack on forty second street ... MALE DETECTIVE ...here we go ... BRUCE cuts in on both DETECTIVEs BRUCE You got words for me? DETECTIVES No sir. MALONE leans back in his chair waiting with



and authority.

for the attack.

BRUCE I didn't think so! (marches to Malone) ...so Colombo, what's gonna happen with these cases? Two bodies in seventy-two hours, with messages ... MALONE ...we're on every angle, I'm puttin' the perps profile through the Fed's database ... BRUCE ...listen very carefully -- you and this half-asses homicide unit aren't gonna make my career the next headline because of your failed strategy! MALONEs anger moves acroSs his face as BRUCE turns to the others.

BRUCE So, you and the rest of these lackies need ta' get cracken like your careers depend on it! That's a negative on giving the Feds any leads ... MALONE (stands up enraged) .excuse me ..•SIR! (MORE)

18 MALONE (CONT'D) ... 1 could give a big shit about your career and political agenda ... BACKGROUND - CAPTAIN SEAN McGRATH, 63, appears in the doorway of his off~ce. McGRATH allows Malone to vent at his own ~xpense. MALONE ... people are dying out there -people like you and me, SIR! Isn't that what this is all about ... BRUCE quiet is frozen with rage. The AID and shock at Malones insubordination. MALONE you forget food chain other DETECTIVEs are in

... or along

did the

that somewhere of yer' career?

BRUCE (fire in his eyes and a phony laugh) Big mouth tough guy, just like his olTman huh Sean? Whatch your step kid, you may go to far ... you arn't your father to me. MALONE Don't call me kid. -- Commissioner!


a detective

A test of wills. BRUCE smiles before heading towards office. His smirk to Malone holds something back. BRUCE Sounds good kid. Show don't make it happen Malone, make


tell -it happen.

McGRATH Let me handle my people Doug. You want some ass ta' chew, 1 got plenty a that, let these guys get back ta' work. BRUCE mad-dogs The door SLAMS The INT. entire MARTHA room the entire UN.!T, before entering shut and the YELLING starts! is silent. HOUSE EVERYONE - SAME is staring McGRATHs office.





ON A ROW OF PICTURE FRAMES - The gleam of silver picture frames is obstructed by the busy head of a goose feather duster. pulling back, we find the now, 62 year old MARTHA MALONE. Moving over the large picture of HERSELF, SON BOBBY, and YOUNGER DAUGHTER SAMANTHA MALONE. With her strong yet sad countenance, MARTHA stops dusting on the large solo picture of THOMAS MALONE in police uniform.


MARTHA pickS up the picture of THOMAS MALONE, places it against her chest, remembering a better time. The peace is broken by a KNOCK on the front door. MARTHA is unmoved in her longing. A second set of LOUDER KNOCKS brings her back. MARTHA place the picture back, pats her eyes and tries to gather composure before unlocking the door. OVER THE SHOULDER - MARTHA checks the peep hole and opens the door to find the warm comforting smile of daughter in law, SARA MALONE. Sara honey, MARTHA what a nice surprise.

SARA Come on atta' that cave woman I'm taking you to lunch. SARA steps in and gives MARTHA Ok dear, a real hug. up first.

MARTHA let me freshen

MARTHA leaves SARA in the living room. SARA frowns at the dark, dank, feeling of the home. She moves to the covered windows and yanks the drapes open. The ribbons of sunlight breach the darkness. SARA For heavens sake Martha -- let Some life into this place. INT. HOMICIDE ALL DETECTIVEs OFFICE - SAME in on MALONE in shock.

in the room are locked

FEMALE DETECTIVE You got some balls Malone. MALE DETECTIVE That was priceless ... BRUCES AID You must be touched Malone, nobody talks to Bruce like that. In the background BRUCE and McGRATH are still ARGUING.

MALE DETECTIVE (to the Aid) Listen shit nose, not everyone is affraid of him, get off his balls already. With that, I'm gettin' ghost before he comes back for seconds ...drinks on me later. The entire room of DETECTIVEs shift on this cue, bailing their new leader. His phone RINGS he tiredly answers. This's MALONE Malone -- what's up Alex? out on

20 INT. ALEX CRIME is at LAB her PHONE - SAME desk that's piled with files and computer monitors.



ALEX ... we got some sweat suit fiber off Schultz' necklace, I'm sending the analysis over now. MALONE Great. That's something, get back to you on it ... ON McGRATHs DOOR - It yanks BRUCE storms out and shoots behind BRUCE. MALONE smiles


open with the blinds THRASHING around. Malone a cold look. The AID falls in as the AID trips over his boss's feet. gives phone MALONE the nod to and follows McGRATH.

McGRATH appears in the door frame, he enter his office. MALONE hangs up the INT. McGRATHs OFFICE - SAME

McGRATH sits heavily behind his desk. Takes a puff from his asthma inhaler then lights a smoke. MALONE enters the dark, dusty office and closes the door, then remains standing. McGRATH doin' Bobby? MALONE right ... you?






McGRATH gettin' old and tired ... (points to the door) ... of his Crap!

