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I am thankful to “ advance sales and services “ for offering me a great chance to undergo project training in this prestigious organization.

I would like to present my deep sense of gratitude to marketing head of modern trade, Mrs. Varsha and Gaurav Kesarwani and all other super house staff for their consistent encouragement and for providing me necessary information about marketing in modern trade.

I take the opportunity to acknowledge and express given to me by sincere thanks for the inspiration and perfect guidance and encouragement given to me by my university guide Mr. Shakil Khan for building concrete platform before sending me on training.

Fatima Samrah Tirmizi ( M.B.A III rd semester )


The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE: KO) is the world's largest beverage company, largest manufacturer, distributor and marketer of non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups in the world and is one of the largest corporations in the United States. The company is best known for its flagship product Coca-Cola, invented by pharmacist John Stith Pemberton in 1886. The Coca-Cola formula and brand was bought in 1889 by Asa Candler who incorporated The Coca-Cola Company in 1892. Besides its namesake Coca-Cola beverage, Coca-Cola currently offers nearly 400 brands in over 200 countries or territories and serves 1.5 billion servings each day.[3]

The company operates a franchised distribution system dating from 1889 where The Coca-Cola Company only produces syrup concentrate which is then sold to various bottlers throughout the world who hold an exclusive territory.

The Coca-Cola Company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Its stock is listed on the NYSE and is part of DJIA and S&P 500. Its current president and CEO is Muhtar Kent.

Indian soft drink industry in heading for two gaints war to capture the market. Since so many changes have occurred due to ever changing government policies and customers demand. 2000ml and come in variety of flavors comes in glass as well as plastic bottles. It has introduced various sharp and efficient tools like tor packages.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The main purpose of the project was to determine the maket share of coca cola in Modern Trade of Lucknow. prices and other avenues to enhance social status and satisfying personal egos also. Soft drinks are generally packed in 200ml. After 1994 the eminent re-entry of coca cola. gifts. these companys have brought with them the concept of non. 500ml. Indian soft drink market today constitute two bif giant players coca-cola and pepsico. AS we know that there is cut throught competition between coke and pepsi.alchoholic carbonated flavored and sweetened beverages. market share analysis is done. With introduction of fruit pulp based soft drinks . 1500ml. Coca cola recently used tetra pack of maaza.its very much ephasisizing on advertisemnts to increase sales and be in competition. which is highly in demand and coke‟s new flavor vanilla coke which doesn‟t able to gain the attention of people in lucknow. packaged in card board carton known as tetra pack has been introduced in the market. Thanx to the liberalization policy adopted by the government which has led to the availability of these global brands in the Indian market. To access the relative performance. To cope up with this industry has also gone for many changes. 1000ml. The company‟s overall market share is its sales expressed as a percentage of total market sales. Company sale do not reveal how well the company is performing relative to competitors. coca coal should give suppress the sale od pepsi by giving proper schemes and discounts to .

000. Sharing Universal Joy through Coca-Cola . making Coca-Cola one of the country‟s top international investors and in 2003. For as long as we‟ve been in India. The Coca-Cola System in India includes 24 Company-owned bottling operations and another 25 franchisee-owned bottling operations that directly employ 5. On the basis of data analysis the increase in price of coca cola product didn‟t affect too much and the ratio of maaza is more than pepsi. our first powdered concentrate. Virtually all the goods and services required to produce and market Coca-Cola products locally – including our Kinley water brand launched in 2000. ensuring that the benefits of such enterprises remain in the local communities in which they operate.retailers at right time at right place in right ways which ultimately increases the sale of the company. conserve water.500 local people and create jobs for another 150. The Coca-Cola Company and our independent bottlers have been engaged at the international. and Sunfill. India: Our History in India Coca-Cola India has made significant investments to build and continually improve its business in India. including new production facilities. also launched in 2001 – are made in India. an energy drink launched in 2001. and provide healthcare. During the past decade. distribution systems and marketing equipment. Shock. The Coca-Cola System has invested more than US $1 billion in India. national and community levels to support programs that protect the environment. Coca-Cola India pledged to invest a further $100 million in its operations. wastewater treatment plants. promote education.

and . And all of those individual experiences combined have created a worldwide phenomenon . Coca-Cola India has made significant investments to build and continually consolidate its business in the country. distribution systems. and marketing channels. A Pure Commitment to The Indian Economy The Company has shaken up the Indian carbonated drinks market greatly.The history of Coca-Cola is a story of special moments . waste water treatment plants. the Company took over ownership of the nation‟s top soft-drink brand and bottling network. the corporation nourishing the global community with the world‟s largest selling soft drink concentrates since 1886. returned to India in 1993 after a 16 year hiatus. giving a new thumbs up to the Indian soft drink market. Coca-Cola India is among the country‟s top international investors. In the same year. A Healthy Growth to The Indian Economy Ever since.a truly global brand that plays its own small part on the world stage. It‟s no wonder our brands have assumed an iconic status in the minds of the world‟s consumers. refreshment. including new production facilities. and further pledged another US$100 million in 2003 for its operations.and shares an experience that millions of others have savoured.times with family and friends and special occasions when Coke was naturally there. Coca-Cola. Every person who drinks a Coca-Cola enjoys a moment of refreshment . having invested more than US$ 1 billion in India in the first decade. giving consumers the pleasure of world-class drinks to fill up their hydration.

[5] In 1884.[5] Pemberton stayed on as the superintendent. this time between Pemberton. A. E. By this time. D.[5] The new president was D.[5] The company's factory was located at No. Marietta St.[5] Finally in October 1888. Doe while Ed Holland became the new Vice-President. John Stith Pemberton and Ed Holland . Testing began in Southern California. It has also been instrumental in giving an exponential growth to the country‟s job listings. O. Revenue The Coca-Cola Company North America offices in Sugar Land. the company became a stock company and the name was changed to Pemberton Chemical Company. the company was again changed to Pemberton Medicine Company. 1889. United StatesAccording to the 2005 Annual Report.[5] Three years later. the company received a charter with an authorized capital of $50. another co-partnership.[5] The charter became official on January 15. The report further states that of the more than 50 billion beverage servings of all types consumed worldwide every day. S. and J. Murphy. H. Mayfield. C. Pemberton Medicine Company. Georgia and Utah in July 2009 with 60 locations around the country planned by the end of the summer. Freestyle In 2009 the company introduced a new touch screen vending machine mixes from among Coca-Colas existing as well as new flavors producing more than 100 custom flavors. Bloodworth.[5] The company was formed to sell three main products: Pemberton's French Wine Cola (later known as Coca-Cola).nutrition needs. beverages bearing the . and Pemberton's Globe Flower Cough Syrup. Texas. 107.[6] the company sells beverage products in more than 200 [7] countries.000. a co-partnership between Dr. History The Coca-Cola Company was originally established as the J. the company had expanded their offerings to include Pemberton's Orange and Lemon Elixir. Pemberton's Indian Queen Hair Dye.

