P r e f a c e
Out of the total 1191 upanishadas 1000 pertain to Samved, 21 pertain to Rigved, 50 to Yajurved and 120 to
Atharvaved. But only 108 Upanishadas are available. They again can be classified subject wise.
Shankaracharya chose ten Upanishadas for his comments which were dealing with some philosophical
principle such as - Isa, Ken, katha, Prana, Aitareya, Taitariya, Mundaka, Mandukya Chandogya and
Vrihadaranyaka. There are others which deal with the divine deities such as Gayatri, Savitri, Sarasvati,
Ganesha, Narayana, Rudra and so on. There are some upanishadas which are named after the rishi such as
Maitreya, Shandilya, etc. But what we are going to discuss is the Garbhopanishad which is quite different,
which talks about the science as well as the spirituality. Pippalad is the rishi of this Upanishad.
Ganesh Sahastra nam also is prefixed with various divine names - Gana, Guna, Grantha, Gita, Go, Guru,
Gotra, Gira etc. but eventually we find various divine names of Lord Ganesha on Garbha as well.
Garbhaprada, Garbha trata, Garbha Santosha Sadhak are some of them.
In fact these are the words by which the human body is formed, Lord Ganesha being the god of word principle.
Gana Process of Formation
Go The budhi
Gira Words
Geet The Music
Guru Remover of Maya
Garbha Eventual form
I hope I am clear.
Young married couples should chant this divine Ganesha Sahastra nam to get good and healthy babies.
As usual one small experience. In Parthy when I was climbing the steps of Kalpa - vriksha one little boy who
was selling the stickers of Baba’s photo put his sticker on my wrist watch.
‘I am all the time with you’ He said as if the watch is talking to you.
When I went to sleep in the night, at any time of the night he is saying something. For him all twentyfour
hours of the day some where on the earth at any given time he is being worshipped. I could hardly sleep that
night. It was unbearable for me. Next day I removed the sticker saying to myself, one can not just discover him.
He is in all the forms all the time. He is in all the names too. He is then the Sathya being in all the names and
When Baba used to play on the bank of Chitravati river along with the gopas, he has materialised so
many things from the sand. Shri V. K. Gokak was fortunate to get an idol of Ganapati, which He materialised
from the sand. In fact this is all explained in the Bhusukta but he being the Veda purusha could materialise all
r`-r·ªr·r-·rr -rrr -r`-r -rr·r-rr -rr·r-rr`.r·rr-r
-r:-rr r`.r·rtrerr -r`-r ·r-rrr`-r .r-·r-r-r--r-rr-r ii
The purana katha of rishi Bhardwajas marriage to the Earth is wellknown. She was crying as what
will happen to her with so many devils living on her. So the rishi married her and fought with them. God, men
and the devil these are the three forms who reside on her though all look alike externally.
Daivy Sampada of Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prem and Asuri Sampada of ego and maya - these are only
two ways by which entire mankind is seperated. ‘The resources on earth are entrusted to us’ thats what the
divine thinks, and ‘they belong to us alone’, that is what the asuras say. Various nations, their governments
should do introspection and accordingly modify their policies. Bharatmata is known to be annapurna as there
are people living on agriculture and also want to feed to others, where as there is abnormal race on the other
hand. What gives you life whether the food or the weapans? Live your life and also let live! Be the giver of life
and do not take it away! This dual has been there, will be there too but in the process I hope we are wisened.
History has taught us this. His-story-whose story? Bhagwat has taught us this.
If krishna meets the rishi Charak, I think he will feed him the curd rice and the sugar, indicating the
importance of madhur rasa.
trr-r·rªrttrr-r -r·rt.
If this soma or rain was not there other rasas are not created. If the rain is not showered on earth she does not
-r·rtrr`·r·r-r -r·rt -r·rt
He would have underlined the need of Satvika anna.
The prison where he was born is the Garbha only and Vasudeo brought it out from the clutches of Maya.
