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J. Doe, Student No.xxxxxxx, 25/03/08 Sprite 2 Litre bottle, Marketing, Section 1184

Sprite is a clear, lemon-lime flavoured, caffeine free soft drink which is manufactured by the Coca-Cola Company (Wikipedia). The objective of this report is to analyze Sprite’s usage of the marketing mix. The marketing mix is the combination of product offering, promotional methods, pricing and distribution system that brings a specific group of consumers superior value (book1 page 375). {more needed in this intro to briefly tell the reader how the issue will be examined ()- Scott} The initiation of the marketing strategy is generally done with the product (book1 page 375). The product strategy is “choosing a brand name, packaging, colours, a warranty, accessories and a service program for the good or service” (book1 page 375). A convenience product is an inexpensive product that needs little shopping effort and can be bought routinely without planning (book1 page 404). Sprite falls under this category since it is a soft drink (Wikipedia). A brand is what identifies a company’s product (book1 page 406). Starting off as Fanta Klare Zitrone (Clear Lemon Fanta) in Germany, Coca-Cola Company introduced this drink in North America under the brand name Sprite (Wikipedia). The packaging of a product identifies it from competitor’s products and increases its customer value (book1 page 401). The two litres Sprite bottle comes in a green transparent bottle with green and blue labelling (Wikipedia). Sprite uses persuasive labelling but putting a focus the longstanding slogan “obey your thirst” (9). Since Sprite has been available

Advertising is any paid form of non-personal promotion by an identified sponsor (book1 page 471). opportunities and threats (see appendix). Sprite did major ad campaigns with renowned NBA basketball athletes such as Grant Hill. a vinyl doll representing the growing hip hop market (9). The S. Sprite has successfully utilized the convenience product strategy. The situational analysis is used to understand the current and potential environment that a product will be marketed into (book2 page 28). Sprite did major publicity by sponsoring the NBA Slam Dunk 2008 (10).W. Sprite gives special offer such as redeeming codes under sprite caps will allow consumers to win prizes (11). Most firms usually use some sort of promotion to inform or persuade consumers about their products (book1 page 470). weaknesses. According my research . The promotional strategy is the “unique combination of advertising. it belongs to the maturity stage in the product life cycle because products that have been in the market for a long time belong here (book1 page 415. Sprite is also actively linked to snowboarding and skateboarding (14). Since Sprite took into consideration majority of the elements in the product strategy. Television commercials also include Miles thirst. publicity and sales promotion to stimulate the target market to buy a product or service” (book1 page 376). Wikipedia).T identifies Sprite’s strengths. In maturity stage products also bring out variations of a basic product which Sprite has done as well (book1 page 410.since 1961 and still is with a larger variety such as Sprite Zero and Sprite Remix. Kobe Bryant and LeBron James (Wikipedia. Wikipedia). Sales promotion is marketing activities that increase consumer buying (book1 page 471). personal selling. Sprite commercials use subliminal advertising (Wikipedia). 14). Publicity is the “information about a product or company that appears in the news media and is not paid for directly by the company” (book1 page 484).O.

geographically (book1 page 376).Sprite has used three out of the four elements in the promotional strategy. The distribution strategy is the channels through which a product flows from the producer to the consumer (book1 page 346). Sprite’s pricing of the two litres bottle ranges between 1. Usually products that are inexpensive and are purchased frequently are often distributed intensively (book1 page 446). It is also in major retailers such as Provigo(4) and Metro(5). 4. 5. The odd-even (psychological) pricing strategy states that a price is set at an odd number to designate a bargain and an even number to propose quality (book1 page 421). 2. it should be using the intensive distribution system. According to some . The pricing strategy states that a price is set based on the demand and cost for a good or service (book1 page 375). 6). The intensive distribution system states that a manufacturer tries to sell its product wherever there are potential customers (book1 page 446). Sprite is available in the most frequently visited stores by consumers starting from 24hours stores such as Couche-Tard(1) to drug stores such as Uniprix(2) to gas stations like Ultramar(6). According to my research the pricing strategies used by Sprite is the odd-even (psychological) pricing and penetration pricing. Since Sprite is a convenience product (paragraph1).75 (1. Therefore it can be observed that this method is being used. in Montreal.99 – 2. According to my research. Therefore Sprite has successfully used the promotion strategy. An aspect of the distribution strategy is that how many wholesalers and retailers will be handling the product in an area. Due to its high accessibility it can be concluded that Sprite has successfully utilized the intensive distribution strategy.

Sprite has been the market leader in the lemon-lime category since 1989 (Wikipedia). promotion and distribution strategies. Penetration pricing is selling new products at low prices with the goal of achieving large sales volume (book1 page 420).retailers odd numbers are favoured by them because it is believed that they sound less imposing on customers (book1 page 422). pricing. Sprite’s biggest competitor is 7UP (see chart). During the initial launch phase of Sprite this strategy was used (12). Odd numbers also connote a bargain according to the odd-even (psychological) strategy therefore it is a fitting strategy for a convenience product like Sprite (paragraph1). it can be observed that Sprite successfully uses the product. Therefore it can be concluded that Sprite has properly utilized the marketing mix. Among the distribution channels I visited. . As analyzed in this report.

clear colour (good for people with braces or dental appliances).7up.3) Opportunities People tend to believe that high amount of bubbles in Sprite settles down stomach. (1.wikipedia. (1.(1.T): Strengths Manufactured by the Coca-Cola company therefore very well funded. 7UP’s (major competitor) website is far more informative than that of Sprite it offers nutritive facts and answers to frequently asked questions which the Sprite website lacks. (2) Threats 7UP (major competitor) has recently been made a healthier soft drink.W.W.O. People who limit their caffeine intake prefer lemon lime soft drinks.3) Sources for CHART Provigo Metro Couche-tard Ultramar . As well as competition from other brands in the lemon lime soft drink field such as Sierra Mist and Bubble Up. versatile: can be mixed with other juices to create different taste sensations. 2-http://www.O.lohipedia.T: 1-http://en.Appendix Situational Analysis ( 3-http://www.2) Weaknesses Contents of the product are all chemical based which may cause health conscious people to avoid.

QC H2X 3P9 .Couchetard (514) 843-6541 235 Sherbrooke West Montréal.Provigo 514-281-0488 3421 avenue du parc Montreal.99$ 1. QC H2X 3P9 Visited: 23/03/08 4. avenue du parc Montreal.99$ 1.Uniprix Edddy Bishara Andrew Ly Pharmacien 514-849-6176 3575.29$ 2.75$ 2.Sprite 2L 7Up 2L 1. QC H2X 1X7 Visited: 23/03/08 2. QC H2X 2H6 Visited: 24/03/08 5.Metro 3575 avenue du parc Montreal.99$ 2.75$ Bibliography Visits to: 1.29$ 2.99$ 1.

QC H2X 1Y1 Visited: 24/03/08 Websites: 8.tvacres.htm 14.htm 10.http://www.http://www.wikipedia.americasgreatestbrands.sprite.Ultramar (514) 987-9737 265 Sherbrooke West Montré 12.swf 15.sprite.sprite.http://www. All Pages from: .Visited: 24/03/08 content=20020916_22861 Wikipedia: 9.htm 13.

2nd Canadian Edition Author: Althouse Publisher: Thomson Book2: Title: Marketing.Book1: Title: The Future of Business. 3rd Canadian Edition Author: Lamb (et al) Publisher: Thomson-Nelson .

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