distribute and merchandise the resulting Coca-Cola product to retail stores. One notable exception to this general relationship between TCCC and bottlers is fountain syrups in the United States. Coca-Cola had gallon sales distributed as follows: 37% in the United States 43% in Mexico. canning and distribution operations which produced approximately 58% of volume.trademarks owned by or licensed to Coca-Cola account for approximately 1. produce finished product in cans and bottles from the concentrate in combination with filtered water and sweeteners. Also according to the 2007 Annual Report. Bottlers Main article: List of assets owned by The Coca-Cola Company In general. The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) and/or subsidiaries only produces (or produce) syrup concentrate which is then sold to various bottlers throughout the world who hold a Coca-Cola franchise. In 2005. restaurants and food service distributors. Coca-Cola bottlers. Brazil. The bottlers then sell. The Coca-Cola Company had equity positions in 51 unconsolidated bottling. vending machines. beverages bearing the trademark "Coca-Cola" or "Coke" accounted for approximately 78% of the Company's total gallon sales. where TCCC bypasses bottlers and is responsible for the manufacture and sale of fountain syrups directly to authorized fountain wholesalers and some fountain retailers. Japan and the People's Republic of China 20% spread throughout the rest of the world. Significant investees include: . Of these. who hold territorially exclusive contracts with the company.5 billion.

V. Kyrgyzstan. Hungary. 16% of Brazil. Azerbaijan. . 34% of Coca-Cola Amatil Limited which produces (by population) for 98% of Indonesia and 100% of Australia. Northern Ireland. of Ireland. which produces (by population) for 48% of Mexico. Austria.A. 100% of Costa Rica. Latvia. Romania. Poland. Kazakhstan. Bosnia-Herzegovina. de C. and a part of Brazil. Lithuania. Luxembourg. New Zealand. continental France and the Netherlands. Fiji and Papua New Guinea. Estonia. Bulgaria.36% of Coca-Cola Enterprises which produces (by population) for 78% of USA. Croatia. Russia. and 30% of Argentina. Switzerland and Ukraine. Serbia. Indonesia. South Korea. Nigeria. 98% of Canada and 100% of Great Britain (but not Northern Ireland). S. Greece.A. Syria. Argentina. which is the second largest Coca-Cola bottler in the United States. Peru and Venezuela. the Czech Republic. and "its predecessors have been in the soft drink manufacturing and distribution business since 1902. Panama. Belarus. Jordan. Moldova. 23% of Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company. Macedonia. Belgium and Monaco. Slovenia.[8] 11% of Embotellodora Andina which is the major bottler in Chile. Iraq & Turkmenistan. Nicaragua. which produces (by population) for 67% of Italy and 100% of Armenia. 47% of Guatemala. which produces (by population) for 100% of Turkey. Montenegro. Rep. Slovakia. The company was incorporated in 1980. 27% of Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 40% of Coca-Cola FEMSA. 20% of Coca-Cola Içecek AŞ. S. Ecuador. 98% of Colombia.

Citra. Samulus and Earl R Peassia of “ Indian route. name given seven. Gold: spot. Coca-cola closed the operation in India. First time coke introduce coca-cola in Agra. Coca-cola came back in India Britco Foods Company. maaza at $40 million. Glass company designed the present bottle of coke and also it was the first patent bottle.IMPORTANT LANDMARKS OF COCA-COLA HISTORY. Limca. Coca-cola company established in Atlanta. Coca-cola started the operation in India. 1882 1915 1950 1977 1991 1992 1993 . Coca-cola bought all parle products thumps up. 1876 Johan Stees Pemberston discovered the formula of coke. Coca-cola opened its first bottling plant in pune. Alexgender.X of its formula.

COMPANY’S PROFILE Mission. we must look ahead. To continue to thrive as a business over the next ten years and beyond. It creates a long-term destination for our business and provides us with a "Roadmap" for winning together with our bottler partners. Vision & Values The world is changing all around us. Company‟s mission must be turned to specific objective for each level of management in a system known as a management by objective. The most common objectives are :     Profitability Sales growth Market share Improvement . That's what our 2020 Vision is all about. understand the trends and forces that will shape our business in the future and move swiftly to prepare for what's to come. We must get ready for tomorrow today.

. together we create mutual. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions. To create value and make a difference. Our Vision Our vision serves as the framework for our Roadmap and guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable. enduring value. Planet: Be a responsible citizen that makes a difference by helping build and support sustainable communities. Partners: Nurture a winning network of customers and suppliers. quality growth..    To refresh the world.   Risk diversification Innovation Satisfy the customer Our Mission Our Roadmap starts with our mission.    .  People: Be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be. To inspire moments of optimism and happiness. which is enduring. Portfolio: Bring to the world a portfolio of quality beverage brands that anticipate and satisfy people's desires and needs...

Live Our Values Our values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world.      Leadership: The courage to shape a better future Collaboration: Leverage collective genius Integrity: Be real Accountability: If it is to be. Profit: Maximize long-term return to shareowners while being mindful of our overall responsibilities. Productivity: Be a highly effective.  Company Goals Finally the company goals are :     To earn maximum profit To satisfy the customer needs through better quality of product To maintain quality of product through best distribution system To continuously increase their own share of percentage in soft drinks Our Winning Culture Our Winning Culture defines the attitudes and behaviors that will be required of us to make our 2020 Vision a reality. it's up to me Passion: Committed in heart and mind . lean and fast-moving organization.

optimism and fun . customers and franchise partners Get out into the market and listen. observe and learn Possess a world view Focus on execution in the marketplace every day Be insatiably curious Work Smart      Act with urgency Remain responsive to change Have the courage to change course when needed Remain constructively discontent Work efficiently Act Like Owners     Be accountable for our actions and inactions Steward system assets and focus on building value Reward our people for taking risks and finding better ways to solve problems Learn from our outcomes -. passion. we do well Focus on the Market      Focus on needs of our consumers.what worked and what didn‟t Be the Brand  Inspire creativity.  Diversity: As inclusive as our brands Quality: What we do.

