New Mexico Krav Maga

Level One Curriculum

COMBATIVES Neutral Stance Fighting Stance Movement Straight Punch Palm Strike Eye Strike Straight Punch, Low Straight Punch w/ Advance Straight Punch w/ Retreat Elbows (1–7) Knees Round Knee Hammerfists (Straight, Side, Downward) Groin Kick Front Kick to Vertical Target Round Kick Punch/Kick Combo 360 Defense Inside Defense vs Low Punch Inside Defense & 360 Against Punches GROUNDWORK Back Position & Movement Side Position & Movement Front Kick Round Kick Side Kick Get Ups

SELF DEFENSE Choke from Front One & Two Hand Pluck Choke from Behind Choke from Side Choke from Front w/ Push Choke from Behind w/ Push Headlock from Side WRIST RELEASES Same Side Hand Opposite Side Hand Two Hands Held High Two Hands Held Down Wrist Held by 2 Hands

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