The Mates That I Drink And The Mates That I Use?

The mates that I drink are called John Smiths, Tetleys, Stella, Coors and they can come all sizes From a 4 pack to a case 24? Theses mates will always get you drunk? Theses are mates that do you get you drunk. Which mate do you drink?. These mates that I use can stop babies and sexual dieseas the come in wide variety names and flavours and in packs of 3 to 12 packs. As theses mates will give you pleasure just like your mates that you drink and have sex, These two are wate i drink with with and use on a daily basis. Which mate would you use and why would you want to use them for and how many times of week would you use your mates?. Pete Goodwin 2012

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