.ADVANCE SALES & SERVICES (P) LTD. Advance sales & services pvt. Vivek ladhani manages the marketing & distribution of coca-cola product in major parts of Uttar Pradesh covering the following district. PROFILE Advance sales and services is the marketing and distributing concern of the Brindaban bottles.       Lucknow Rae bareili Lalitpur Jhansi Hardoi Sitapur .is situated at faizabad road. Lucknow. managed by Mr. The distributor for coca cola. Lucknow. They have ware house in charbagh. Its sister concern Brindavan bottles ltd. Its head office is situated as sitapur road. Ltd. safedabad. The franchised bottlers of CCI limited it covered most part of UP and has an effective distribution system. from where direct routes & distributor are fed. It came into existence in 1989 having the capacity of producing six hundreds of bottles per minute of aerated abd 240 bottles per minute of non aerated bottles. khurramnagar.


captain of Delhi Daredevils. 2009 India .have been formally present at various promotional activities for arch-rival CocaCola India. Sehwag. At the event. MARKETING STRATEGIES .MARKET DEVELOPER PROMOTER By: South Asia Correspondents. unveiled a limited edition bottle of Coca-Cola for IPL. Coca Cola is deploying ambush marketing tactics during the Indian Premier League's second season. Sehwag.Virender Sehwag. Consider this.Taking the direct advertising wars and spoof brawls of the cola giants a step further. along with Coke brand ambassador Gautam Gambhir. India Published: May 05. simply because Coca-Cola is the associate sponsor and the official pouring partner for both Delhi Daredevils and Kolkata Knight Riders. attended a special send-off ceremony for Delhi Daredevils organised by Coca-Cola India. Both PepsiCo's „Youngistaan' brand ambassadors . and Ishant Sharma. for instance. member of Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) .

vice-president. For the income statement. Venkatesh Kini. the resulting figures are benchmarked across leading competitors. as ratios. Since the calculation of competitors benchmarks proceeds in a similar fashion. we treat the total assets as equaling 100. In order to maintain comparability over time and across companies and countries. Coca-Cola India. for each part of the financial statement. This particular report was updated in the last quarter. The forecasts are updated quarterly. are therefore comparable. plans to invest $250 million (Rs1. marketing. All other assets are then calculated as a percent from total assets. Again. but are aggregated across all competitors. Rather. Atul Singh. A gap need not be a bad sign.Though we heavily rely on historical performance. vice-president.” said Venkatesh Kini. total revenue is indexed to equal 100. or bankruptcy affects financial performance. and various other data sources. the larger gaps that the firm has vis-à-vis the leading competitors. total liabilities and equity are indexed to equal to 100. we use an index system. corporate releases. In the case of a firms assets. and all other figures are calculated as a percent of these figures. executive chairman and regional creative director. In this way. at a press conference in New Delhi on Friday . CocaCola India. irrespective of the value of the local currency. mergers. For liabilities. the structure of the firms assets can be easily interpreted and compared with international benchmarks. “We will be spending around $250 million in the next three years for setting up of infrastructure and strengthening sales and distribution activities. all figures are projections. Ratios are projected using raw financial statistics and. CocaCola India and Prasoon Joshi. The source(s) for the various raw statistics include public filings. In choosing the leading competitors. one can directly conduct a financial gap analysis. so due caution is required Mumbai: Coca-Cola Co. or where random volatility. president and CEO. Icon Group chooses only those firms with sound financial situations or those not undergoing radical restructuring. McCann-Erickson.040 crore) and enter into newer categories to boost operations in the Indian market. Given a companys financial structure. Here. marketing. the figures reported in this report are not historical but are forecasts and projections for the coming fiscal year. South and South-East Asia. Icon Group graphically reports. it is simply a substantial difference that might merit further attention or signal a firms relative strength or weakness for the coming fiscal year.

However. Coca-Cola India also said that the parent company would seek India‟s help for global services in area such as engineering. the carbonated soft drinks segment. are expected to perform well and stimulate Coke‟s sales and profit growth”. which accounts for the bulk of the revenue of both companies. primarily for the unorganized retailers such as local shopkeepers and paanwallahs. According to Datamonitor. Pepsico India announced its plans to launch traditional drinks such as nimbu-paani. the company will compete with its archrival PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt. sports drink and juices. Coca-Cola recently acquired US vitamin water maker Energy Brands Inc. With an aim to boost the relatively slower growth of carbonated drinks (at 6% annually) in India. juices. . Edwards & Sons. The cola major had re-entered India in 1993 after a gap of 16 years and. besides adding new variants to its existing juice line-up under the Tropicana brand.1 billion to boost its lagging position in the race to dominate the fast growing market for non-carbonated drinks. and the roll-out of its juice brand Minute Maid (present only in South India) across India. Ltd in the non-carbonated drinks space. such as aam panna.34 billion in 2006. which includes carbonated soft drinks. and technical research and development. The company is also evaluating getting into categories such as energy drinks. the cola major also announced the launch of Indianized drinks. according to a recent report by A. in the past four quarters. With these launches.G. grew at a compound annual growth rate of only around 1% between 1999 and 2006.32 billion.India has been one of the most difficult markets for Coca-Cola. such as China and India. Also on the company‟s agenda is setting up a retail university in India. An analysis by the agency revealed that the soft drinks industry in India. a UK-based consumer research company. said the report. “Emerging markets. water and other drinks. finance. Inc. a US based brokerage firm. has started growing sales with the latest quarter sales up 12%. where it managed to achieve a breakeven just last year. “We are anticipating the future needs and exploring a wide range of products such as flavoured water and teas. “India is already one of the sourcing hub for talent and back-office operations and we plan to take it further.. “continued weakness in carbonated soft drinks (greater than 80% of Coke‟s volume) is a risk” to Coca-Cola‟s valuation. Earlier this year. grew 6% from $3.” said Kini. marketing. Now the company is betting big on India and plans to introduce brands from its parent company‟s portfolio and expanding its newer segments. (aka Glaceau) for $4. Of this. aam-panna and several milk-based drinks over the next three years. the carbonated segment grew from $1.15 billion in 2004 to $3.31 billion to $1.” said Kini.

” a Coca-Cola India spokesperson said. after a successful three-year term with Coca-Cola India as its vice president for marketing. is moving back to The Coca-Cola Company headquarters in Atlanta.” the spokesperson added. The announcement regarding Kini‟s replacement as the firm‟s India vice president for marketing will be made soon. Guy Wollaert. “Venkatesh Kini. Mr Kini had moved to India from Coca-Cola North America as vice president of Sprite and flavours in August 2006. as vice president for juice marketing. COCA-COLA HEADQUARTER IN ATLANTA . according to reports. “Kini‟s elevation to this global role is a recognition of his marketing leadership. He will report to Coca-Cola general manager (global juice centre). US. He has been associated with the company since March 1998. vice president for marketing in india. “This latest move is yet another example of global careers being offered to executives within the Coca-Cola system. has relocated to his global headquarters in atlanta.COCA COLA INDIA MARKETING VP MOVES TO ATLANTA Coca cola has said that venkatesh kini. according to an indian report.

Thums up .Products and brands 1. Coca cola 2. Diet coke 3.

Maaza 9. Fanta 7. Sprite 6. 2 lt.4. Georgia tea/coffee Soft drinks come in the following pack sizes :125 ml. Kinley soda 12. 1 lt. Fanta apple 8. . 500 ml. 300 ml. Kinley water 11. Limca 5. Pulpy orange 10. 200 ml.











