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Published by: Martin Bogomolni on Apr 07, 2012
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Secure IC Applications

Secure Ics for Internet Transactions
The Internet Transaction Market
Today, e-commerce is booming. The only thing holding it back is a concern over security. Unauthorized access, interception of messages, impersonation of users, and fraudulent electronic signatures are a constant threat to data security. Atmel’s wealth of experience and expertise in the smart card IC market means we are ideally placed to meet the industries needs for highly secure microcontroller products.

High-performance devices: • Flash program memory for flexibility and fast time-to-market • EEPROM memory for data • Market-leading 8-bit RISC microcontroller • Crypto-Coprocessor for high data throughput • USB and I2C interfaces for direct PC connection • Security features based on expertise and experience


Security at every link…

in the e-commerce chain


Scottish Enterprise Tech. Hong Kong Tel. possibly. Atmel and the Atmel logo are registered trademarks of Atmel Corporation.com Web Site http://www. Security is built in at every stage of the process: design. (408) 441-0311 Fax (408) 487-2600 Asia Atmel Asia. UNITED KINGDOM Contact: George Waters Tel. transportation and communications with clients. E-commerce/E-mail Encryption The sophisticated encryption algorithms that protect most e-commerce transactions and secure e-mails require a fast. Tonetsu Shinkawa Bldg. The crypto-coprocessor offers the added benefit of high data throughput thanks to its fast encryption/decryption. and allows for easy upgrading. provides the ideal solution. and does not make any commitment to update the information contain herein. highly secure environment in which to run. Tokyo 104-0033 Japan Tel. One of Atmel’s highly secure Flash-based microcontrollers.. Park Birnie Hill Roundabout East Kilbride G75 0QR Scotland. Room 1219 Chinachem Golden Plaza 77 Mody Road Tsimshatsui East Kowloon. Electronic Signature User Authentification Secure Web Access A mobile e-commerce user needs a level of identification security that is much higher than a simple password.Atmel Rousset Smart Card ICs Division Zone industrielle 13106 Rousset Cedex FRANCE Contact: Tamara Van Der Pyl Tel.K. The smart card IC is the only place where this sensitive information is stored. 1-24-8 Shinkawa Chuo-Ku.com Secure Ics for Internet Transactions Atmel can provide secure microcontroller solutions for every link in the e-commerce chain. An open operating system shortens the development time of applications. The solution is to provide Users demand the highest possible level of security for Internet Transactions © Atmel Corporation 2001 Atmel corporation makes no warranty for the use of its products. (81) 3-3523-3551 Fax (81) 3-3523-7581 e-mail smartcard@atmel. All are based on Atmel’s extensive range of Flash and ROM based secure microcontrollers. programming. embedded in the smart card. CA 95131 USA Tel. Open Operating Systems The register-bank based architecture of its embedded AVR core makes the AT90SC family extremely efficient for running Java code. Some are designed for smart cards which provide unique identification and authorization of users. and the improved performance of the USB bus.. manufacture. biometric information such as fingerprint or iris identity. can meet this security challenge. No licences to patents or intellectual property of Atmel are granted by the Company in connection with the sale of Atmel products. 1013F-10/01/2M Security at every link… in the e-commerce chain Applications . expressly or by implication. A Secure IC as a PC Peripheral Some of Atmel’s secure microcontrollers include a USB Full-Speed interfaces. 33 (0)4 42 53 60 52 Fax 33 (0)4 42 53 60 01 Atmel Smart Card ICs LTD The Maxwell Bldg. Dongles containing secure microcontrollers are also being used to secure sensitive software held in PCs. (852) 2721-9778 Fax (852) 2722-1369 Japan Atmel Japan K. ensures portability between systems.atmel. This has the advantages of allowing direct connection to a PC (no card reader is required). Atmel’s products are not authorized for use as critical components in life support devices or systems. other than those expressly contained in the company’s standard warranty which is detailed in Atmel’s Terms and Conditions located on the Company’s web site. reserves the right to change design or specifications detailed herein at any time without notice. Ltd. Atmel can supply firmware from its qualified libraries to speed development of applications of this nature. Others terms and product names may be trademarks of others. R the user with a smart card that encrypts his or her electronic signature and. Others are embedded inside PCs and servers to enable message encryption/decryption using the most sophisticated algorithms available today. using private keys that are totally inaccessible from outside the device. (44) 1355-803-493 Fax (44) 1355-242-743 Corporate Headquarters 2325 Orchard Parkway San Jose. 9F. Atmel’s AT90SC family of AVR 8-bit advanced RISC microcontrollers with on-chip cryptocoprocessor. The company assumes no responsability for any errors which may appears in this document. This requires an impenetrable hardware device at both client and server ends to perform the encryption/ decryption. significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized users gaining access to secure systems.

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