STATUS OF DAIRYING AT GOA STATE P.Murali (Ag.Economics), K.Mohanraj (Breeding) and V.

Jayakumar (Pathology) Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore-7 Bovine population Significant progress in animal husbandry and livestock activities were observed, the bovine population has increased in phased manner. A detail of livestock census (2003) is presented in the table1. According to 2003 livestock census, the total livestock population in Goa state was 2.10 lakh. In that bovine occupy 1.12 lakh which was more than 50 percent of total livestock population. The crossbred cow population 5.7 percent Buffalo 17.6 percent and indigenous cow accounts 30 percent in the total bovine population. Table 1. Distribution of bovine population in Goa state as per 2003 livestock census S. No. 1 Particulars Males Working stock Breeding bulls Total males Females Productive animals Replacement stock Growing stock Total females Cross bred cow Indigenous cow Buffalo

1530 99 1629 6294 2223 2158 10675

32680 1019 33699 15660 5667 5225 26552

10494 369 10863 16844 6070 5810 28724


Source: Seventeenth Quinquennial Census of livestock 2003

The table shows that working stock was more in indigenous and buffalo than crossbred cow. Out of 60251 indigenous cattle 55.9 percent is male stock kept for work and breeding. In buffalo out of 39,587, 27.5 percent is maintained for work and breeding where as crossbred cows out of 12,304 only 13 percent kept for work and breeding purpose. This shows high yielding animals (crossbred) kept for milk production. Service Sector for Livestock Population With a view to providing animal breeding and health cover facilities for increased milk production, establishment of various veterinary institutions is extremely important. The Goa state has 4 veterinary hospitals, 24 veterinary dispensaries, 2 livestock farm and 52 veterinary surgeons employed in these institutions. It has 155 dairy co-operatives, 465 milk distribution centres and one dairy plant in 1999-2000. Source P.Murali and Vijayalakshmi. S. (2007). Economic analysis of Milk production in Goa state. Unpub. Ph.D Thesis, NDRI, Karnal.

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