“life ho to aisi” and “thanda matlab coca-cola” were very popular and had entered the youth‟s vocabulary. sourav ganguly. aamir khan .COCA COLA The world‟s favourite drink. The world‟s most valuable brand. 300 ml Pet 500 ml. Coca-cola made its return to the country in 1993 and made significant investments to ensure that the beverage is available to more and more people. Coca-cola is very strongly associated with cricket. Coca-cola had signed on various celebrities including movie stars like karishma kapoor. From a humble beginning in 1886. etc. policies necessitated its departure. cocacola‟s advertising campaigns “jo chaho ho jaye”. cinema. The most recognizable word across the world after OK. cricketers such as srinath. Coca-Cola has truly remarkable heritage. Glass 200 ml. 2 lt Can 330 ml . marketer and distributer of non-alcoholic beverages in the world. even in the remote and inaccessible parts of the nation. In India.aishwarya rai and hrithik roshan. coca-cola was the leading soft drink till 1977 when the govt. music. it is now the flagship brand of the largest manufacturer.

Thums up is known for its strong. thums up was acquired by the coca-cola company in 1983. this brand clearly seeks to separate the men from the boys. mature and uniquely masculine attitude. Glass 200 ml 300ml Pet 500 ml 2 lt Can 330 ml . fizzy taste and its confident. exciting personality Thums up is leading carbonated soft drink and most trusted brand in india. Originally introduced in 1977.THUMS UP Strong cola taste.

Its clear crisp refreshing taste encourages the today‟s youth to trust their instinct. Today Sprite is perceived as a youth icon. In India. influence them to be true to who they are and to obey their thirst. sprite has stood for a straight forward and honest attitude. 4 soft drink & is sold in more than 190 countries.SPRITE Clear hai ! Worldwide Sprite is ranked as the no. Sprite was launched in year 1999 & today it has grown to be one of the fastest growing sof drinks. leading the clear lime category. Why ? With a strong appeal to the youth. Glass 200 ml 300 ml Pet 500 ml 2lt Can 330 ml .


Lime n’ lemoni limca Lime n‟ lemoni limca, the drink that can cast a tangy refreshing spell on anyone, anywhere. Born in 1971, limca has been the original thirst choice of millions of consumers for over 3 decades. The brand has been displaying healthy volume growths year on year and limca continues to be the leading flavour soft drink in the country. The success formula ? The sharp fizz and lamoni bite combined with the single minded positioning of the brand as the ultimate refresher has continuously strengthen the brand franchise. Limca energizes, refreshes and transforms. Dive into the zingy refreshment of limca and walk away a new person.

Glass 200 ml 300 ml

Pet 500 ml 2 lt

Can 330 ml


Internationall,fanta the orange drink of coca-cola cmpan is seen as one of the favourite drinks since 1940‟s. fanta entered the indian market in the year 1993. Over the years fanta has occupied a strong market place and identified as “ the fun catalyst “. Perceived as a fun youth brand, fanta stands for its vibrant colour, tempting taste and tingling bubbles that not just uplifts feelings but also helps free spirit thus encouraging one to indulge in the moment. The positive imagery is associated with the happy, cheerful and special times with friends.

Glass 200 ml 300 ml

Pet 500 ml 2 lt

Can 330 ml


Yaari-dosti taaza maaza Maaza was launched in 1976. Here was a drink that offered the same real taste of fruit juices and was available throughout the year. In 1993, maaza was acquired by coca-cola india.maaza currently dominates the fruit drink category. Over the years, brand maaza has become synonymous with mango. This has been the result of such successful campaigns like “ taaza mango,maaza mango ” and “ botal main aam,maaza hai naam “. Consumers regard maaza as wholesome, natural fundrink which delivers the real experience of fruit. The current advertising of maaza positions it as an enabler of fun friendship moments between moms and kids as moms trust the brand and kids love its taste. The campaign builds on the existing equity of the brand and delivers a relevent emotional benefit to the moms rightly captured in the tagline “ yaari dosti taaza maaza “.

Glass 300 ml

Pet 1.2 lt

Can ---


Kinley is a high quality bottled water processed with added minerals popular among adults who seek a better quality of life and a healthy lifestyle. Kinley watre understands thr importance and value of this life giving force. It thus promises water that is as pure as it is meant to be. Water you can trust to be truly safe and pure. Kinley water comes with the assurance of safety from coca-cola company. That is why we introduced kinley with reverse osmosis along with the latest technology to ensure the putiry of our product.

Pet 1.2 lt

Contains no fruit Contains Caffeine Energy : 40 kcal Carbohydrate : 10 g Sugar : 10 g Protein : 0 g Fat : 0 g Secret ingredients are : 1 oz caffeine citrate 3 oz citric acid 1 fl oz extract vanilla 1 qt lime juice 2½ oz flavoring 30 lb (14 kg) sugar 4 fl oz fluid extract of coca (decocainized flavor essence of the coca leaf) 2½ gal water Caramel sufficient .INGREDIENTS OF COCA-COLA PRODUTS SWEETENED CARBONATED BEVERAGE INGREDIENTS :            Carbonated water Sugar and acidity regulator Contains permitted natural color Added flavors like orange. lemon. mango. apple.

MRP LIST SOFT DRINKS Coca-cola Can Diet coke Thums up Can Sprite Can Limca Fanta Fanta Apple Maaza Pulpy Orange Kinley Mineral Water Kinley Soda QUANTITY 2lts 500ml 200ml 200ml 200ml 2lts 500ml 200ml 200ml 2lt 500ml 200ml 200ml 2lt 500ml 300ml 2lt 500ml 200ml 500ml 1.2lt 300ml 1lt 500ml PRICE 55 20 8 20 25 55 20 8 20 55 20 8 20 55 20 12 55 20 8 20 45 12 12 .

COLOJK pattern helps to : 1. 7.COLOJK COLOJK is the coca-cola products display pattern on shelves. 2. 5. This is the order in which the flavors are arranged on shelves as per the company‟s marketing strategy to give additional effects to the brand. Increase sales Customer convenience Flavor arrangement ( fizzy to sweet ) Easy stock check Catch missing flavors quickly Attract customer attention Quantity differentiation . 6. 3. 4.

< CO > COLA < L > LEMON < O > ORANGE < J >JUICES <K> .



