F1 1.I use a two wheeler because it is affordable 2. It gives me a sense of freedom to own a two wheeler 3.

Low maintenance cost makes a two wheeler very economical in the long run 4. A two wheeler is essentially a man’s vehicle 5. I feel very powerful when I’m on my two wheeler 6. Some of my friends who do not have their own vehicle are jealous of me 7. I feel good whenever I see the ad for my two=wheeler in the TV , in a magazine or on a hoarding 8. My vehicle gives me a comfortable ride 9. I think two-wheelers are a safe way to travel 10. Three people should be legally allowed to travel on a twowheeler EIGEN VALUE CUMULATIVE PERCENTAGE(%)


F3 .780

-.639 .604 .970 .964 .945 .971 .848 .881 .874 3.883 38.382 2.777 66.598 1.375 80.346 .594

The Eigen value shows that 3 factors Cost , Comfort , Masculine Feeling are loading more than one values.(from table) Therefore, we consider all three factors. We also see that 4,5,6,7 are under factor 1 (masculine feeling), 2,3,8,9 under factor 2 (comfort feeling) , and rest 1,10 are under factor 3(cost).

Name: Navojit Mukherjee Sec-A, Roll- 11202034