MALONE takes a closer look around the office. McGRATH leans forward pulling open a drawer, he removes a half full bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label and two rocks glasses pinched between his fat fingers. He pours off two healthy shots, handing one to MALONE. McGRATH (toasting) Here's ta' Bruce's career, may it go down as nicely as this shot! MALONE smiles and joins him without hesitation. GLASSES CHIMB.

McGRATH One day, God asked the Irish, so do you want potato's or oil? They said potato's of course ... you can't very well make whiskey from oil. MALONE that.

I believe



21 McGRATH I know you're under a lotta' pressure on this one. Don't let that prick rent to much space in your head all right? Don't MALONE turns MALONE have room. of pictures, taking a closer look.

to face a wall

McGRATH Took me a minute to get you pulled over here, you're the best detective I've got Bobby -- gatta' nose for it ...just like your ol'man. INSERT: Ola 8x10 photo of THOMAS MALONE, SEAN McGRATH BRUCE on a boat holding up a string of fish. MALONE What was he like? McGRATH One of kind, good heart, tough as nails -- a natural, like you. He stayed busier than a one legged man in an ass kicken contest ... MALONE smiles at the rusty humor MALONE see it? McGRATH What's that? MALONE My oI'man and Douglas Bruce as friends and partners ...doesn't jive. McGRATH sits up quickly, pouring two morw drinkS. of an old school cop. and DOUGLAS

...1 don't

McGRATH You're goddamn right it don't jive! Never did in my mind as far back as I can remember, high school, the academy ...early years on the force, those two were fire-n-ice. MALONE pulls up a chair, wanting to hear more and drink more.

McGRATH You father was a great man. I wish MALONE I knew ...

McGRATH ...it's comen from this mouth I don't care what ya' here!


McGRATH Ya' see, your pops out shined'em, Bruce came up short. .always. MALONE I couldn't work with a guy like that. How does a viper like him make it this far? MCGRATH Answer ta' that is in the question. (pause) How's yer' mom an little sister ... still in Brooklyn? MALONE You kidden, mom's more a part a this town than the Flatbush. Samantha's flyin' F-18s out in Colorado at the Air Force Academy, made lieutenant. It becomes a quiet reflective hits MALONE with a searching thing of consequence. MALONE moment behind closed doors. McGRATH stare as if he's close to saying someis in his whiskey.

I got

McGRATH somethin' for

you. old cheap gives

McGRATH sets his drink down, rises and walks tiredly to an file cabinet in the corner. He unlocks it, squats down and the bottom drawer a hard tug and it SCREECHES OPEN. MALONE surprises, whata'ya

I Reaching into with a zipper


got? a mid-size leather satchel bag and a strap over the top. in the

the back, McGRATH removes running the length of the

MALONE eyes the satchel. McGRATH sets it down on the desk right front MALONE, sending dust into the air. MALONE glances go from mystery bag to McGRATH who sits back down grabbing his drink. McGRATH I've been holdin' this case for a long time -- and I know yer' busier like the devil right now I need you to take a look at this . MALONE (downs his drink) .whose case is it? McGRATH There's some things that don't match up. Need lookin' into by you -- alone! It's not my wound ta' mend ... this belongs to you. MALONE mean it belongs





MALONE stands up over the bag and starts to unfasten he gets to the zipper, pulling it halfway open -McGRATH It's your fathers' case. MALONEs' hand stops. He gives McGRATH MALONE What? McGRATH It's all there. Original police reports, autopsy findings, murder weapon, interrogation tapes and Arthur Jacksons' trial transcripts -- all of it ... MALONE (zips it closed) .whata'ya gettin' at Cap'n? McGRATH I grabbed everything after Jacksons' appeals were exhausted ...he gotta life sentence for the murder ... (pours another drink) ...your father was a great friend to me, to a lot a people. Lets just say .._~ommy5·death didn't sit well with a lot of us. MALONE You gotta give me more than that -come on Cap'n, the only thing I got of my fathers are his shoes, his blood, and everyone elses goddamned memories! (walks away then turns) After thirty years -- atta' the blue you're tossing me his life and death in damn bag ...like it's some kinda' dope deal or unsolved mystery file! McGRATH I know your father would to take care of this ... of wanted you a bothered

the strap,


MALONE paces again, he stops at the photo of his father. He rubs a hand over his mouth, challenging his instincts. McGRATH ...if you're not ready I'll put it away -- but, it belongs to you, answer Some questions you have. MALONE is trying This's to read McGRATHs MALONE Malone ... - SARA and MARTHA parked in the SUV.

truth. MALONEs

phone RINGS.










SARA ...hey there Malone, your mother and I are out-n-about -- thought you might wanna join us for lunch? MALONE (off track) ...ah yeah, where'ya SARA parked,


Illegally Give MALONE hangs

right next

to you.

MALONE me a minute •• , McGRATH who sits with anya poker face.

up, Approaches

MALONE Before I take this ...is there thing you need to tell me?

I've Great MALONE unsure

McGRATH done my part -- I'm out of it. MALONE that's real comforting. makes his way to the door, gives McGRATH a

takes the bag, stare.

McGRATH There's an aI' Celtic saying, follow t~e lies and find the truth .. EXT. PRECINCT - MOMENTS LATER with case in hand. He approaches the in and kisses MARTHA on the cheek.