COCA-COLA ADVERTISEMENTS : THE REAL THING Advertising has played an important role in the successnof our products since our 1 st newspaper ad in 1886. The company uses advrtising to trigger desire as often and in as many ways as possible. slogans for coca-cola have always been memorable. Throughout the years. which read. Here are some highlights :2007 – Piyo sir utha ke 2003 – Thanda matlab coca cola 2000 – Coca-cola enjoy 1993 – Always coca-cola 1990 – Can‟t beat the real thing 1989 – Can‟t beat the feeling 1986 – Red. Delicious ! refreshing ! exhilarating ! invigorating ! “. white and you 1982 – Coke is it 1976 – Coke adds life 1971 – Id like to buy the world a coke 1969 – It‟s the real thing 1963 – Things go better with coke 1959 – Be really refreshing 1944 – Global high sign 1942 – It‟s the real thing 1936 – It‟s the refreshing thing to do 1929 – The pause that refreshes . “‟t beat.



Akshay Kumar Thumps Up AD New CAR one .


4. Reduction in variable cost. are not included. 3. 2. 4-relative market share : some companies track their shares as apercentage of the leading competitor‟s sale. .  To use unit sales – I hav eused in the project  Defining the total market –  In this project all the brands of coca-cola are included in total sales & the brands like milk badam. 2Served market share : the company‟s served market share is its sales expressed as percentage of total sales to its served market. since it requires only total industry sale. For this purpose management needs to track its market share. I have used this measure in my project. Logo up the company‟s market share goes up so company is gaining on competitors. There are four different measures for market share : 1over all market share : the company‟s over all market share is its scale expressed as a percentage of total market sale. Its served market is all the buyers who would be able and willing to buy its poducts. Overall market shares are normally the most available measure. ADVANTAGE OF ASSESSING MARKET SHARE For the organization 1. High production – reduced cost Increase of overall productivity of organization. lassi & juices etc.MARKET SHARE ANALYSIS Company sales do not reveal how the company is performing relative to competitors. 3-relative market share top ( to top three competitors ) : this involves expressing company‟s sales as a percentage of the combined sale of three largest competitors. Profit maximization. Two decision are necessary to use this measure.

Increase the number of outlets. Increase of brand image. Sales promotion should be increased for providing subsidised chilling equipments. 3. 6. Sales promotion 9. 3. For the dealer 1. Organization will provide more profit. Company should increase its marketing expenditure faster than the rate of market growth. Organization will get better shelf-space. Distribution and product quality always be better than pepsi. Increase of business. 2. 5. Market information update 10. 4. 2. Company should never resort to price-cutting because pepsi does and so net gain would follow that. For the consumer 1. Become a proud member of leading organization. 2. 2.5. Better quality. 3. 7. New product development . Recommending ways of gaining market share 1. Number of chilling equipments Extent of competition Price elasticity Effectiveness of distribution Seasonal pattern Marketing ( brand image ) Essential requirement of trade number of empties and chilling equipment in the market 8. Profit increase. Easy availability of product. advertising expenditure should be increased. 4. 6. 4. 3. Factors affecting market share of cold drink Number of outlet ( coverage ) 1. It should increase the expenditure on slaes force. Dealer will become more loyal.

Sales PEPSI COCA-COLA . It boasts of impeccable credentials on quality. Coca-Cola sold 7 billion packs of its brands to more than 230 million consumers across 4.11. SALES : Coca-cola sale is 60% and Pepsi sale is 40 %. In 2004.” All its plants in India partner with local NGOs to alleviate local community issues in numerous small ways. 36 per cent share in fruit drinks segment and 33 per cent share in the packaged water segment.000 villages. and a high tax environment.700 towns and 175. nimbupaani (lemonade) and a fragmented and geographically dispersed retail market. The company has doubled its volumes and trebled its profits between 2001 and 2004. Adequate man-power MARKET SHARE Coca-Cola: A Fortune 500 company in India Coca-Cola is a leading player in the Indian beverage market with a 60 per cent share in the carbonated soft drinks segment. Coca-Cola continues to re-affirm its commitment to India through active „Citizenship Efforts. Coca-Cola has succeeded in spite of an extremely price-sensitive consumer with entrenched beverage consumption habits – tea. Appropriate warehouse 12.

In coca-cola the information about all the P‟s is given here. company has priced the product same as that of itsmajor competitor or the market leader. Product Product mix of coca-cola cocsist of various brand packs and flavour given in the table. These zones are divided into various plants which govern the areas assigned to them. .  Diet-coke is made available for suger free users. product. western zone and andhra pradesh zone. The areas are the various distribution centres called distributors and C&F agents. These zones are northern zone.  In 2001 oue energy drink shock and our first powdered concentrate sunfill hit the market. Price Regarding the pricing policy or the price to the distributor is not disclosed to me but as for the different products of the company. Place Coca-cola company in india is governed from its corporate offie located at gurgaon in haryana. that varies from one organization to other.MARKETING MIX AND STRATEGIES Marketing mix of any organization consist of P‟s i. price .eastern zone.  Our kinley water was launched in 2000.e. Product strategy of the coca-cola is to promote all the brands available in all the brand packs and to introduce the product in new flavour and even new product regarding this “coca-cola” is introduced. place and promotion having its own significance. It governs the working of five zones covering whole of india.  Fanta apple and green apple is also introduced.

Promotion In this part the marketing is playing a very vital and important role in the current situation in india luckying at the competition and advertising budget of both companies coca-cola and pepsi. One can easily estimate the importance of the promotion mix of coca-cola. It is divided into top line promotion and below line promotion. The cocacola company which gave its reach to the mouth of billions of people all around the world having a wide dstribution network in india the pace and speed at which coc-cola is going. . Widened its businesss is really amazing. distribution network is the biggest strength of the company.then comes then comes the reatilers who deal directly with the customers.

three wheel vehices open bay for city distribution.coolers that allow small retailers to serve ice cold soft drinks.  Large single and refillable glass bottles offering consumers more value.  Providing chillers and refrigerators to super market stores like big bazaar. including ice-box. MARKETING  “Image enhanced” graphics on signage retail outlet walls and delivery vehicles.  Trademark tricycles and pushcharts with umbrellas covering a thousands of mobile outlets.  Training for retailers in merchandising techniques such as product placement.  Georgia green refillable glass bottle produced 1st time in india to differentiarte the brand.INNOVATION At the leading edge of the beverage industryfor over a century the coca-cola company system in india also introduced a series of innovation in the areas of production.  Leading edge merchandising equipment.spencers etc.  Franchise to Mc Donalds and such counters is also given. Shelves in super houses Trollies for logistics within the store. .  Schemes of one bottle free on other and combo packs to attract customers. Bay route trucks. distribution and marketing never seen before in india. DISTRIBUTION     Full-depth stackable plastic crates in bright red colour with coca-cola trademark.  Introducing more flavours to expand the market and invite more people.