- Ajit C. Dalvi
. -i· -ii·i·i-i i -i· -ii -i-i·i-i i -i· ·ii·i ·i··ii·i· i -i·ii-·i -ii·i·ii-i-i--i i -ii i`·ii`;ii·i· i . .iii`--i .iii`--i .iii`--ii
. i·ii--i·i i·i-i ·i-i-ii-i i-i>i·i i-·iªi·ii·i·i·i-i-i i -i -i-i·ii-i i`·i-i-i i`;·iii`-i ·i-ii·i·ii·i·-i·i .i·i· -i·ii`-i i
i·ii--i·ii`-ii`-i ·i--ii-i ii`·i··iii--i·ii ·ii·i·i·ii.ii`-i-·ii`·-i-i·ii--i·i .i·i· .i·i· ·ii ii`·i·ii ·ii ~iii i`·i -i·i ·ii ·ii·i i`·i-ii·ii.i-
i`-i-·ii--i-i·ii--i·i .i·i· -i·i ·i-·ii`·-i -ii ii`·i·ii ·i···i -ii ~iii ·i·ªi -i-i·i ·i--i·i·i`-i -i ·ii·i ·i--ii`i· -i·i·ii.i i`-i-·i··i-i i -i·i
ii`·i·ii ·ii·ªi ~iii i`iª-i·i·ªi -i·i .i·ii.i-i ·ii·i··i·-i ~ii·ii.i-i·i·ii.i.i·i-i i i·i·i>ii·i .i··ii-i··ii -·i·i -i.i ·i-iii ·i i`·i-i
·-i-i -iii`-i·ii ·iiªi .i-·i ~ii-i-·-i ~iii-i .--i·i ·i··ii ·i··ii`-i -i-i-ii -i·i-i·ii`-i ·ii·ii ·i·i`-i i i-i>i·ii`-ii`-i ·i--ii-ii
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-ii-·i·iªi-·ii-i i-i`·i·ii ·-ii ·-ii·ºii`ªi-i .iii`ªi-ii--ii-i -ii-ii--i·i -i·-i --ii·i·i --ii·i-·ii-·iii`-i ~ii`-·i-·ii -i··ii -i··ii-i .i.i
.i.i.iii`ªi-i-i·ii·ii·i·i-i-i ·i-ii ¸i`· ··i·i-·ii -i·ii`-i ¸··i --i·ii·-i ~ii·-i-·ii-i i`i-i i`i-i--·ii-i ·ii·i ·ii·i-ii ¸··i .ii·iii-·ii-i
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i`.i·i.i-iii`-i i·i -i··ii.i-iii`-i ~i-·iii`-i ·i · ·i ·iii`ªi .i-iii`-i i·i -ii·i·i-i«ii ·i-iii`ªi ·ii.·ii ¸··i i-ii-·i~i ;i·.i i-ii i`·i-i
i`i-i.i-·i ·ii-·ii.i.i·i-·i -i· .i-·ii ;i·ii`-i·i-i -i·ii·ii-ii·i·ii`·-iiªii-i i ii-ii· -ii-i.ii«i ii-ii· -ii-i.ii«ii`-ii`-i iiii
Oh God ! Protect both of us. Let us enjoy together. Let us work together. Make us brilliant. Let us not hate.
Let peace prevail in all of us.
This body is five fold composition of five elements. Since it consumes six types of rasas i.e. sweet, sour,
bitter, salty, pungent, astringent it is called shadashraya. It is made up of six gunas and seven dhatus which are
related to seven swaras i.e. shadja, rishabha, gandhara, madhyama, pancham, dhaivata, nishada. It can catch
disease because of imbalance in its three doshas, i.e. vat, pittah and kafa. It takes birth twice. It is chaturvidh
Since it is created out of five elements, i.e.; earth, water, fire, air and sky it is called panchatmaka. In these
earth is the solid element, water is aqueous, fire is the prana, the element which can mix or move or vice versa in
these is the air. The void is the sky. The work of earth is to withold, work of water is to dissolve and mix together
all the elements, to heat or light is the work of fire, work of air is to keep all the limbs of body together and
facilitate its easy movement and the work of sky principle is to offer space for any expansion.
In organs of body the work of ear is to hear, skin is to touch, eyes is to see, tongue is to taste, to smell is
work of nose, to excrete is the work of organs of excretions. The tongue also does work of talking. Mind desires
and by budhi one acquires knowledge ||1||
The color of human body differs as per country, climate, altitude etc., the color may be white, red, black,
yellow, reddish, yellowish white, grey etc. God has entrusted this body to us to experience divinity within us.
From Deodatta prana six rasas or six bio-chemicals were created. By mixing of these into each other in
different proportions blood is formed, from blood flesh, from flesh fats, from fats muscles, from muscles bones,
from bones nervous system, from nerves sperms are created. These seven dhatus makes human body. By
union of male sperm and female egg cell a foetus is created in woman’s womb. The antaragni is created there
only. Thus the child is born ||2||
By union of sperm cell and female egg cell in woman’s womb kalal is created in one night, within seven
nights it is changed into budbud and within fifteen days it is formed into embryo which toughens within a month.
Head is formed in two months and legs in three months. In fourth month ankles, fifth month skin and backbone.
