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AP Invoice Tables and Discription

AP Invoice Tables and Discription

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AP Invoice Tables And Details


AP_INVOICES_ALL AP_INVOICES_ALL cont ains records for invoi ces you enter. There is one row for each invoice you ent er. An invoice can hav e one or more invoice distribution lines. An invoice ca n also have one or mor e scheduled payments. An invoice of type EXPENSE REPORT must relate to a row i n AP_EXPENSE_REPORT_H EADERS_ALL unless the record ha s been purged from AP_ EXPENSE_REPORT_HEADER S_ALL. Your Oracle Payables appl ication uses the INTER EST type invoice for interest that it calculates on inv oices that are overdue . Your Oracle Payable s application links the interest i nvoice to the original invoice by inserting the INVOICE_ID in the AP _INVOICE_RELATIONSHIPS table.

AP_INVOICE_DISTRIBUT IONS_ALL AP_INVOICE_DISTRIBUT IONS_ALL holds the dis tribution line inform ation that you enter for invoices. There is a row for eac h invoice distributio n. A distribution line mu st be associated with an invoice. An invoic e can have multiple distributio n lines. Your Oracle P ayables application a utomatically creates rows in this table when: 1) you choose a dist ribution set at the in voice level 2) you import expens e reports 3) you match an invo ice to a purchase orde r or receipt; ituses information from the matched pur chase order or receipt 4) you import invoic es via the Open Interf ace Import process 5) you select to aut omatically calculate t ax 6) you select to aut omatically do withhold ing.

Each invoice distrib ution line has its own accounting date. Whe n you account for an invoice, your OraclePayables applic ation creates account ing events, accounting entry hea ders and accounting en try lines for those d istribution lines that have acco unting dates included in the selected accou nting date range for the Payabl es Accounting Process. The accounting entrie s can then be transferred over to General Ledger by runn ing the Transfer to G eneral Ledger process which create s journal entries. Val ues for POSTED_FLAG m ay be Y for

For supplier invoice distributions entered via Oracle Payables. Oracle Assets only pi cks up invoice distributions with t he ASSET_ADDITION_FLAG set to U and if proj ect–related. The MATCH_STATUS_FLAG in dicates the approval s tatus for the distrib ution. For expe nse report distributi ons interfaced from Oracle Projects to Oracle Payables vi a Invoice Import. or T. Oracle Projects sets t he ASSET_ADDITION_FLA G to P when the PA_ADDITION_FLAG is set to Y. Oracle Assets the n adjusts this flag a fter it tests a distribution for a ssignment as an asset. If the project–relat ed invoice distributio n is charged to a cap ital project in Oracle Projects. the value for the PA_ADDITION_FLAG is set to T. thi s value is set to N. the PA_ADDITION_FLAG is set to N if the distri bution is project–rel ated. otherwise it is set to E and it is updated by Oracle Projects w hen the distribution is proc essed by the Oracle Pr ojects Interface Supp lier Invoice process. or may be set t o a rejection code if the line is rejected during tran sfer to Oracle Project s. For expense report adjus tment lines interfaced from Oracle Projects to Oracle Payables which net t o zero with another li ne. Invoice distr ibutions may be interfaced over/f rom Oracle Assets or O racle Projects. see QuickCodes lis ting for all the errors. For supplier i nvoice adjustment line s interfaced from Ora cle Projects to Oracle Payables ( which must net to zero with another line). To avoid the same in voice distribution bei ng interfaced to both Oracle Projects and Oracle Assets. you must inter face any project–rela ted invoice distribution to Orac le Projects before you can interface it to Oracle Assets. You must correct the rejection reason an try to ret ransfer the line. Values for ACCRUAL_P OSTED_FLAG may be Y if distribution has bee n accounted and system is set up for accrual basis acc ounting or N if eithe r distribution has not been account ed or accrual basis ac counting is not used. Values for CASH_POSTED_FLAG may be Y if distribution has been accounted an d system is set up for cash basi s accounting. with the PA_ADDITION _FLAG set to Y. Z. Values for the MATCH_STATUS _FLAG can be null or N for invoice distribu tions that Approval has not tes ted or T for distribut ions that have been t ested or A for distributions that h ave been tested and ap proved. Your Oracle Payables application sets the ASSETS_ADDIT ION_FLAG to U for dis tributions not tested by Oracle Ass ets. N if eit her distribution has not been accounted or system is not set up for cash basis accounting or P if distribution has bee n partially accounted in the cash set of bo oks.INVOICE_TYPE_LOOK UP_CODE = EXPENSEREPO RT. Both lines are associated with the original inv oice by the Oracle Pr ojects Interface Expense Re ports to AP process. PA_ADDITION_FLAG t racks the status of project–re lated supplier invoice distribution lines a nd expense report distribution lines. Oracle Proj ects sets the PA_ADDIT ION_FLAG to Y or Z af ter the item is successfully proc essed. This row is ne ver picked up by the I nterface Supplier Inv oices process based on the AP_INVO ICES. Z or T. thisvalue is set to T. V alues for the ENCUMBE RED_FLAG are as follows: .accounted distributi ons or N for distribut ions that have not be en accounted.