MALONE trots down the steps, passenger side window. Leans MALONE Hey Mom ...

MARTHA (looks Bobby over) Bobby Malone -- your thin as a rail ... (turns to Sara) ...are you feedin' my boy? SARA give the don't blame me look.


fine mom

MALONE -- no time MARTHA gotcher

to eat lately .. ,

...you ain't have much!


you don't

------ ----------~~

25 MALONE looks past MARTHA and jokingly proposistions SARA.

So ... who's

MALONE your friend

here ...

MARTHA (slaps his arm) .always the flirt! SARA shoots back an inviting look, smiling shyly with raised brow.

ANGLE ON BLACK SUBURBAN - Pulls behind SARAS' SUV. MALONE attention to the tinted windows. The passenger door opens hostile BRUCE stepping out and sauntering towards MALONE. MALONE turns to dow. Giving his

turns his with a

face BRUCE, who stops close to MALONE and the attention to MARTHA with a mocking pleasure.


BRUCE Hello Martha ... what a pleasant surprise excuse me for the intrusion . MARTHAs' composure flips to cold anger and knowledge BRUCE with eyes or words. MALONE MALONE and BRUCE face off. BRUCE a little strong in there, this isn't the time for games, it's not personal. 1 have faith in you -- I hope it is you that collars this trash.
... 1 carne on

distaste. and SARA

She take

won't acnotice.

... like got for


MALONE said, I the right

give it reasons

all I -- SIR.



BRUCE is expected.


SARA (touches Marthas' arm) you ok ... what's wrong? BRUCE the bag? MALONE

... what's


Research. BRUCE I'm talken about -you'll make Cap'n

That's what keep it up, in no time. MALONE with no response






BRUCE ladies ...

26 BRUCE gaits back to his ride, stops at the door and gives MALONE a queer look, almost suspicious, before taking off. MARTHA (pats Sara on arm) Let's just go honey ...I'm not feeling to well. Just run me back home .. MALONE and SARA have mirrored MALONE a matter concern. mom ...what's ...


MARTHA Please don't interrogate me Bobby! I don't feel good -- that's it ... MALONE (kisses her cheek) .al1 right, get some rest. You call us if you need anything, ok? MARTHA squeezes his hand and nod's. SARA blows MALONE a kiss before pulling out of the stall. Standing with the case in hand, he turns slowly and walks towards the office, suddenly MALONE is taken by what he finds down the street. MALONEs POV - ALAKA is a half block up, leaning against a pole, looking directly at MALONE, with a baiting grin. MALONEs instincts take over, hitting the sidewalk in ALAKAs direction, a good pace. ALAKA calmly and easily walks around the corner of a building.

MALONEs pace picks up to lite jog. Bending the corner with anticipation, finds nothing that resembles ALAKA, searching the crowds for the silver hair, he finds him, at fifty yards standing in front of a flower cart. MALONE runs in his direction. ALAKA pulls a beautiful flower from a bucket, smells it with an approving smile and no concern for his tail. MALONE is weaving in and out of people. ALAKA removes a coin from his pocket, then flips it to the vendor as he walks away smelling the flower. Keep VENDOR INSERT: snatches SOLID What ALAKA the change. the coin, COIN, ready WITH to protest the value. CAESAR




VENDOR the ...? to slow him

MALONE closes in with asense of urgency. The bag seems down, catching someones shoulder, frustration mounts.

ON MOTHER HOLDING CHILD - The child is screaming, throwing a tantrum. ALAKA approaches, hands the child the flower, placing his finger over his mouth in the shhh fashion. The child starts to gigIe and laugh as ALAKA cuts around another corner.


MALONE lently

only a few seconds behind, hits the corner cOlliding viointo a MAN,knocking him to the ground! MALONE helps him up. Watch MAN out creep! hard, surveys the sidewalk.



a few feet away, breathing

MALONEs POV - All the bobbing heads and traffic. He keys in on the line of Taxi Cabs. The silver head in the back window is all he needed to see. MALONE darts out into traffic INT. CAB The door yanks open, startling the ELDERLY WOMAN.

WOMAN (swats him with umbrella) It's my cab asshole! MALONE (taking the hits) sorry ...sorry!


ON CAB - TEARING OFF! Traffic is LOUD as cars HONK and pass MALONE SHOUTING INSULTS! He stands in the street with a look of defeat. MALONEs POV - He finds ALAKA again, ALAKA makes eye contact with MALONE standing in front before entering. of a Pub.

MALONE trots through the traffic. He switches hands with the satchel and removes a .45 from his holster before entering the Pub. INT. PUB - SAME The darkness is breeched when MALONE carefully enters gun first. He looks side to side. Takes a few more steps in and finds JIMMY, a 40ish bartender cleaning glasses. JIMMY looks up surprised -JIMMY Whao ...hey ...what's up Bobby?

MALONE (looking around) What's goin' on Jimmy? .JIMMY You tell me! MALONEs POV - past JIMMY, he finds ALAKA end of the bar staring forward unmoving. JIMMY starts cleaning glasses sitting alone at the

again and follows Malone's


MALONE (nods at Alaka) What's his story?




28 JIMMY Never seen'em before. Came in and ordered two drinks -- that's it ...you lookin' for'em? Other MALONE way around it seems ...