In sixth month, nose, ears, eyes are formed. It gets life in seventh month and by eighth month complete body is
formed. If sperm cells are more it is a boy and if female egg cells are more it is a girl. If mind is in distress while
mating then the child born is blind, hunch backed or with such defects. When sperm cell gets divided and unions
with female egg cells then there are twins or multiple babies, when the foetus is healthy and full of vigour it gets
budhi having five senses of perception from which the baby gets smell taste and such knowledge. When it
contemplates on Omkar and perceives it receives eight fold prakruti and sixteen vikaras. The food and water
consumed by the mother reaches to the baby and gets nourishemment as well as contentment. Thus when in
ninth month its organs of perception are fully grown up it remembers its previous births and gets flashes of all
his good and bad deeds done in those births ||3||
Then in the womb that life thinks of its previous thousands of births, the different kind of foods he has
consumed in various yonies, born and died many times. He thinks of all the good and bad deeds he has done for
feeding his family. Thinks of its present sorrowful position which is upside down, burning with the heat in the
womb and nobody telling him the way to come out of this ocean of grief. Repenting he further thinks when he will
come out of this position he will surrender to Lord Maheshwara who can free him from this yoni and then he will
take aslym with Narayana or he will study and practice sankhya yoga and will meditate on Brahma. Thinking on
all this that soul takes birth with great difficulty. But immediately after birth he is engulfed by maya and forgets
completely his previous births and deaths and all his good and bad deeds ||4||
Why this physical frame is called body or sharir? Because three kinds of fires dnyanagni, darshanagni and
jatharagni presides in this body. In mouth aahavaniya agni stays, in stomach garhapatya agni and in the heart
dakshinagni stays. This body is form of yadnya kunda and the soul is the host, mind is brahma, greed and such
vices are the animals. Firmness of mind, courage and contentment are dikshas, organs of perception and budhi
is the havi; head, forhead and hairs darbhas. Mouth is aantervedi. Head is chatuskapala. Teeth are said to be
sixteen kapalas. One hundred and eighty are sandhies, one hundred and seven are vital parts, one hundred
and nine muscles and seven hundred veins are there. Five hundred are nerves and three hundred and eight are
the bones. Hairs of body are four and half crores ||5||
.r·rr-rr -rsrr`-r-rrtrr i
.rrtrrr`ªr ·rrr`·r--rr-r i
-r-r -r tr-r·-r·rr-r i
These sutras from the brahma sutra also teaches you that the scriptures originate from her, the universal
mother - the Narayani as she brings equanimity to all the beings, such is the glory of mother.
trr;·rtr·r r`-r--rr
tr-·r--rr·r ·rr-rr`r
-r.rr tr-r. .r-rr-·rr-r i
This Gayatri keeps you constantly busy aiming towards goal of your life. She is the Mother Sai. So go
ahead and continue your sadhana till the last breath of your life.
.rtrtr`:·rtr--rr--rtr·rr·rr .rr·r. i
·r-r-rrr-r-rrr`·r .rr--rr -rr-r r`-.rr :-·rtrtrr. i
Charaka says that the body, the soul enriched by satva guna give you long life. So for the long life
importance of satva guna is to be understood.
.rr`-r-r-r-r r`-r-r-r-r·r
The same soul resids in all the beings is the satvika knowledge and if we go to the rajo guna then we enter
into the diseases.
Then he defines the Dravya - Five elements, the soul, the time and the directions form the Dravya.
God is beyond time and the soul is bound by time. The directions have their own qualities too. The East
gives Vidya and the North gives Peace. Both pertain to satva guna and they are nearer to God. West is rajo guna
though it gives the wealth. South is death and the tamo guna. We again further go away from God. There is no
way than to go to East that is Vidya. You can notice in the Swastika - they all point you towards East. Shiva and
Shakti, Purusha and Prakriti interplay with each other bound by time and birth. The horizontal and verticle lines
points to the East again the Vidya. South gives you the death but even that points to East - the Vidya in the next
tr-rr-rr·rr r`·rtr¬. -rrtªr ·rªr. i
The guna is not attached by the dravya as is said here but-
tr·rr·r -r r`-r·rr·r -r -rrtªr :-·r-rrr`÷r-r-r i
-r-r-·rt·r r`:r·rr -r-r -r-r ·rr··r-·r:r-r i
When the guna interacts with the dravya the work is created. Satvika form of work obviously is that which is
engaged in Vidya.
-rr-r;r`:·rr·rr·rr ·rr·rr r`-r··rr ·r -rrr`-r -r
,·rr÷r·rrªrr -·rrr`·r·rr r`·rr`-r·rr r-rtrtrr. i
According to various seasons the diseases will be formed by the abnormal or improper use of senses.
They will form the Tridoshas - The mind is affected by rajo and tamo guna.
The earth (1), water (2), agni (3), air (4), sky (5) principles form the various rasas when mixed in various
(1+2) Sweet Madhura A
(1+3) Amla B
(2+3) Salt - Lavan C
(4+3) Katu D
(4+5) Tikta E
(4+1) Kashaya F
ABC can contain the Vata dosha
AEF can contain the Pitta dosha
DEF can contain the Kafa dosha
BCD can increase the Pitta dosha
ABC can increase the Kafa dosha
DEF can increase the Vata dosha
You can notice that the experience of the rasa is given more importance than as in the case of modern
times to the biochemistry of the chemicals. Abnormal or sweet diet can create diabetes or the Kafa dosha when
you are adviced not to take sweet food and to take the methi which is bitter can contain the Kafa dosha. We have
not taken into account the chemical composition of any ingredient but just the experience of it for the soul-or the
dravya if you want to use right term.
.r.r-·r-·rr·r·r·r. ·r-rr --r·rr`-r-r-·r·rr÷r·r.
-rr·rtrr -rr·rr`-r-rr·r·r·rt-rr`-rtr-rrr`·rr`-r. i
The mind is said to be cured by the wisdom, the will power and the samadhi which can purify the
t-rr`-r·rr`t.r·-r. tr-rrr`·r. i
That is how Patanjali also explains the samadhi. Even the modern medical science endorses the disease
to be psychosometic. The vaidya - or the doctor - was one who had the vedic wisdom and the rishies like
Charaka could go even upto the stage of samadhi and come back to cure such a diseased soul. The soul is
given importance and not the body. ‘Medicine can not cure a disease only God can cure it.’ Baba has said
this while talking to the medical professionals. If one who is having tamo or rajo guna can not be cured by satva
guna alone though it can reduce it, trigunatita alone can cure it.