'GAP' can be used as a ranking of 'Good'. in different perspectives. and the current level of allocation. 'Average' or 'Poor'.g. as follows: Organization (e. The goal of gap analysis is to identify the gap between the optimized allocation and integration of the inputs. This helps provide the company with insight into areas which could be improved. .GAP ANANLYSIS In business and economics. The gap analysis process involves determining. it is possible to compare that expectation with the company's current level of performance. Such analysis can be performed at the strategic or operational level of an organization. Once the general expectation of performance in the industry is understood. Note that 'GAP analysis' has also been used as a means for classification of how well a product or solution meets a targeted need or set of requirements.g. documenting and approving the variance between business requirements and current capabilities. then it may be producing or performing at a level below its potential. This comparison becomes the gap analysis. If a company or organization is not making the best use of its current resources or is forgoing investment in capital or technology. Gap analysis is a formal study of what a business is doing currently and where it wants to go in the future.. money and human resources required to achieve a particular outcome (e. At its core are two questions: "Where are we?" and "Where do we want to be?". This terminology does appear in the PRINCE2 project management publication from the OGC. gap analysis is a tool that helps a company to compare its actual performance with its potential performance. Gap analysis naturally flows from benchmarking and other assessments. It can be conducted. In this case. This concept is similar to the base case of being below one's production possibilities frontier. human resources) Business direction Business processes Information technology Gap analysis provides a foundation for measuring investment of time. to turn the salary payment process from paper-based to paperless with the use of a system).

to be set against the improved focus. and then (3) highlights the 'gaps' that exist and need to be 'filled. (2) cross-lists factors required to achieve the future objectives ("what should be"). in particular from the use of the Boston Consulting Group Growth-share matrix. This may have come about because the market has been segmented and the organization does not have offerings in some segments. That gap has to be filled if the organization is to survive and grow. Thus an examination of what profits are forecasted for the organization as a whole compared with where the organization (in particular its shareholders) 'wants' those profits to be represents what is called the 'planning gap': this shows what is needed of new activities in general and of new products in particular. the technique of gap analysis can be used. is that some parts of the market may effectively be . performance levels) of the present situation ("what is"). represents that part of the market from which the individual organization is excluded because of product or service characteristics. It begins with (1) listing of characteristic factors (such as attributes. or the need will have emerged from the regular process of following trends in the requirements of consumers. At some point a gap will have emerged between what the existing products offer the consumer and what the consumer demands. which could also be described as the segment or positioning gap. To identify a gap in the market. and needs assessment Gap analysis and new products The need for new products or additions to existing lines may have emerged from portfolio analyses. needs analysis. or it may be because the positioning of its offering effectively excludes it from certain groups of potential consumers.' Also called need-gap analysis. Segmentation and positioning are very powerful marketing techniques. competencies. This segmentation may well be the result of deliberate policy. because there are competitive offerings much better placed in relation to these groups. Product Gap The product gap.Definition Technique for determining the steps to be taken in moving from a current state to a desired future-state. but the trade-off.

Study GAP Analysis of outlets in MODERN TRADE Modern trade is divided into 3 sections :  Hyper  Super  Convenio . it may frequently be by default. they would immediately start proactively to pursue a search for a competitive advantage. Another perspective (essentially taking the `product gap' to its logical conclusion) is to look for gaps in the 'market' (in a variation on `product positioning'. hence the emphasis on the importance of correct positioning. Market gap analysis In the type of analysis described above. regardless of where the current products stand. question the worth of the theoretical gap analysis described earlier. the organization has not thought about its positioning. Instead. Many marketers would. and has simply let its offerings drift to where they now are. and using the multidimensional `mapping'). which the company could profitably address. On the other hand.put beyond reach. gaps in the product range are looked for. The product gap is probably the main element of the planning gap in which the organization can have a productive input.

Be it residential or commercial. opened in November 2005.LUCKNOW AS A MARKET A market comprising o both semi-urban and semi-rural type of consumers. it is self sufficient in its offerings & specifications of highest order. construction. Having an equally competitive market provides the major competition ground for soft drink giants. Nirula‟s. massive atrium. Having its dimensions stretching from lucknow itself of various small homelets situated as for 90 to 120 kilometers. etc. Big Bazaar & Pantaloonsare the anchors along with other occupents who are in the section of garments. Matching the international standards and having the best value additions. spacious corridors. Pulse food. Java Green. Barista. A brand super mall.Big Bazaar ( Gomti Nagar ) . entertainment. In the same line the recent project Sahara Ganj. Sahar Ganj is poised to become a pioneer in its class which shall set the standard in terms of quality of design development. Lucknow is going through a transformation in its lifestyle with sahara infrastructure and housing generating ample avenues. furniture. As we all know we have only two super house in lucknow i. it truly orchestrates a synergetic symphony of reatiling amidst the environment of recreation and pleasure with state-of-the-art facilities. Biz Bazaar and Spencers. multiple escalators & designer capsule lift it is altogether a different world. our projects are making a statement that is bound to turn to eyes. it is 3 rd largest mall in India. With a buildup area of approx 525 thosand sq.Spencers ( Nishat Ganj Gomti Nagar ) and River Side mall .Big Bazaar ( Shahnajaf Road ) Fun Republic . I had to do the market survey of super houses in Lucknow. technology and services. The food chains like McDonald‟s. from our baggage is to provide the city with the best entertainment arena.e. Moti Mahal etc area few names that serve food in this mall premise. Othe malls in the city are Fun Republic Mall.ft. With its majestic elevation. So I had done a market survey of these stores located in    Sahara Ganj . River Side Mall & Wave (West End Mall ) in Gomti Nagar.

I had to survey the Food Bazaar in Big Bazaar to check :             the coca-cola stock availability its supply and demand product display on shelves and chillers soft drinks‟ expiry date availability of stock in warehouse sales per day take purchase orders make the schemes available to consumers deal with the customers convince them to buy our cold drink ask people in the malls about their choice drink – coke or pepsi ? survey in the malls and ask people what do they prefer more .juices or fizzy drinks .

product availabilty was good and appreciable. is the most happening mall in the town.1 hoard corner and a warehouse at the backyard for coke products. Big Bazaar in Sahara Ganj is running on 3 floors. bulk sale was noticed. . sale was also very fast with no wastage of stock. Our surbey section was the Food Bazaar on ground floor. Food Bazaar had 1 big common chiller.1.BIG BAZAAR ( SAHARA GANJ ) Located in the middle of the city. 1 shelf.Big Bazaar is a family store which keeps every possible item.

2 shelves. Its also a family store with a small food section with 1 chiller for coke. 2-3 display stands and a warehouse in basement. . Food section is on the ground floor.2.SPENCERS ( FUN REPUBLIC ) Located in Gomti Nagar Nishat Ganj extension area.

The Food Bazaar here also is on the ground floor with 1 big chiller for coke.the sale here was not very good but average.BIG BAZAAR ( RIVER SIDE MALL ) Located in Gomti Nagar area of city aside Ambedkar was instant and availability was good enough. .display panels.3.stands and warehouse.