MALONE moves on past JIMMY. The Pub is empty and dim, he drops the ~45 to his side, approaching ALAKA with caution. ALAKA is still looking forward. MALONE enters the frame to his right. They BOTH make eye contact in the mirror behind the bar where the bottles stand at attention like deadly soldiers. In the b.g. the jukebox MUSIC KICKS ON. MALONE points at the drink-You waitin' Not anymore. MALONE for someone? ALAKA Have a seat.

MALONE places the satchel on the bar to his right, then holsters the .45 before grabbing the drink. He sits down and sniffs it -MALONE You know my whiskey? ALAKA I know a lot of things Bobby. MALONE (bothered) know you, we met before?



ALAKA In a sense yes, not physically. BOTH are locked in the mirror when JIMMY strolls up --

Everything, Fine JIMMY walks

JIMMY everything

over here?

ALAKA thank you James. use of his name.

away with a funny look at the propper

MALONE This's what I know ...I've seen you three times in six hours -- in a city of eight million people. I'm Irish, I believe in luck and all that green shit ...but this is rediculous! ALAKA with a.minor laugh takes a sip of his Perrier Water.

MALONE All this's pretty funny huh? (MORE)

29 MALONE (CONT'D) ... you won't be filled with much laughter when I haul your ass in for 72 hours of interrgation ... ALAKA sweat MALONE at the

... you












ALAKA park ... MALONE a tough question? ALAKA at the

... that








... as was


MALONE Is that right. What your job -- Mr ... ? ALAKA -- without the






MALONE You don't fit the profile of park maintenance ... ALAKA1 What about your buddy across from you, Mr. Raven ... you just into birds? ALAKA Your real observant gonna help you.




MALONE Yeah, well let me help the best suspect I got murder! We gonna talk, do this the long way? MALONE INT. shoots his whiskey down. - DAY

you, your in a double or you wanna








Dancing eyes of candlight give the small dank living room a sinister and ominous feeling, as the tension of music increases. Moving through the apartment, following the candles down a hallway.


... ---------

.. --.-----.-.--_._----.-._-----_




Moving slowly down the long hallway towards the last room. One wall mounted candle throws a weak amount of light. A RANTING and RAVING MALE VOICE increases. The rhythm is that of a hellfire and brimstone preacher. An unseen hand pushes the door open -INT. BEDROOM - SAME

The PREACHING RANTS of MARSHAL GAINS becomes clear. The room is filled with more candles. GAINS is standing completely nude behind a real pulpit, holding a large well used bible in one hand as his free hand waves around as if preaching to a congregation. GAINS ...so I say unto you, be ye still and know that I am God ... (sick smile) ...1 am the thief that finds your night! take heed all you hypocrites ... GAINS mOves out from behind front of a large mirror. the pulpit and is back and forth

GAINS .therefore armor yourselves against the wiles of satan. GAINS moves to mirrored dresser. He sets the bible down, and with calm clean hands reaches for a pearl handled straight razor. As he pulls it apart the light gleams off the steel. With gentle movements he cuts out another verse while HUMMING a HYMN. GAINS ...king of king and lord of lordS, gloryallelulia ... (repeats) ON HANDS Pulling the verse free then raising it in front of the mirror. In the b.g. a vague shadowy reflection of LEGION comes into focus with flics of candlelight off his full pitch black eyes. GAINS (HUMMING lifts his eyes) .glory aIle ... (spins around panicked) .who's there!? The room is empty.GAINS INT. PUB - SAME ON MIRROR - Still holding the moment. MALONE leans close to ALAKA. closes the door while his eyes stay busy.

MALONE Are ya' done playin' yer' game now -- or am I gonna haft'a run you? ALAKA Your questiones have been answered, Just didn't get the one you wanted. MALONE Why were you at my church
Ir--------------------.--~---.-.--.--.--~.~. -

and how ...
... -- -~---.~.-

31 ALAKA glances done talking. at his watch then slides off the stool as if he's MALONE unsure, stands with him -MALONE you goin'? We're not done ...


ALAKA (places a hand up) ...I have an appointment -- I miss appointments Mr. Malone. you'd like to bring this mini rogation along ...you may join

don't If interme.

ALAKA puts his coat on, drops a few bucks on the bar and walks past a confused MALONE with a faint smile. MALONE grabs the bag off the bar and fall in with a bothered look. This man isn't trying to shake MALONE he's trying to take him along now? EXT. PUB - SAME Exiting together, Where the Brooklyn CHAOS picks back up while walking.

MALONE we goin'? ALAKA (points to a crowd on the corner)

There. A BLACK STREET HUSTLER is at his makeshift card table shooting a game of three card monte. His new MARK is being taken easily. The energy is charged as the twenty or so onlookers watch. HUSTLER ...all right people here we go -watch the lady ...don't front, don't fake and dont'cha dare hesitate ... ON HANDS - The Hustler moves with speed and precision as he shucks all three cards up and over one another. The queen is the object card. The young MARK tries to follow and is stressed out. The HUSTLER finishes the moves. A fat stack of cash sits on the line. Where's HUSTLER she at play'a?