-rr-rr-rr-r r`·r·rªrtr`r-r
tr-·rt -r ·r-rrr`-r i
He is not only the vaidya but a bhava - roga - vaidya. The anandamayakosha and the vidnyanamaya kosha
trickles down the bliss or the devayuktiv to the manomaya kosha, where all such devotees are cured who were
craving for his bliss.
Chaturaahara - means that the food is of four types.
-r:·r, -rr··r, -rt·r, ·r·r.
The food which is solid is to be eaten or which can be chewed, or to be licked or which is a drink.
But we also eat the food through our senses i.e. eyes, ears, nose etc. These perceptions have to be good
-r: -rªrr`-r. ÷rªr·rr-r --rr.
-r: ·r.·r-r:rr`-r·r-r·rr.
What I observed in this upnishad and wanted to bring to your notice is the importance of music in having
good health. Here the seven notes of music whether you call them - Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni or -
Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, la, Si are straightway related to the biological systems in the body or the sapta dhatus
as are known in Ayurveda.
If you sing a bhajan or do the community sadhana in the form of bhajan, it will come to your notice how
good and useful it is to enjoy good health! Flow of love flows from Nada to Sathya and then through these seven
notes in our body.
Another interesting thing to note is how our ancient rishis were knowing in depth the physiology of our
body. How the growth of child takes in mothers womb as also the number of various nerves and the
metamorphosis of biological systems was known to them.
I hope this will be an useful reading even to medical students and those who want to corelate medicine
with spirituality.
ttrr-r .rrr`ªr-r, .rrr`ªr-rr-r -rrtr., -rrtrr-r -r-r,
-r-r-r t·rr·r-rr., t·rr·r-·rr .rr`t·r., .rr`t·r-·rr.
-r--rr, -r--rr-r .r:r., .r:r .rrr`ªr-rr-r ·r-r. i
The biochemicals in the body form the blood, then the flesh and the bones, which in turn give the nervous
system and the reproductive system. One can examine it on the basis of modern science as well.
Lalita sahastranam also gives a corelation between the six plexus in the body and the divine deities
residing on them.
Sahastrara -i·i Life Principle
Adnya ·-i Spine
Vishudha ~i ~i Skin
Anahata ·i - · Blood
Swadhishtan - - i Flesh
Manipur ·i - -i Fats
Muladhara ·i - -i Bones
Embryology talks of three layers - Endoderm, Ectoderm and Mesoderm. They form the nervous system,
the organs and their lining are formed simultaneously and are synchronized.
·-i Adnya chakra Spine
~i - ~i Vishudha chakra Skin
·i - -i Other chakras Blood,Flesh,
Fats, Bones.
The svaras (~i - ~i) and vyanjanas (·i - -i) are interdependent and both when merged forms ·-i the spinal
Pippalad rishi has also given us the number of bones, joints, nerves etc. in detail. It is quite interesting to
note how they knew all this ?
One Month Embryo
Two Months Head
Three Months Legs
Four Months Middle organs
Five Months Spine
Six Months Face, nose, eyes
Seven Months Life
Eight Months Complete body
Nine Months Organs of perception
and birth.
We have seen in Narada - bhakti - sutra the principle of Chakshusha Purusha. In his eyes only the five fold,
seven fold or even two fold sama is expressed. The white and the black part of his eyes indicate the sama. From
him the sun emerged and his mind the moon.
Wellknown story of Mahabharata where Vyasa rishi who is the form of Narayana - looks into the eyes of
Amba, Ambalika and the maidservant. He has the divine love in his eyes but these three mothers have different
emotions-fear, confusion and devotion. Bhavesha kundali or horoscope of the individual is thus formed. He is
the peace and she is the eight bhavas - hasya, shringar etc. Modern scientist wants to do research on DNA
programming to get desired good and healthy child, what is required is to create good, auspicious feeling,
satsang, reading of divine literature while she is pregnant to give birth to new child, DNAs will automatically
weave themselves. When Kusha and Lav were born, days of mother Sita were then passed in the company of
divine souls.
You will find there are twentyseven Nakshatra and they were the twentyseven daughters of Daksha having
these names as per their bhavas or emotions.
Satvika, rajasika and tamasika bhavas are the gunas and the doer, his work, his happiness, his buddhi all
are a mixture of the Jiva - bhava, his work is created accordingly. His eyes also represent the karma - bhakti -
gyana and for every jiva bhava it will be different. The time illudes his life and he merges back to Narayana at the
end of his life, perhaps after more lives.
So to get a good healthy baby-
1. Be away from all vices.
2. Your food is very important. Be vegetarian.
3. Do sadhana of vedic suktas if possible. Ganesha Sahastra nam, Purusha Sukta, Shri Sukta, Narayan Sukta
have the mantric potential or seed to give divine children.
