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Cargo Throughput

Cargo Throughput

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Published by: Franky Ng on Apr 08, 2012
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Cargo throughput

As u all know, Hong Kong International Airport is one of the busiest airport in the world. Beside passenger service, cargo also is a main activity that makes the airport busy. Nowadays, many airports in mainland become strong competitors in handling air cargo, so in order to maintain the competitiveness, there is a new cargo terminal appear.

From the chart 2, the air cargo throughput of Hong Kong increased generally from 3.58 million tonnes in 2006 to 4.13 million tonnes in 2010 with an average annual growth rate of 4%. This was higher than the 2% average annual growth rate for the total cargo throughput over the same period. The growth in the air cargo throughput was mainly contributed by the outward air cargoes which increased by 0.37 million tonnes from 2.28 million tonnes in 2006 to 2.65 million tonnes in 2010, with an average annual growth rate of 4%. Over the same period, inward air cargoes increased by 0.18 million tonnes from 1.30 million tonnes to 1.48 million tonnes, with an average annual growth rate of 3%.

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