MARK (points to middle card) Girnme my bitch ...play'a. HUSTLER (slides a finger under the bent card) ..you sure bout that, last chance? MARK I said flip it man! The card pops over exposing the king. The spins around ENRAGED!

32 MARK Shit! Shit! HUSTLER It ain't your day brother ... MARK (points hard) ..You're cheating,

I know


HUSTLER The hand is truly quicker than the eye son -- besides it's only cheatin' if ya get caught in America! The CROWD LAUGH at the MARK who is red and flustered. MALONE push past the MARK as he storms off. HUSTLER (waving with arrogance) Thanks for playin' don't go away mad, just go away . {stacking the cash) ...all right people who's next? ALAKA and MALONE stand in front of the HUSTLER now. ALAKA and

HUSTLER Another victim? How much you boys feel like losen this fine day? ALAKA (to Malone) Gimme' twenty bucks. MALONE Give you twenty bucks? yeah ok, I just look this way. You can't win ... ...I'm going ALAKA to show you what then. I do.

MALONE Use your own twenty ALAKA I can't. Whata'ya

MALONE mean ya' can't?

ALAKA I won't gamble, but r'll use your money for the point ... MALONE (crazy look) That makes no sense at all ... (MORE)





MALONE (CONT'D) are you two a team?

HUSTLER Somebody gonna play here, or you bOys gonna keep on wit' this lovers quarrel? If not step aside so a poor black man can make some paper. MALONE All right ...if you lose, you answer my questions -- deal? ALAKA nods in agreement. Ok people MALONE peels a twenty off his money clip.

HUSTLER here we go.

ON TABLE - The HUSTLER flips all three cards over, a jack, queen and king. With great skill he flips them over and starts shucking them up and over and side to side with dizzying speed. ALAKA is not even watching his hands. He is looking into his eyes -HUSTLER You betta' watch my hands al'man, not my pretty face -- cuz I gotcha' covered like a satin sheet and I go coast to coast on a piece a toast. The HUSTLER finishes his drama. ALAKA quickly pick the card on the right. The HUSTLER frowns and pops it over revealing the queen. HUSTLER (psuedo smile) We gatta' winner here ... MALONE watches with new interest as the CROWD CLAP and HOOT.


The action runs again, ALAKA wins over and over. The cash piles up with the CROWD CHEERING and patting him on the back. ALAKA showboats, placing his hands over his eyes and picks the queen with fat smirk, and MALONE gets caught up and high fives. -- ALAKA turns his back on the game and whispers into an ELDERLY WOMANS' ear. She reaches out and picks the queen. END MONTAGE HUSTLER You wanna clown huh Moses ...your lucky ass run is over sucka, it's all or no thin now chump! HUSTLER reaches into his sock and drops down a lump of cash.



-- --- -----



ALAKA are you waiting



The HUSTLER pulls out all the moves doing the best shuck and juke moves he's got. He palms the queen, dropping another king in perfect rhythm. No one catches it, or so he thinks, Where's ALAKA waves HUSTLER the bitch Moses? and points to him --

a hand over all three cards ALAKA let you pick

I'm gonna What!?

the card.

MALONE 0' that's great ...

HUSTLER Sure ...my plea sure ... The HUSTLER with a cocky smile flips over the first card revealing a number seven card. Then the second card, another seven, he panicks and flips the third card and completes the triple sevens. The CROWD and MALONE are in awe. ALAKA gives MALONE his twenty back. The HUSTLER is speechless. ALAKA snatches his right hand! HUSTLER Hey ...what ... ALAKA twists his palm backwards revealing the palmed queen. The CROWD GRUMMBLE AND PROTEST. ALAKAs eyes flash a brilliant lightning white for a half second. Only the HUSTLER sees this and he pulls away so hard he falls on his ass spooked and tears off! MALONE is examining the cards and scratching his head. ALAKA takes the cash and tosses it into the air creating a frenzy with the CROWD. MALONE even grabs some. ALAKA looks back at the cards and they've changed from three sevens to three sixes. ALAKA turns to find LEGION walking past with a nasty smile. MALONE (pocketing cash) That was nice. ALAKA kicks the table over while watching LEGION disappear.

ALAKA It wasn't nice, it was right There's a big difference. EXT. BROOKLYN GAINS breezes INT. PUB GAINS walks in and finds a stool. To his left sits a MALE PATRON -:SAME up the sidewalk and enters the same Pub.





with his back turned wearing a tilted Patron. The VOICE is familiar JIMMY (walks up to Gains) What's it gonna be fella? GAINS glances over JIMMY, focusing "JAMES"

red baret,


to another

on his chest area.


GAINS I'd like some wine.

Any Red,

JIMMY (with a dumb look) particular Color? GAINS I like red wine James ...

JIMMY ...call me Jimmy, evreryone calls me Jimmy .•.among other names. The PATRON next to GAINS raises his hand up before facing GAINS.

LEGION I got that one Jimmy! LEGION wearing a full Guardian LEGION I'm Lee ... GAINS somewhat suspicious hesitates, trying to place LEGION. Angel outfit offers a handshake --

GAINS (shakes) I'm Gains -- you didn't hav'ta buy me a drink. LEGION No sweat, I'm sure you're worthy of drink ... (faces the t.V. behind the bar) ...Gains is an interesting name? GAINS Yeah, so is Lee. You're a real life Guardian Angel huh? LEGION (toothy grin) You could say that. EXT. BROOKLY MALONE STREET - LATER side by side past vendors and store windows.

and ALAKA walk What

MALONE about that appointment?