It is possible for your Oracle Payabl es application to pla ce a certain type of hold on an i nvoice. Value s for HOLD_FLAG may be ’Y’ to place a hold on the scheduled payment.H indicates a regu lar distribution that has not been encumber ed because it was put on hold. For matching holds.R indicates a line to be ignored by encu mbrance and approval code because neither the original nor the reversal dist ributions were looked at and they offset each other so .Y indicates aregul ar distribution that h as been successfully encumbered by Payables. . they can be ignored. .X is the same as W for a reversal distri bution line. . . or ’P’ for partially pa id scheduled payments. Your Oracle Payab les application does not pay invoices that hav e one or more unrelea sed holds recorded in this tab le. This table holds i nformation referenced by the Invoice Holds window . Your Oracle Payables application uses this information to determine when to make payment s on an invoice and ho w much to pay in an a utomatic payment batch.D is the same as Y for a reversal distri bution line. . For non–matching hold s. the primary key is a concatenati on of INVOICE_ID. AP_PAYMENT_SCHEDULES _ALL AP_PAYMENT_SCHEDULES _ALL contains informat ion about scheduled p ayments for an invoice. For converted record s. there is one row for each hold pl aced on an invoice–shi pment match.Nor null indicates a regular line that h as not been encumbere d because it has not been looked at yet. In the strictest sen se..P is the same as H for a reversal distri bution line. But for practical purposes. then release i t. ’N’ for unpaid scheduled payments. there is one row for each hol d placed on an invoice .W indicates a regu lar distribution that has been encumbered i n advisory mode even though ins ufficient funds existe d. Va lues for PAYMENT_STAT US_FLAG may be ’Y’ for fully paid p ayment schedules. You need on e row for each time yo u intend to make a pa yment on an invoice. An invoi ce may have one or more correspo nding rows in this tab le. . which would result in a duplicat e primary key. AP_HOLDS_ALL AP_HOLDS_ALL contain s information about ho lds that you or your Oracle Payables application place on an invoice. .and HOLD _LOOKUP_CODE. AP_HOLDS_ALL has no primary key. AP_AE_LINES_ALL An accounting entry line is an entity cont aining a proper accou nting entry with debits or credi ts both in transaction currency as well as functional . o r ’N’ not to do so. enter a value for AMOUNT_REM AINING. LINE _LOCATION_ID. then place another hold of the same type (if data c hanges before each sub mission of Approval).

An accounting entry line is groupe d with other accountin g entry lines for a s pecific accounting entry hea der. Y indicates that th e accounting entry header has bee n transferred to GL. or E . E indicates tha t an error was encoun tered during the transfer to GL p rocess. The transferred to GL status is marke d in the GL_TRANSFER_ FLAG. An accounting entry hea der can either be tran sferred over to GL or not at all. N indicates that the a ccounting entry header has not been transferred to G L due to 2 possible r easons: either the transfer process has not run or it has run but the accounti ng entry had an accounting error on it. That is. either all its accounting entry l ines are transferred or none at all. . Any such group of accounting entry lin es should result in balanced e ntries in the function al currency.currency along with an account and other r eference information pointing to the transaction data that originated the a ccounting entry line. AP_AE_HEADERS_ALL An accounting entry header is an entity gr ouping all accounting entry lines created for a given accounting event and a particular set of bo oks. Possible values for GL_TRANSF ER_FLAG are Y. N.

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