Singh Salman Meghna Rahul Deepak Ravish  .MARKET SURVEY OF COKE PRODUCTS DRINKS COKE Radhika Afia THUMSUP Shabeena Adil Adnan Seema Shazia Akansha Madood Samreen Shariq Fauzia Yusuf Mr.Walia Kavita Rahul Saumya Pappu Ritu Fatima Fahad Parul Chetan Meraj Hari Amina Salma Reeta Nazia Vaibhav Khushbu Mayank Chnki Raja Lily Apoorva Purab Jai Vidushi vidushi Sandeep Sumi Asmi Zehra Naghma Lalita Shely SPRITE Noman Mariya shauri kajal Mehek Pankaj Jyoti Pinky Puja Azra Aisha Piku Ibad rani LIMCA MAAZA Nauman FANTA MIRINDA Saurab SLICE Mary PEPSI DEW Kopal JUICES PULPY ORANGE  FRUITY MAAZA JUMPIN  REAL TROPICANA SLICE CUSTOMER                              Varsha Pooja Hidayat Shahrukh shilpi sakshi richa sonal Kriti Mr.

JUICES & CUSTOMERS FIZZY DRINKS                  JUICES CUSTOMERS Faiz Rohan Akshat Zohaib zeeshan Shama Shuivi Riaz Kangna Divya pushkar Rimi Azmi Shantanu Asif Shruti Vandana .FIZZY DRINKS.

There is a tough competition between two major soft drink companies namely the coca cola company and the pepsico. Delivery van of coca cola are in better condition as compared to pepsico.e. 8. Coke has better chillers. 4.1. Coca cola does provide the entire flavor in the market but pepsi does not provide all the flavors like fanta apple. 9. 6.  In lemon drinks coca cola provides limca & spirite whereas pepsico provides 7up & mountain dew.  In black drinks coke offers coca cola and thumpsup whereas pepsico provides just pepsi. 13. Campaigning schemes are better of coca cola as compared to Pepsi. In the segment of PET bottles coke offers two bottles (2 lts) at the price of Rs. 89 only.. Coke provides more varities wheras pepsi does not. Coke provides better promotional schemes and services as compared to pepsi. pulpy orange. i. diet coke. 12. Coca cola provides the product range of 11 while pepsico provides 9 of them.5. Latest promotional schemes of coca cola are profitable for customers as compared to pepsi. 11. Eg big bazaar. fanta green apple. vishal mega mart.  Orange drinks by coca cola are fanta & pulpy orange whereas pepsico provides mirinda. . 10. Coke also provides a hot beverage like georgia tea/coffee where as pepsico does not provide any such beverage. 2. counters abd display shelves in super houses as compared to pepsico. Coca cola was the first company to introduce coca cola small glass bottles 200 ml at Rs. 3. 5. Prices of coca cola soft drinks are more reasonable than pepsi. 7.

the market plan need to cover area such as the product specification and its relation to the consumer needs and requirement. Whether the product is confectionery bar or an engineering product. Develop the research plan. each of these decision require information from the market to increase the chance of getting it right. Collect the information.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Most business that fails to do so because they have not obtained analysed or acted upon market information regarding their product or service. . analysis and reporting of data and findings relevant to a specific marketing situation facing the company. collection. branding pricing distribution method. DEFINING MARKET RESEARCH In 1987. Present the findings. information that is readily available. advertising support market definition and segmentation forecast. “Market research is the function. 3. And improve understanding of marketing as a process.” It‟s no longer enough to satisfy customers. sales levels etc. the American management association adopted a new definition of Market research. which link the customer and public to the marketer through information that is used to identify and define marketing opportunity and problem. monitor marketing performance “. Marketing research is the systematic design. refine and revalue marketing actions. Analyze the information. Define the problem and research objective. you must delight them. 4. 5. Effective marketing research involves the following 5 steps :- 1. 2.

Purity & proper functioning of visi. Complain handling. Availability of filled stock. the sampling procedure. Presence of sales generating assests(SGA‟s) own your assests (OYA‟s) & Ice Boxes. field work and the data collection method and analysis procedure. Behavior of company Sales person. Secondary data collection : Some of the data is also collected from the company websites. This includes overall research design. RESEARCH DESIGN INFORMATION : INFORMATION NEEDS FROM AN EDS Descriptive research design was used to collect the information needed regarding the following for both coca-cola and pepsi. 2.cooler. Primary data collection : The survey report and the questionnaires are filled up by the data from primary sources.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The purpose of methodology is to describe the research procedure.           Total number of outlets. Name. Service frequency. phone number. Signage and display present. . Mode of payment. Type of research Method of Research Sampling Method Sample Unit Sample Size : : : : : Exploratory Research Design Data Collection Method Random Sampling Hyper 3 METHOD OF DATA COLLECTION 1. types of outlets. Address.

processes and relationships. by all our business units this enables us to raise a standard even higher. We inform and educate our business partners about our standards so that . We are never content to let our standard become static. Everyone who works for or with coca-cola is empowered and expected to maintain the highest standard Of quality in product. In our ingredients evaluation laboratories. For each of these areas. COMMITMENT TO QUALITY: The coca-cola quality system is a world wide initiative involving every aspect of our business. ANALYSIS OF EDS DATA The EDS data was compiled at each distributor area level( in case of an agency) and each route level( in case of a direct route). summaries were generated in prescribed format.Fieldwork was done onto maximum accuracy from my side but some discrepancy might have crept in keeping in mind the limitations of the fieldwork. The data collected according to the structured EDS format and maximum possible effort was made to reduce subjectivity. The coca cola quality system mandates indepth self assessment through our operations. The analysis of these summaries laid the foundation for all the further work of the project. or relying on any form of secondary data was not the idea. COMPILATION OF EDS Data was collected from primary source because the objective of the project was to find out market share first hand. Our processes too undergo constant scrutiny to safe guard water we use in our product and the packaging that carries them to our customers. for example we perform precise analysis of fruit juices and other ingredients send to us by our suppliers to ensure and to improve product quality. Primary data thus gave current position of market share of coke.

a sample size of 3 hyper stores was taken –Big Bazaar ( Sahara Ganj ). Big Bazaar ( Riverside Mall ) and Spencers ( Fun Republic ).they meet the highest quality requirements. SAMPLING PLAN The study was conducted in Lucknow. METHODS ADOPTED FOR DATA ANALYSIS The data analysis is done through the following :  Tables  Pie chart  Flowchart . Under the coca cola quality systems quantity is our highest business onjective and our highest enduring obligations. For the purpose of study.

Adopted two types of distribution channels (direct route & indirect route). Less advertisement channels. A company official does not visit outlets regularly. WEAKNESSES        Less personal contacts with retailers.G. Brand “Thumps up” alone covers the big market.A‟s ( Sales generating assets) Not proper condition with retailers. Well trained and experienced workers and executives are avalaible. Service is not good. OPPORTUNITIES   High growth rate for fruit drink market. . Strong distribution network. Repairing of S. Limited schemes. Better facility provided by the competitors to their distribution this might lead to swittch over to slice distribution towards competitors. Therefore there is a need only of marinating this share in future. THREATS   High growth of competitors product.SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS     Good company image.

