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5. Rika : We will have a new English teacher. Arga : Are you certain? Rika : Yeah. The teacher is my aunty. My uncle told me about it a few days ago. Arga : I see Who is the new teacher ? A. Arga's aunt. B. Rika's uncle. C. Rika's aunt. D. Rika and Arga's aunt.

1. Ema : Here we are Ida : Are you sure this is Jessica’s house ? Ema : Absolutely ! Ida : What a big house ! Ida said, “ Are you sure this is Jessica’s house ?” It means she.............. A. B. C. D. Asks for certainty Shows her certainty Asks for information Describes for information

This text is for questions 6 to 8 Do you have a garden at your house ? Perhaps your mother and father like to plant some flowers in the garden. They always look after them every day,don’t they ? They have to check if the plants grow well. Actually this is the work of a horticulturalist. Plants need light, air, water and nutrients. Light and air are natural elements. A gardener cannot do much to control these. But, perhaps he can make sure that the plants are planted where they get the greatest amount of light. Most plants get enough nutrients from the soil. Sometimes we can add extra nutrients by using either natural or artificial fertilizers. Artifical fertilizers are chemical products.

2. Mr. Ray

: Sorry, dear. I can’t pick you up at school this afternoon. Mona : Do you have a meeting, Dad? Mr. Ray : No. But there’s something wrong with the motorcycle Mona : Can’t you fix it yourself, Dad? Mr. Ray : ............... I will bring it do a repair shop right now A. Is that so? B. Any ideas, dear? C. I doubt if I can do it D. I’m sure if I can do it This dialog is for questions 3 and 4 Ms. Ika Opik Ms. Ika Opik Ms. Ika : O.K, students. Please open page 35 and do task A up to C : Pardon, Ma’am? : Open your book page 35 and do tasks A up to C : O.K. Thanks, Ma’am. : Well, any questions? Please do it carefully

6. What does a horticulturalist do every day ? A. He checks if the plants grow well B. He plants trees to get money C. He picks some flowers in the garden D. He makes natural fertilizers 7. Why should plants get the greatest amount of light ? Because .................. A. They need light to live B. Light is a natural element C. Plants produce water and nutrients D. A gardener uses light to keep the plants 8. Which is the best title for the next above ? A. What Does a Plant Need to Grow ? B. How Does a Plant Get Nutrients ? C. What Does a Gardener Need to Do ? D. How Do Plants Flower Well ? 9. Viko : Intan : Viko : Intan : Intan, I will pick you up at four thirty. Sorry, what did you say? I will pick you up at four thirty ! Please be ready. O.K.

3. The dialog occurs in........ A. The teachers’ office B. The classroom C. The laboratory D. The library 4. Opik said, “Pardon, Ma’am?” It means he............ A. B. C. D. Asks for information Asks for an explanation Wants to repeat his words Asks his teacher to repeat his words

Intan said, "Sorry, what did you say ?" What does it mean ? A. She asks for a repetition. B. She repeats her words. C. She asks for certainty. D. She shows her certainty.

.. So. the students will do three subjects each day D.” What does the world “relatives” mean ? A.This text is for questions 10 to 12 The sugar glider is a marsupial. The test is a hard job because..... The position of somebody or something in organization D. how to get good marks 15.. You will have the mid – term test next week. 16.. Attention... A. Please check your work before you hand it.. A. the teacher will keep an eye on the students B. Has come D... the students should study harder C. The way people behave in a certain group For number 20 and 21. Stale flavor .. please? We.. May I have your attention.” The word “delicious” means. The sugar glider is a possum.. it glides 10..... What does the text tell us about ? A. A. Their hands and feet can easily grip branches and objects. “Chimpanzees are human’s closest relatives compared to any other ape. It eats leaves and fruits. low C.. The following are chimpanzees’ food. the materials are difficult to do This text is for questions 16 to 18 Chimpanzees are human’s closest relatives compared to any other ape.. Finds C.... Wish you all get good marks.(11).. thought C...... Anyone who lost it. Bitter taste D. Lives C... Ten minutes to the end of the test. please... Nice taste C... A. Leaves D. little insects C........ but they climb among the trees... Make sure you have answered all questions. It is very similar to “tupai” in Indonesia. skill 12. It basically . Came B. The diet of Chimpanzees D.. plays 11. Stays B.. A.. the kangaroo and the koala... please study harder. for instance. Chimpanzees communicate with each other using a wide variety of sound.. the work This text is for questions 14 and 15 Your attention.. Chimpanzees’ habits 19. Come 22... choose the suitable words to fill in the blank. (20) a black leather wallet in the toilet this morning.. small mammals B..... A. ants and never refuse of sweet fruit and nuts. ten minute time D. It can jump from tree to tree.. (12) like the “tupai”... “Please check your work before you hand it.. Chimpanzees’ habitats C. (10) in trees. Thank you. character D.. In fact. aside 13.... the test B. please ... A.... mood B.. because their hobby is swinging. 20. However. Bad smell B. What is the favorite place for chimpanzees to stay ? A. “Mother makes some delicious cakes for me... But it can also sort of fly. Found B... a difficult job to do C.... A.. A.. the incoming test B... the Australian sugar glider has a very special.. the question C... Thanks you 14. Chimpanzees’ physical appaerance B.. just like so many other Australian animals....... It’s not an easy job. the final examination D.(21) to the information center. They like to stay on the ground. of course. sweet fruits D. A... You will have three subjects each day. on a certain object 17... A thing that belongs to the same group as something else B... The word “it” refers to. high D. fast B.... except. Founded D.. please. The announcement is about... nuts 18. The process of comparing two or more people or things C.. Comes C.. Chimps like to search for termites.. among the trees B.. on the branches C. on the ground D. Is finding 21.

