O’Lord ,Thank you for everything you have given me. Grant me the wisdom to make the right decisions. Grant me the patience to work towards my goals. Grant me wisdom to spread peace everywhere Thank you for helping me in the past . Please keep helping me in the future also You have always been here for me, especially in my darkest hours. I come to you during this time of need I ask that you take my worries and replace them with your love and grace Grant me the strength I need during this time. Please help me to see the beauty in everything and everyone, even when dark clouds fall upon me. May all beings have joy, peace , and prosperity. May all be free from sorrow and sickness . May all live in equanimity, Let no one deceive another, Let your love flow outward through the universe, to its height, its depth, its broad extent. Dear Lord, please help me find my way. Dear Lord guide me on my journey and be my light when I am lost. Please give me a happy peaceful and united family . Please keep me united with my parents ,my brother and sister and you. Please shield me from things I cannot handle. You are the blessed morning You are the blessed night With you all things are possible Thank you for always being with me I know your presence is always there And all I need to do is have faith in you. Thank you, Lord. I am truly blessed to have you in my life. Please help me to remember you all the time Please help me to serve you all the time Let me follow path of Yoga Let me follow yam and niyams of Raj Yoga which make us better citizens Let us salute Yoga that makes the body beautiful and healthy
Let us salute Yoga that make us have better control over mind and body YOG SADHAN ASHRAM GURGAON ,INDIA

God is one whether it is Abraham, Jesus Christ , Allaha, Budha, Rama, Krishna or Guru Nanak or Prabhu Ram lalji

You are everything to me
You are my father ,my mother , my friend ,my well wisher . O Lord you are my knowledge ,education ,wealth and everything


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