ALAKA That was it. Breaking MALONE up a card game?

ALAKA No. Turning the table on'em -making it right so to speak. Gee, MALONE I'm fresh atta' browny buttons.

ALAKA Life is a circle, there exists an unseen calibration that will occure in its own time ... yeah, MALONE it's called karma.

ALAKA Do you believe in a God Bobby? MALONE Sure why not ... ALAKA There's only two answers to that question, that wasn't one of them. MALONE Yes I believe, what difference does that make with you and me, right here right now? ALAKA I was taught by wisdom long ago, that only three things will matter down here, what's true, right and good ...the rest is corruption. MALONE You said "down here", to up where? ALAKA The kingdom. MALONE grabs ALAKAs shoulder with force, spinning him around. as opposed

MALONE Don't play with me! Yer' about God ...in heaven?


ALAKA (eyes the hand .. his. shoulder) on I said the gingdofu -- heaven as your kind know it, does not exist .•.yet.


ALAKA throws this at MALONE with disturbing confidence. MALONE tries to associate the clues of the first two bible verses with all this talk of God. ALAKA breaks away, MALONE catches up -MALONE So you work for the church -you're a priest or somethin'? ALAKA NO. I'm a commissioned Angel God, serving here on earth.


MALONE (laughs) For a second there I thought you would'a had somethin' original ... ALAKA Don't ask for the truth if you're not prepared to accept it. MALONE What are you some kinda wack? suppose ta' believe this ... I'm

ALAKA ...you won't. It's a common factor with mortals or spiritual designs such as yourself. MALONE I'm gonna buy this bullshit because I've seen you three times today and you break a street hustler? ALAKA Your beliefe systems are of no value in what surrounds us ...you must trust nothing of man! MALONE Thanks for the tip ...so you're an Angel that walks amongst us mortals -- employed by God almighty? ALAKA (stops quickly) Yes. MALONE Enough of this crap! I'm done playen with you ... MALONE drops the satchel, pulls his .45 and SLAMS ALAKA against a brick wall at the begining of an alleyway. MALONE pats him down. MALONE You got me confused (MORE) for someone else ...



MALONE ...I'm gonna find out what'cher all about ...my way! ON ALAKAs FACE - Against the wall, his eyes ignite with that brilliant white fire. He spins around in one fluid movement before MALONE can react,disarming and switching places in a blur! ALAKAs eyes remain ablaze while pushing MALONEs face against the wall -ALAKA (leans in close) Let me guess Bobby Malone ...you fall asleep drunk every night -only to be awakened by the same dream ...at say 4:05 every time, then fall back asleep and magically awaken at 6:22 ... ALAKA spins MALONE around, his face is stretched in disbelief and breathing is hyper as ALAKAs eyes fade out. MALONE stammers MALONE There ...there's no way ... ALAKA hands his pistol back to him, MALONE tenses up frightened.

MALONE What's ...the eyes. ALAKA Kinda neat huh? Happens get charged up. when we

ALAKA steps away and pickS up the ~atchel. MALONE is stuck on the wall, gun at his side completely confused. ALAKA comes back towards MALONE who raises the gun at ALAKAs chest. MALONE Stay back! How do you know that? Noone but my wife and mother know about the dreams ... ALAKA ..•I told you, I know many things. MALONE Who ALAKA hands are you? not fearing the pistol. him the satchel

ALAKA We've been over that, it's time to move forward with this ...there's no time to waste don't concern yourself with mechanics ... (surveys the area) •..we must be clear at all cost. This MALONE isn't possible, can't be!


.---_ -----~----------

39 ALAKA Really? You wake up at 4;05 with that same dream ... ALAKA ALAKA reaches removes into his coat, MALONE tenses up thinking weapon. a small old leather book tossing it to MALONE. MALONE What's this?

ALAKA The book of Prophets and Kings, enough of this detective game open it to the book of Daniel chapter four verse five as in 4:05. MALONE wears a tired his known reality. misunderstood look about the destruction of

ALAKA C-mon c-mon we're not building another realm here ..• read! MALONE peels through the book. His finger finds the verse --

MALONE saw a dream which. made me affraid, and the thoughts upon my bed and the visions of my head troubled me ... "
" ... I










MALONE How can this be? Thirty years -I've had that dream, I don't know .. ALAKA do. You fall waking at exactly to Judges Chapter
... I

back asleep -6:22, now turn 6, verse 22 ...




MALONE to ... ALAKA Bobby. I'll you, that's

... you let me

must help

help why



I'm here.
He drops helps him the pistol to his find the page.

MALONE empty, allows ALAKA to side. Eyes fixed with emotion ALAKA it ... trust me

approach. as ALAKA




MALONE (eyes fall to the page) " ... and when Gideon perceived that he was an Angel of the Lord ... (MORE)

40 MALONE (CONT'n) ... he said alas ... 0' Lord, for because I have seen an Angel of the Lord face to face ... " With nothing left of the reality he once knew, MALONEs eyes meet the even stare of ALAKAs. MALONE trying to pull himself back to his senses, slowly walks a circle around ALAKA, looking into him the only way he can. ALAKA remains still giving him a moment to adjust and hopefully believe. MALONE isn't real ... Some yer' playin' with (rubs his face) ... come on Bobby start

This game

kind'a me ... over!

