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Gulp and Gasp Drama ( Part 1 )

Gulp and Gasp Drama ( Part 1 )

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Published by Dans Asytar

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Published by: Dans Asytar on Apr 08, 2012
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Gulp and Gasp Drama ( Part 1

Once upon a time in England, there lived an evil man named Lord Septic. He’s like any other upper-class men who has already have a great amount of fortune but still searching for more. He has a loyal servant named Crouch. Unlike Lord Septic who is a cruel, arrogant and proud person, Crouch is rather plain, clumsy and a little bit dimwits. This story starts at an empty railway station at night. It was cold and foggy that day. Lord Septic can be seen stomping up and down the platform under a gas lamp while Crouch is carrying his bag, running along behind him. Lord Septic:

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