Bomba I had no idea that the bomba was a survival of african traditions that was brought into puerto

rico. I think its pretty cool that they brought there heritage with them. They pretty much used this as a get away. Most of there music were played in sugar plantations, because they took the native people as slaves. Now that I have actually listen to the music and pay attention the songs are african based like a call and respond. Where there is one lead singer and the chorus responds back. The set up is all the drummer are together in a line playing different kinds of instruments. And the dancers are in front of them. The instruments that are used in a bomba group are two drums, a cua, and one maraca. Traditionally the drums are from rum,nail of lard barrels. They use goat skin that is heated to stretch across the top of the drum. To adjust the sound or tune it you got to tighten the drumhead with the ropes of screws. The dancers have traditional clothes that they were to these gatherings. Females wear dress with full skirts, made with white or solid bright colors. Males wear dress in white with large panama hats. The basic step always start on the right foot, the dancers perform in a circle in front of the drummers. There always a solo dancer that approach-

es the subidor(drummer). . and makes rhythmic gestures. That the drummer tries to copy in their drumming pattern.

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