ALAKA Your response is what it must be. Don't allow your base identity to overthrow your original truth ... MALONE (touches Alaka not real) .what truth?



ALAKA There's too much you cannot see -we are subject to time and action in this realm, any answers to your questions only makes our work harder. MALONE Why me?

ALAKA In time you'll learn that, but we don't have time to waste. I'm the only one that can help you ••. let go and embrace the truth you've never known ... MALONE INT. and ALAKA are at the fork in the road.


- LATER GAINS are LAUGHING as LEGION finishes up a joke --



LEGION ... all of a sudden, the guys at the gates of heaven, he's standin' in for St. Pete right? In a flash the guys wife pops up! He's like really thrilled right -- she asks'em what she's gotta do ta' get in ... GAINS (flags down Jimmy) more down here ...


41 LEGION ... the husband says, you gatta spell one a Gods words ... alright what is it she asks impatiently! Your word is Kazakhstan. Both men are laughing as JIMMY sets their remote for the tv, turning up the volume. JIMMY (whistles) it down ... it's turning SCREEN their drinks down. He grabs the

Hold The ON bar hushes,

on. attention to VALLERY HILL taping.




VALLERY (V.O.) ... I'm on the steps of City Hall where the tempature of this mornings press conference held by the citys' top brass, PoLice Commissioner Douglas Bruce and Chief of Police Greg Carlyle -- was as cold as the weather ... and covered like a snows torm ... The PATRONs stir LEGION and GAINs INSERT: The END CLIP CLIP, TAPE OF with COMMENTS about VALLERYs attack on the politics follow the story closely, LEGION watches GAINs. THE PRESS CONFERENCE last statements.

repeats BACK TO




VALLERY (V.O.) ... As of this moment, all we have are the names of the two victims, 58 yr. old Joseph Bahoff and. 41 yr. old Mary Schultz, both were Brooklyn natives. The murders do appear to be random, but invetigators arn't ruling any possibilities at this point, while urging citizens to step forward with any information. LEGION whata'ya make GAINS someones

..• So

a that





a little


LEGION I reckon so, well my friend -- I better get out on my beat, you never know -- I might just run into'em ... GAINS might get

... ya










LEGION twists off the stool and puts his black shakes GAINS hand with a chilling stare -LEGION See ya' around Marshal Gains ...


coat on. He

GAINS drunk now, misses the fact that LEGION hit his first name. GAINS catches it and spins around to late, LEGION is gone. EXT. BROOKLYN, STREET - LATER

ALAKA and MALONE come around a corner with an air of urgency and less resistance. MALONE is entirely more aware now and cautious of where ALAKA is leading him, not trusting people around him. MALONE Where we gain'? ALAKA quickly stops in front of a display window. Inside are stacks of t.v.s for sale. ALAKA watches for a moment and shakes his head. INSERT: TELEVISION SCREEN

An Evangalist is praying over people, he runs around wild and animated, laying hands on people, knocking them over. The staple Female in the background weeping with smeared mascara. ALAKA That, is not what it it's all about ...turned it into a show ... (walks away) ...you mortals are so dramatic in all of this. MALONE You got Some kinda' special if you're an Angel ...right? powers

ALAKA My responsibility is not to prove to you that I'm from another realm. What MALONE about the wings and halo? is

ALAKA whips around on a dime with a flash of the eyes. MALONE frozen with his hands up, sensing ALAKAs limits. ALAKA Do believe in liars, in old Hebrew myths and Italian paintbrushes? That's man and Hollywood .. ALAKA walks away. MALONE catches up. --

MALONE Sorry ...cut me some slack here this is a little much!





43 MALONE about this




Everything the scale

ALAKA has a balance upon which all

God is is weighed.



MALONE protect people.

ALAKA No -- that falls under the commission of guardianship, an entirely seperate division of Angels. My Commissions arn't that spontaneous, it consists more of divine timing if you will ... MALONE ... really? ALAKA No -- I'm pullin' your chain! Yes really there is a war raging all around you that none of you can see. MALONE absorbes every word, of disbelief. Seeing people MALONE Why me? split with belief, and who pass by differntly the natural now. drag

ALAKA I can't answer that -- but I will say that this case is very old and has the stench of my oldest rival. You must realize that it's all two parts of one whole -- right-n-wrong, light-n-dark ... you get the point? MALONE Na I just look this way. I get every action has a reaction. ALAKA places both hands out in front of







ALAKA In one hand you have mercy and blessings. In the other, you have judgement and wrath. And when He deems it necessary to turn a hand -- this is where I come in, only in this region Brooklyn, I've been here a minute. MALONE Your talkin' about right here ... ... Oh but He




ALAKA is. The (MORE)


energy ...


ALAKA (CONT'D) •..that makes life possible a piece of all this you see'nhave~ Two Kids race between them on bicycles.