4. If you can not do that surrender all your actions to him. Chant Om Shri Sairam - divine Japa during this
period as much as you can.
But the upanishad does not restrict only on embryology but the past births of soul and its deeds which
gives the birth. All this will make you do introspection into the ancient wisdom.
The upanishad talks of dviyoni but Baba talks of five fold mother - Mata, Bhumata, Deshamata, Vedamata
and Gomata.
When you sing a bhajan or enjoy it in a group.
-r·rr`·r -r·rr -rr`t .r-r
trr; -r·rr`·r -r·r -r·r--r
-rr-rr -rr·rtr -r·r-r-rr`·r·rr .r-r
-r·r-r-rr`·r·rr r`·r·rt·rtr -r·r--r
.r-r·r -rr`·r·rr .r-r-r -rrr`r·rr .r-r i
With the seven notes of music and the raga in which the bhajans are sung can purify the sapta - dhatus in
the body, what is required is just unconditional faith.
Sa is Gayatri, Re is the maya, Ga the Ganapati and Ma the Shiva, with these four notes the vedic suktas
originated, Gayatri and Ganapati purifies the maya and make us merge into Shiva. Ragas play with the prana
principle in the body and the disease is eased out, as we are linked with all other souls and the love which
trickles form Nada and Sathya principle.
Out of all five mothers which Baba talks of Gayatri is the first the vedamata. She is in all the beings, their
hearts, their words, their prana, their bodies and the Mother Earth. So the Mother Earth is part of her. She has
given us this body and we are born in Bharatamata. Gomata forms the agricultural economy so she is
worshipped, and our mother who gave us this birth.
So we owe to them-our mother, mother land and the Veda mata who has given us this vedic wisdom. So
the upanishad says the body to be dviyoni. Vedamata and the Mata.
·rt-rr t-rt -r-rr t-rt
Whatever good we have done in our life that only we carry with us not the body. The soul takes the birth
again to satisfy its incomplete desires again with new name and new body. It can repeatedly happen till you
surrender to Narayana and then only the soul is free. It passes through seven lokas.
Bhuloka - men and women
Bhuva - gandharva
Svah - gods
Maha - mahatma
Jana - divine souls who are popular
Tapa - rishies
Sathya - Parmatma or Divine soul.
Brahma - freedom
From Sathya loka again you may go back to svargaloka as an incarnation or you go to brahma loka and
you are free - choice is yours. Garbhopanishad explains all this.
In last two to three years we have seen earthquakes all over the world. Scientist and geologists may go
their way but as a student of spirituality, I can share with you my understanding of it. Natural problems or natural
calamities have been receiprocal. When human problems remained unsolved they reflected on nature in form
of natural calamities, as human being is part of the Nature. Nature is mother, nature is earth. We divided the
earth into various parts and we called them nations. National boundaries are manmade and it relates to the
human dogma or nationality if you would like to call it. Extreme nationality at times have created problems but
we never learn from the history. Vedmata the Gayatri is said to be in all the beings - irrespective of their
nationality, in all the hearts, in the words of all of us and the prana of all of us; as she is the mother she gives us
this divine body to realize her. This is perfectly all right in ideal conditions. But have our words been true ? Have
our words actions and thoughts been in perfect union ? Had they been so she would not have reflected so badly
on us as she is after all our mother. After so many years of prosperous civilization also - ‘Vasudhaiva
Kutumbakam’ - earth is as the one family - was not realized by us. There was a tussle or war between two
countries even due to communal problems or due to racial discrimination. Resourses of the earth, belong to all
of us -
;.rr-rrt·rr`-r- tr-r
·rr`--r -r -r·r-·rr -r·r-r i
Mother earth gives us these resourses but we labeled our price. This was also one of the major reasons for
human clashes. When all these problems reflect on the heart of the mother - the earth is shakened.
We have not at all yet learnt to respect our mother and feminine population in general. You switch an your
television set and you know what I mean. Education, entertainment and information have been the objectives of
a good media but we have seen only ugly entertainments. This is not at all the freedom of media. Mother cries
and I can still feel her crying.
I have also observed a coincidence between the earthquake and death of a mother of a royal family.
Demise of late Rajmata Vijaya Raje Shinde and the earth quake of bhuj was such a coincidence. The bhumata
and the mata principle reconciled. If you think this way you can understand what I want to direct at but the
geologist will never understand it. I hope I am clear.
Bhugarbha - or the geology gives us in the form of natural resourses so much of wealth, of which we have
to just become trustees and not owners. The land itself is not owned by us but it is also entrusted to us by God,
we have to make best use of if for the wellbeing of mankind as a whole.