That was how I was able to apply my theory in project. Fate dealer survey the consumers in wrong direction.CONCLUSION My rigorous summer training on the project titled market share of coca cola in lucknow city. monopoly counters and its marketing strategy. Each segment has its own pros and cons. . The inclination towards the specific segment has to be understood clearly because it indicates a sale of particular flavor which is more appealing than the other ones. gave me a good scope to study the working market. The major driving force for coca cola was its cordial customers relationships. This survey was conducted on the basis of availability of different flavors and packs of a specific brand. Example: thumpsup which is proving as a range among young generation also observe the change between the fate dealer. Coca cola exceeded its arch rival pepsico by a good percentage. It is advisable to maintain a brand loyalty in the company as it is in the other countries so it should maintain the direct contact with the retailers and influences them by monetary benefits. On the basis of brand survey concluded in Lucknow city coca cola emerged as a winner among cola war. Connecting link influences the choice of the wire a lot and has to be kept in mind. subdealers. IT carries out a total product sales It carries out a total product sales pyramid which shows the dependence criteria of the various segment made in it.

services and profit margin (difference of Rs.  Coca-cola sales people are good in interaction and dealing with customers.8)  Coke also produces a hot beverage: Georgia tea/coffee. coke offers two bottles (2lts) at a price of Rs. Personal relations with the retailers influence the frequency of supply.  Coke offers 11 products in its product line. thus coke is better.  Coke provides better promotional schemes and services as compared to pepsi. Glow signs.  In the segments of pet bottles.  Delivery van of coca cola is in better condition as compared to pepsi. .  There is more demand of coke and thumps up because of better promotional schemes.  Coca-Cola provides the entire flavor in the market but pepsi does not provide all the flavors.  Campaigning schemes of coca cola are better of coca cola. paintings and signage of coke are more than compare to pepsi.FINDINGS  There is a tough competition between two major soft drinks companies in the market namely the coca cola Company and pepsi.89 only.

as we found that direct expanation of small retailers in term of scheme and price of careates. 3. 2. 7.Daily visit of executive is to make a good distribution network and satisfaction to retailers and dealers. 4. 6. 2. 5. This will give a good impression to the customers and it will also help in making consumers brand loyal. Success of undertaking of project lies in the unbranded implemental suggestions. 3.SUGGESTIONS Suggestions are the most vital section of project report.Proper arrangements of vehicles taxi in supply product.Daily visit of vehicles. Some of these important suggestions are as follows: For market share of different flavor 1.Concrete on outputs area were required huge quantity of goods.To appoint sub-dealer and monopoly counter for effective supply product.Company itself should develop of good report with retailers who have large scale and should be continuously motivated by using mopnetory motivations. .Company shpould emphasis more on availability of various flavors to meet out the demand of customers through proper supply chain.From advertising and brand loyalty concept point of view company should make more and more monopoly counters in prime locations.Proper supply of goods. For effective distribution network 1. services to retailer is very essential.Strategy of coca cola of appointing sub dealer in different localiytu does not seem to be fruitful. Sometime these suggestions play an important role in planning of an organization.

The major brand of company ib thumps up. its demand is more but the delivery of it is not proper for the reason customer is re divert to the purchase of pepsi. 2. coca cola and fanta these are available in suficient quantity.Each brand has distinguish punch line for instant communication to customer.This is the duty of company executive abd personnel to convey proper information & schemes to retailers about the brand and should see the availability of product On the basis of advertisements. 2.For availability of brands 1. 1.Incase of 500ml pet bottles . 3. .Advertisement should be present in an emotional way with good brand ambassador so that it will help to sell more and more.

Due to shortage of monetory resources the project report does not reach to its perfection. .Lack of sales executive interest to answer the question is also an important limitation. so these data cant be generalised for the complete year.Some dealers did not want to tell us the actual sale of soft drinks from the counter. 9.The survey has been conducted in few areas of lucknow due to limited time. 10. which is the boom period. 6. 4. 5. 2.Lack of customers interest to answer the question is also an important limitations.Time factor acted a big constant. The universe is too large to be covered within given time period. which are listed below: 1. it has limitations.Lack of knowledge of area has also affected the research. 8.Data collected during the summer session. 3. It is very difficult to make people understand the significance of conducting survey.LIMITATIONS When such a project is conducted. Some respondants were not willing to answer.The entry and exit of new and old outlets can also effect the market share.There is lack of co ordination among the various agencies of the companies. 7.

com/ourcompany/manifesto_for_growth./CocaCola-bets-big-on-India-p.html SUGGESTION nition/gap-analysis.wikipedia.shtml www.BIBLIOGRAPHY www.html www.html ..


MARKETING ROLL NO. LUCKNOW-226026 WWW.INTEGRALUNIVERSITY.AC. SHISHIR SRIVASTAVA MARKETING HEAD.B. SHAKIL KHAN H.LUCKNOW UNDER GUIDANCE OF MOHD. KURSI RAOD.A PROJECT REPORT ON “MARKET SURVEY AND GAP ANALYSIS OF OUTLETS IN MODERN TRADE” PREPARED AND PRESENTED TO “COCA-COLA” UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF MR.) INTEGRAL UNIVERSITY SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT FOR THE AWARD OF DEGREE OF MASTERS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MADE BY : DIVYA KESARVANI MBA 2ND YEAR. COCA-COLA.A. 00800122029 INTEGRAL UNIVERSITY DASAULI.O. (M.IN .D. Varsha and Gaurav Kesarwani and all other super house staff for their consistent encouragement and for providing me necessary information about marketing in modern trade.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I am thankful to “ advance sales and services pvt.A III rd semester ) . Shakil Khan for building concrete platform before sending me on training. I take the opportunity to acknowledge and express given to me by sincere thanks for the inspiration and perfect guidance and encouragement given to me by my university guide Mr. I would like to present my deep sense of gratitude to marketing head of modern trade. Divya Kesarwani ( M. Mrs. “ for offering me a great chance to undergo project training in this prestigious organization.

Bushra Siddiqui ( M. Shakil Khan for building concrete platform before sending me on training.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I am thankful to “ advance sales and services pvt. I take the opportunity to acknowledge and express given to me by sincere thanks for the inspiration and perfect guidance and encouragement given to me by my university guide Mr. I would like to present my deep sense of gratitude to marketing head of modern Mrs.A III rd semester ) .B. Varsha and .Gaurav Kesarwani and all other super house staff for their consistent encouragement and for providing me necessary information about marketing in modern trade. “ for offering me a great chance to undergo project training in this prestigious organization.



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