D/2 C.P.P Colony, Moonidih (828129) Dhanbad (JHARKHAND) North India E-mail:- Mobile No.- +91-9405055317

To procure a position where I can efficiently contribute to the company’s progress utilizing my skills and abilities in the Firm that offers Professional growth while being resourceful, innovative and flexible.

B.Tech in Electrictronics & Communication.

Degree B. Tech. (E&C) pursuing HSC (Maths) SSC (Maths + Science) Year Board/University Institute/College Division


RTU, Kota

CIITM, Jaipur

First/ 74%

May 2007

C.B.S.E Board

D.A.V Public School, Moonidih

First/ 71.33%

May 2005

C.B.S.E Board

D.A.V Public School, Moonidih

First/ 72.3%

ADDITIONAL SKILLS: 1 Familiar with PCB Fabrication

Pradeep Kumar Mrs. Never Say Die Attitude. Ability to work under complex situations. PROJECT: Intelligence railway engine (railway track obstacle detector) Co-Curricular Activities & Achievements: 1 Actively participated in dance competitions & Plays in school level. PERSONAL INFORMATION: Name Father’s Name Mother’s Name Date of Birth Nationality Language Known Temporary Address : : : : : : : Vineeta Agrawal Mr.Seema Rani Sudha 5th July 1988. 4 Participated in Aerial vehicle workshop (RC glider tech. 2 Live Project Privisor Network Manager with the company.P. Indian Hindi.TRAINING: 1 Telecom Domain from CompuCom Software’s Ltd. D/2 C.P colony (Moonidih) 828129 . Date: 01/03/2012 Place: Nagpur VINEETA . 2 Participated in inter school quiz competition 3 MDR (Managing Director Representative) of our college.Dhanbad (Jharkhand) DECLARATION: I hereby declare that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. STRENTH 1 2 3 Ability to present well and communicate to people. English.) HOBBIES: 1 Net Surfing 2 Reading electronics magazines. Jaipur..

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