·r-rr-r·r -r·r-r·r r`-rr`t-r-r ·rr`-r·r -r··r-r;·r·r i
·r-r -rr-r·r·r tr-r -r-·r. .rr··r·rr-r ·rª·r-r-r-r-r ii
·rr-r. trtr`-r·rr`··r··rt-r·rr ·r··r-r·r··r·r. i
·rr-r. .rr`-rwr -r-rr·rr ·rr-r. t-rt-·r·r·r -rr-r ii
·rr-rr -r-r -r -r-·r -r ·rr-r. ·rr`¬. tr·rr-r·rr i
·rr-rr -r:-·rrt-r·rr -r-r ·rr·r --r ·r ·r.·rr`-r ii
.r.r r`r ·rt-r ·rr-rr --rr·rr ·rt-r rr`-r. i
t-rrrr-rrt-r·r:-rrtr ·rr·r r`·r-·r .rr`-rr`w-rr ii
·rr-rr ·r-rt·r r`r ·r-r ·rr·r ·r-rr. .rr`-rr`w-rr. i
·rr-rr -rr`-r··r -r-r -r ·rr·r ·r-rr. .rr`-rr`w-rr. ii
trr·r .rr-rtr tr-r-r rr-r-rr-r -rrrtr-r i
·rr-rr --r`-r -r rr-·r-rr`·r-·r. ·rt·r·r-r ii
·rrr`·r -rrr`·r -r -·rrr`ªr -·-r-rrr`·r -r-rrr`·r -r i
-rtr`·-r -r-r ·rr·-rr·r ·r·r ·r --r`-r .r-rr ii
¸-rr -r -.r·r-trr- -.r -trr--r ·rr.r-rr i
.r-r trrtr·r-trr-r tr-r -r-·r·r-rr r`r -r ii
.r·rrr`r-rrr`··r. .r-r·rt·r--rr -r trrtr·r. i
tr-rør ·rtr -rr·rr.rr ·rr··r-rrr`·-r -r ·r·r. ii
-rr`·r-rr ·r .r·r-er`·-r tr-r-trr -rrt·r-rr·rr-r i
tr-r-rr -rtrtr-rr-rr-r-rr -rr-rr -r·rr`·-r -r ii
·r-rr·rr`-rr`·:·rr·r-r .r-r·r .r-r·r·r·r-r i
·r-r·: -rrsrªr·:r·r -rr`t.r¡-r-r-r-r-r ii
-r·r-r ·r .r·r-er`·-r ÷rrr`·r·rr·r ·rt-r·r i
¸·r·r -r;r`·r·r-er`·-r -rr·r-rr·rr. ·r·r. ·r·r. ii
·rr-rr-rr`·r--rr ·rr. tr··rr-r -rrtrr trt-r-·r -rr-·r-r-r i
trr·r.rr-r·r-rt·r--r ·rrt-r-r. ·rr`¬-rr··r·rr-r ii
·r-rr -r·r·rtr·rt·r ·rrr`,-r-r -r·r-r·r i
·r -rrtrr -rrtr-r.·rr·rr- ·r-rr ·rr`¬ -r·rr··r·rr-r ii
·rrtr tr-rr-r·rr`.r-·r ·rr-r-r··r-r -rrt-r·rr i
.rr`·r¬ t-r··r-rr-r:·r ·rr ·rt. tr-.r-rr-r·r-r ii
·rr-r·r·r tr-r t·rr·rr-r -rtr·r -rrr`·r trr`-r.r-r i
.-r·-r-r·r·rtr·rrr`ªr .rr`-r·rr-r -r -r-r·r-r ii
·r-r·r -rr·rr-r`··r ·r-r·r t-rr`t-r -rr-r·r-r i
·r-r -trr- ·r-r .rr.r- ·r-rr ·rr`¬ tr-r.·r-r ii
·rr-r-·rr r`-rtr·rr ·r·r r`-r-rr·rr-rr`-r-r···r ·r. i
tr-rt-·r-r·rr -trr.r tr .rr-r-r -r-rr-r-r ii
·rr-rr -rr-r·rr`-rw·-r r-r.r··r. ·r·rr-r-r. i
trt-·r. trrt-r··rtr trr`t-r. trr·rt ·r·rr ii
·rr -r ·r.·rr-·rr r`·r-·r ·rr-r. ·r.·r·-r -rr tr-r i
·rr-rr;t-rr-r -r·r -rrtrr ·r-rr ·rr-rt-r-rr -r·r-r i
¸-r tr·rr r`--rr -rrr`·r tr-r·r r`-r·r-r·r -r i
-rrr-r·r·r -r ·rt. -rr-r·r·r -r-·r-r -r·rr-r ii
Gavopanishad in original is given as above. If you see the dictionary meaning of the word ‘Go’ . It says -
Cow, Sun, Moon, Sky words, rays, constellation etc. Though generally what we mean by this word ‘Go’ is cow, it
has such a deep meaning.
·rr-r. -r-r -r -r-·r -r
·rr-r. ·r¬r tr·rr-r·rr i
She is the past and future, this particular verse from this upnishad explains how she is equated with the
Purusha of ‘Purusha sukta’ and the other meanings of the word ‘Go’ above.
·rt·r ¸-r ;- tr-r
·r- -r-r -r -r-·r-r i
But then how do you relate it to the Gita principle?
tr-rr·rr`·r·r-r ·rr-rr
-r··rr ·rr·rr-r·r-·r. i
Krishna is milking the cow which is the embodiment of Gita itself and the milk is that of brahmarasa.
Go is the adiprakriti which revolves you around karma-bhakti-gyana for lives together. It leads you to the
satva guna and eventually feeds you the brahmarasa.