ALAKA If you take iron ore from the earth and forge it into steel, making the beams to erect these skyscrapers -does this mean the ore is not the basis of that creation ...? Sounds more MALONE like evolution ta'me.

ALAKA It's kinda' tough to have somethin' evolve from nothin'. Any thing must exist first, before it can evolve into something else ..• (crossing the street) ...you all must abide by ~mutable physical laws -- such as gravity and life span etc correct? MALONE Sure. ALAKA (in front of stairwell) Therefore, there must be a law giver ... MALONE takes it all in as ALAKA walks over to an old HO~ELESB leaning in a crouched position against a wall panhandling. ALAKA ...another truth you must realize -ya never know who'yer standin next to. ALAKA approaches the silver haired man, reaching into his coat and removing a fat knot of money, easily tossing it into a filthy hat. Shit MALONE -- I could use that! MAN,

The BUM gives a full smile with bad teeth, in a squating position rocking back-n-forth. Watching MALONE, he reaches into his beat-up parka with perfectly clean hands retrieving another black and gold case file. The same type that ALAKA read in front of MALONEs house. BUM Strusha nonameesh, shan dawta torya Alaka ...haha. ALAKA (looks at Malone,Smiles) sha ... he say! MALONE

Sha, What


ALAKA That your spirit loves to toil, and I have my hands full ... MALONE · ..yeah, tell'em I said'ta use some a that dough for a toothbrush! The BUMs face turns serious as he rises. -_Hisstature was well hidden until he stands erect at about seven feet tall, looming over them. BUM (leans close to Malone speaks to Alaka) Ren-rha thos ganna rey sal Legion! (subtitles) The spirit of Legion is back! ALAKA .ret-ba ... (subtitles) Yes, he's back. Sha. ALAKA heads for the stairwell. MALONE is locked on to the giant before him. He smiles at Malones uneasy look, the BUMs eyes flash a hot white for a second, the same as ALAKAs. MALONEs mouth drops open as he instinctivly backs up, bumping into ALAKA at the stairwell. MALONE What is. and ALAKA ...he is Krelic, my messenger guardian ...very protective.

ALAKA and MALONE drop down in to the dark stairwell. KRELIC surveys the area in a powerful manner, before finding his post and squats. INT. COMMISSIONER BRUCES' OFFICE - SAME

BRUCE sits behins a huge clean desk, watching a replay of the press conference. The intercom BLEEPS. A FEMALE VOICE follows. Mayor Daily ·..put'em SECRETARY on one. (V.O.)

BRUCE through

(pause) Mayor ...

DAILY (V.O.) ·..Bruce, you think that little show you and Carlyle put on this morning was cute -- the Times are up my ass on this, we can't afford to play'em that close on this. BRUCE ·..all right, next time I'll dump it in their lap. Tell'em the feds are takin' over ... (MORE)

47 BRUCE (pacing now) Ok tough guy ... you're out, finished in this game! Pack your shit you mick bum ... you're suspended until further notice! McGRATH That's fine, I need some time off anyway. You can't touch me ... the truth about you pvotects me! McGRATH whiskey. lightly hangs up His countenance the phone and takes a slow pull from his is a mixture of concern and sacrafice.

BRUCE (screams at intercom) You wanna' play with me you piece of shit lets play ...when I done with you . BRUCE realizes the line is dead. He SLAMS desk, showing his instability and madness. seething while staightening his tie. INT. HALLWAY - NIGHT a dimly lit hallway. MALONE folthings around on the He moves to a mirror

ALAKA and lows with

MALONE walking through caution and curiosity. MALONE this lead?

Where ALAKA brick stops wall. in He


front of an old removes a large ALAKA home ...

solid wood door set deep into skeleton key. holding the new

a file.



MALONE I would've figured you floor penthouse. maybe ALAKA twist the key, a LOUD SNAP

for top Park Avenue. of the lock mechanism echoes.

ALAKA You know the difference between the filthy rich and the filthy poor? MALONE me ...


ALAKA (pushes door .the money. ALAKA enters, MALONE takes entering ALAKAs dwelling.


a glance










- SAME spike of anger from behind the desk.

snaps up with


PHONE CONVERSATION DAILY ...don't patronize me! I'm sure your people are quite capable of dealing with this. I'm talking about the political wave, it can push us forward, or sink us. (gets another call) Also, I'd like to see you and the Chief at my fundraiser tonight ... Wouldn't BRUCE miss it for the world. The intercom BEEPS again.

BRUCE disconnects. Captain

SECRETARY (V.O.) McGrath on line two. through. (pause)

BRUCE Lucky me ...put'em What's up Sean? INT. McGRATHs McGRATH OFFICE - SAME

is leaned back

in h~s chair.

The office dark and shadowy.


PHONE CONVERSATION McGRATH ...1 wanna let you know, we've both at this shit way to long now for you ta' hit my division and disrespect me and my team like that!


is twirling

a gold

letter opener

through his fingers.

BRUCE Who the hell do you think you're talking to ...you Irish lush!? McGRATH I know exactly who you are ...keep pushin' -- sometimes people push back. You're atta' line and real soon somebody's gonna pull your dirty covers ... BRUCE You never were to smart, funny things happen to drunks like you ... McGRATH ...you gatta' problem with me you goddamned snake ...come on down!

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