Abstract Wind energy utilization for medium to large scale power generation can have a po sitive impact on improved

energy mix, national security, technology transfer and improved access to modern energy significantly. To identify a potential site fo r wind energy, measuring, analyzing and interpretation of wind data at a given l ocation should be performed to decide on power producing potential of that local ity. In line with this, Mekelle University has installed wind masts at different locations in Tigray region including Hagere-Selam to collect long term wind dat a in the region so that exploitation of a huge renewable energy resource potenti al of the country could be realized. This report focuses on analysis of wind data for Hagere-Selam, the location havi ng a measured wind data for one year. Published literatures, measured data sets and analysis techniques and software are the basic tools used as a method of sol ution during this analysis. The annual mean speed at measuring location is found to be 6.68m/s and 6.89m/s at 10m and 30m anemometer height respectively. Site e ffects analysis using WAsP shows that there is a significant speed-up at mast lo cation so that analysis results by direct method as for annual mean speed couldn 't represent wind climate of nearby areas. Furthermore; predicted wind climate a t the site has lower magnitude of speed than observed wind climate signifying th at measured data is more affected by orogrphy of the site. The average RIX value of 3.4% for the site signifies that the location is complex terrain. The predom inant wind direction with higher power density is at south of south-east directi on and hence obstacle from this side should be avoided during installation of tu rbine. Based on site wind energy density potential and annual average wind speed at ten meter height, the site is classified as wind class six. According to IEC standard, class II turbines are suitable at hub heights of 60-80m with annual e nergy production and capacity factor are 5.87GWh &35.3% respectively for single turbine at 80m height.

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