Apart from the Go pada as is said by the vedic scriptures, the cow also gives you the milk which is
complete food. She is at the centre of the agricultural economy. The curd, ghee and other milk products also
give vitality to the body.
The Go word means the source of all word power. The word derives the world so the word has to be pure
and true. One should not harm anybody even by his words. Therefore it is said
·rr·r·r-r. .rr`-rr`w-r. i
If the words are good then the rupa or the vision is beautiful. If the rupa is beautiful then the rasa and
gandha - the taste and the smell - also are good. The body is the yadnya kunda or the place where the yadnya is
performed and the senses and their perceptions is the form of yadnya. (Ref. Karmayoga)
·rr-r. trtr`-r·rr`··r.
The literal meaning will be-you get the divine smell from her. But then who is she? - She is Gayatri and
Surabhi is the mudra of Gayatri. This mudra unites the Sun, Moon & Agni with the heart. It takes the view of
equanimity. Gayatri is six fold - words, prana, hearts of all beings, their bodies and the earth. Now if surabhi
means equanimity one has to link this upanishad with the earlier Garbhopanishad and wisen ourselves.
trr-r·rªrttrr--r·rt. ·r·-rrtrr`··r-rr`·rw--rr-r .rr--r.
trr`-r-r.rr`··r-rr`·rw--rr-r -r-rªr.
-rr·rtrr`··r-r·r ;w--rr-r -r:
-rr·r .rr-rr.rr`-rt-rrt r`-rer-r.
·r-r·r·r·-rr.rr`-rt-rr-r -r·rr·r.
There are two deities sun and the earth. Bond of love creates these six rasas. The earth revolves around
the sun and it forms six seasons.
trr·-r ;·-r. .rt-rr`-r. i
This also in a way is the yadnya of Aditya purusha.
-r:-rr -r·rtrr -rr-r. i
Minds of earth and sun unite and the bliss showers the rain. But He says I am the Vasant in all the seasons
as in this season the whole nature is full of prana. The lightening of clouds must have ionised water molecules
and when it came an earth acids must have been formed, which eventually formed the salt.
¸·rr -r-rr·rr-rr·rr ttr.
.rr·rt·r .rr·r·r·rr, .rr·r·rt·r ·rt·r.
Water is common in all the beings. All the biochemicals in the body have again water. Man is formed of
such biochemicals, the life principle comes from these complex biochemicals.
·rt·rt·r -rr·ttr, -rr-r. ·rt-r ·rt-r. trr-r ttr.i
trr-·rr-r ,;r·rr ttr. i
Purity of words gives you the life, which gives austerity and vedic wisdom. Udgitha means word-prana-
food trio.
All beings
All hearts Ved Mata All words
Earth All Lives All bodies
Bhumata Gomata
The rising zodiac in the east while the child taking the birth decides its fortunes of this life. But then what
the soul carries with it that decides his frame of his mind and thereby the zodiac sign. Whether the the soul is
divine or undivine or human will be decided by the stars at that particular time. It is wellknown that Jupiter and
Sun have divine qualities and the mars is aggresive.
A popular story of Ganapati where he performs one pradakshina around his mother, when asked to go
around the world, indicates that he could see his mother as earth.
·rtªrr·rtr·r ·r-r.
This particular name of Lord Ganesh is therefore so significant.
An adjective Partha - Sun of Prithvi or earth - is for Arjuna. Entire Gita is addressed to him for him to do his
work and if you do it with faith you will enjoy the prosperity of earth.
-rr:·rtr -rrr-r i
All of us are Arjuna in some form or other and we all are Parthas. Even if we take this message from this
small booklet I will feel satisfied.
Earth is hard and soft as well so is the heart of a devotee. If it is soft fruits of devotion ripe faster.
What Gita has to say on woman or the Prakriti? She is eight fold-five elements, mind, ego and the budhi.
-r-rrtr·rr;·r-r -rr·r. t-r -r·rr -rr`·-t-r -r i
You may term it as the Maya. But the satvika prakriti is the objective of all the rishies.
-rrr--r·rrt-r -rr ·rr·r --rr .r-rr`-r-rrr`÷r-rr. i
In the vibhuti yoga he says -
-rrr¨-r. ÷rr -rr-r -r ·rrtrªrr t-rr`-r -r·rr ·rr`-r. :r-rr i
(Gita 10.34)
The power of words, giver of wealth and fame are her forms only. She is the giver of intellect and a divine
quality of forgivance so none of us can even think of living without her. She is the form of mother.
But earth on her own can not survive, the Sun is required. The prakriti on her own can not survive purusha
is required. We have seen while discussing Prashnopanishad -
.rrr`--·r -r .rrªr.
·rtr tr·rr
And the principle or the bija mantra which joins both of them is ‘Klim’
-r-rr -r·ªrr·r ·rrr`-r-r·r ·rr·rr-r·r-r--r-rr·r t-rrrr i
‘K’ is the Sun or the desire to recreate, ‘L’ is the earth.
