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We Laughed at the Mayans

We Laughed at the Mayans

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Published by: ELsha on Apr 08, 2012
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Some of us laughed at the Mayans…they believe in sun Gods, Gods of war, Gods of earthquakes, Gods of the fish, and

even Gods---who created humanity. Out of thirteen Gods who helped create us, one of their names are: Hunahpu Utiu “The God of Creation.” He didn’t make humans from Earth, didn’t make woman by giving them one of mans’ ribs; he assisted in the creation by only using wood. Some of us laughed at Hindus, they believe in more than 300 million deities (Gods). Brahma: The creator of life and father of Manu (whom all human beings descend from). Brahman: The essential and highest collective spirit---explaining Brahman would mean a history lesson, just as I would have to do for you if I wanted to explain Buddhism (which follows by a list of “common sense” ethics and codes); or ancient Greek religion (that we call ‘mythology’). Neptune, The God of water and the sea, is a deity in Roman mythology---and if you have ever watched cartoons, you have noticed that SpongeBob is a firm believer of Neptune. I realized at a young age that we worshiped religion because we, as human beings, are weak. We are feeble and not as intelligent as you think. Why? Because when we are down and out, struggling, and at our worst, we have to have SOMETHING to believe in, we need that something that will give us faith, that will keep us from crumbling when we know that these “obstacles” we run into are just a part of life. The founders of our country: The United States of America realized early on that our land was a meltingpot and that we believed in different things to keep us from “crumbling.” This is the only place in the world where you can find variations of religion! To avoid problems and to prevent/stop wars, a declaration was signed and amendments were added with the first being: FREEDOM OF RELIGION. Why do you think this very topic is the first amendment? Because they knew that they could not please the Hindus without upsetting the Christians, could not please the Christians without upsetting the Jewish, could not please the Native Americans without upsetting the Muslims, could not please the Buddhists without upsetting the Islamic, could not please the Jewish without upsetting the atheist and so on and so forth. I am not a religious person but I wear crucifix around my neck. I want to believe that there is some good in this world, I want to believe that someone will do for me what most people will not, I want to believe that my life isn’t worthless, that I am somebody and Jesus died so that I could live. I am a person of worthy morals. I strive to do my best. When I am down and out, I pick myself up and try again; and I hate to ask for help even when I know I need it. I don’t believe that good things magically come to good people; I believe that good things happen for hard workers and scholars. I don’t believe in karma or bad luck, I believe in coincidences and being at the right place at the right time. I believe that we live and die and that we inspire those whom we leave behind. I believe that EVERY person can be great at anything they set their minds to and I believe that discovering that your religion is no better (or no worst) than the previous (or next) religion, takes a lot of intelligence.

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