The principal has agreed the plan. Which of the following are what you should do in a table manner ? A. A new Japanese restaurant. 5. start B.. : Sylvia. D. 28.  Do not eat food with your fingers unless it is finger foods such as bread. Why can't Inggrid and Melinda go home? A. C.  Do not put your elbows on the table or slouch. Garnish it with lemon or peach wedge. C. D. all visitors. Mother Sylvia Mother 25. By using a blender. 7. By cutting cinnamon sticks into pieces. B. This text is for questions 30 to 33 Peach Tea Ingredients :  2 cups peach nectar  1 tablespoon fresh lime juice  4 tablespoons granulated sugar  2 cinnamon sticks  4 teabags Methods : 1. 2. Take only the tea in another container. They have something else to do. Get kinds of delicious Japanese food there with economic price. How do you blend the boiling water with teabags and cinnamon sticks ? A. Singgih This text is for questions 26 and 27 Attention. This text is for questions 28 and 29 The following are some tips in a table manner :  When a dish is presented. D. Pour the boiled water over teabags and cinnamon sticks. A new seafood restaurant. B. Chew with the mouth closed. change D. B. By stirring briefly. father bought a new car. Why is Singgih sure that they will have a study tour to Jakarta ? A. and do not talk when chewing a mouthful of food. Their old car. In a restaurant. pizza. Melinda : You're right. He read the plan on the school board. D. C.23. Where can you hear such an announcement ? A. C.  Do not make unbecoming noises while eating. B. What is the announcement about ? A. Pour into glasses containing ice cubes. refrain from coughing sneezing………. To tell how to make something through some steps. Their father. A new mall. It rains heavily. To describe a particular thing. etc. To amuse the readers. The class has not ended yet.  Do not talk at an excessively loud volume. Is it positive? Singgih : Sure. Put the elbows on the table. C. Your father is on the way home with the car now.  If at all possible. avoid or 24. 30. Feeling tired and hungry after shopping? Don't worry. To describe the way things are 31. .  Chew with the mouth closed. By shaking briefly. Start to eat before everyone is served 29. C. In a mall. fries. Heat water in a vessel and bring it to boil. I didn't. the food is served to one's plate and then passed on to the next person.  Do not start eating until everyone is served. It is Lezatto Restaurant. Add sugar. What is the purpose of the text ? A. available on the first floor. A new sushi restaurant. What does mother tell Sylvia about? A. Allow them to blend for four to five minutes by stirring briefly. : Really.  Do not play with food or table utensils. B. manage C. 4. we can't go home now. Mom? : Yeah. Inggrid Melinda Inggrid : Melinda. C. This can make about six cups of tea. His friend told him about the plan. A new Japanese restaurant has just been opened in this mall. It is very hot. refrain from coughing or sneezing at the table. chicken wings. Our principal has agreed the plan. D. B. It is raining heavily. In a shop. peach nectar and allow it to cool. "If at all possible. 27. Check it out! 26. In a fashion shop. D. B. 3. : Pardon? : We can't go home now. D. D. B. C. Their new house. The principal told him about the plan. lemon juice.” The phrase 'refrain from' has a similar meaning to A. 6. Their new car. Play with food utensils. : Did you know that we will go to Jakarta next holiday for a study tour? Sigit : No.

40. C.. what the first thing will you and your family do if you move into a new house ? : If we move into a new house._____ : Why do you like this bag? It's old fashioned. They want to get up 37.. : It is...Shall I lift it up for you D. papers B.... went D. C. A. It will be very crowded.. ". goes B. Kristin! : Oh hello.. . D. Well.. this suitcase is too heavy for me. Mother ... Will you go 39.How could I do it myself C. Can I go D. Make 34..What can I do for you Dinda : There's West Life show in Senayan. Mom? Mother : I'm afraid not.. . He gets up at four C. Do you go B." (Step 5) The word 'it' refers to________ A. D..? Nurma : With pleasure. A. ________ it still looks very nice. Prepare D. Go 38. B. Nurma. documents 35.. " A. you know. B.. but and or if : Brian. B.. going C. I got up at five B. to see it... sugar B.. to the market an hour ago. Did I go C. and exit permit.. .. come on let's lift it up together.warning 36. Bintang Marsya A. please B.32. She is going to get up D. Let C. The guide told them to check their immigration .. Nurma Kristin : Hi. lemon juice C. Wisnu Brian A..."(Step 1) What does the word 'allow' have similar meaning to? A. and allow it to cool....Would you help me. And it's dangerous for a young girl like you.. Avoid.. the tea 33. water D. we have a house-warming party we had a house-warming party we will have a house-warming party we would have a house.. Look. records D. . A.. A. .. .. "Allow it to blend for four to five minutes .. Yani : "What time did you get up this morning?" Yati : " .. such as passport. letters C. visa.

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