If Adishankara happens to meet Krishna He will say - Saguna and not Nirguna. If Patanjali discusses the
sutras with him He will say -
·rr·rr`tr-r -r-rr .r-rr·r.
if Charak talks about the shadrasas to him he will say -
-r·rtrr`·r·r-r -r·rt-r -r·rt-r i
And if Charvaka tries to explain him his view he will just say
-rtr·r-r -r:-r-r-r
Therefore Charvaka’s philosophy gets defeated as even extreme national pride becomes an hinderance
to attain the goal of Vasudhaiv kutumbakam. Development expenditure needs to exeed the defence
expenditure. Defence of what ? Of the national boundries which are not created by the Nature. Humanity
becomes only one religion.
What Baba has to say on politics is wellknown. ‘Politics without principles, commerce without
morality, education without character and science without humanity is not only unhealthy but
positively dangerous’. How then the principle of truth put to task ? He can be with one group on one occassion
and very next day he moves to other group. The divine has the same grace on both as the sun has on the earth
but the faith is different so the chain of events which we read in newspaper is just a constant search of truth. The
principle of democracy also emerged out for the same search when the rule of kings was not loyal to truth. Truth
here works in the larger interest of the people and their well being. If you ask Him, ‘what is Government? He will
say - ‘Govern your self’. If every self is governed it will form a good government. Then who rules? Sat - ta - The
power which is selfless and even ready to die in the interest of the people. Krishna never wanted to be a
politician. He just wanted to defeat the ego of Duryodhana and Dushasana. The moment the king becomes
selfish his thrown starts sheking. From where does the wealth and the king comes? It can be the Lakshmi or
Alakshmi. Krishna removes the Alakshmi the bad wealth.
·r·r ·rr·r·rt. -r·ªr.
-r·r ÷rr. -r·r r`-r-r·r. i
Satva guna leads to spirituality and the rajoguna leads to politics. We are a mixture of two, so the life is
taken to satva guna only if a gunatita force - a guru interacts with both. His play can lead to purification of whole
of social life.
Woman as we know her is in the form of our mother, sister, wife and even daughter. The bond of love in the
family is only the principle of truth or Sathya. Many families make the country and many countries form the
world. If each house is made happy the world will become happy eventually.
Then where is the problem ? The priorites of the fiscal budgets should be -
1. Education.
2. Health of all the mothers in the family.
3. Agriculture.
4. Industry.
5. Defence.
If you see the priorities of fiscal budget of various nations you will be surprised to see that they are exactly
Now if you are thinking of women in particular you will give the priority to
1. Education of Women
2. Kutumba Kalyana or the Health of Women.
3. Women in unorganised sector of agriculture.
4. Employed women.
We cannot just think of woman in isolation or the freedom of woman as both man and woman are equal
partners of a family. If there is mother there is father too and if there is sister, there is brother too.
Various religions came into existance and prospered on this earth and if Gayatri joins all the hearts all
faiths and all religions have to come together to say.
-rtr·r-r -r:--r-r-r i
Again I will conclude with the thought of music only as music can bring all the hearts together. Nada - a
concept which is beyond all the languages creats Sathya - Sathya gives names and forms. These divine names
and forms are interwoven in various bhajans. When you sing a bhajan with these divine names it goes back to
the sourse-the Nada!
Music has such a strength by which the world can be united but in reality it does not happen as those
hearts which are hard to break do not surrender to god.
·rr`t·rrªrr·r trr·r·rr
r`-r·rr.rr·r -r -·-r-rr-r
This only becomes the solution of the problem. Narayana can not unite the world so the Rudra starts his
role to destroy.
"Look into my heart, you will find the sixteen vasus, eleven rudras and twelve adityas all in my heart," 'says
Lord Krishna to Arjuna.
-r-r--rr·r tr-rr-·rr-r i
This also is equally true in the case of Baba, as you must have seen whatever was created in various fields
of knowledge was just because of his incarnation. This becomes His sankalpa and the world hears the effects in
the various form of news, as the kalas of this Brahma Purusha are so divine.
·r:-r, ·r:r÷r·r, ·r:r·rrt
These three words is the content of this particular book meaning the seven notes, other six emerging from
the shadja. It also mean six seasons.
·rt-r-rtr -r·r .r-rr i
The bliss of the pradnya or the wisdom of this divine soul express the bliss of the universal happiness. Six
numbers, six notes, six seasons all become one for Him. Whatever is created, organised or destroyed is for the
wellbeing of the humanity or with the point of view of -
-rtr·r-r -r:--r-r-r i
All religions, all faiths come together to sing Babas sarva dharma prayer - Om tat sat shri Narayan tu.
Om Tat Sat means all pervasive purusha prakriti principle. It is the universal mother and father principle.
Family, society, country all derive from this principle. Rama, Rahim and Tao - all of them thought of humanity and
brotherhood, as the mother is one.
-rtr·r-r -r:--r-r-r i
World as one family.
Tao means Ta - purusha - O prakriti. All pervasive Om Tat Sat principle only, in chinese.
Zeus means mother Earth.
Jesus the sun of Earth.
Now we can appreciate the Sarva Dharma Sam Bhav in a better way and is the theme of this book.
-rtr·r-r -r:--r-r-r i

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