Zimbabwe going forward By Greg Chiponda www.greg.co.

The Zimbabwean economy is growing, admittedly from a low base and if we accentuate the positive trends of the last four months the country might just make the world league tables this year with the world's fastest growing economy. The establishment of the Government of National Unity between the main political parties in Zimbabwe has raised hope for a laboured revival of the world's fastest shrinking economy. This however is amidst a global crisis which has ....... All the elements of the global crisis as it affects an emerging economy have come together with the dilapidated social infrastructure, high unemployment, low productive capacity, brain drain, food shortages, poverty and massive de-industrialisation to create a perfect storm. As a result the already very low levels of foreign direct investment, portfolio inflows, donor aid, export revenues, tourism revenues and fiscal revenues will be under strain at a time when they are most needed. The greatest national challenge an indispensable requirement for the stabilisation and sustainable growth of the Zimbabwean economy is poverty eradication. It is also critical to note that no country has succeeded when it people are uneducated, critical to the attainment of having an educated nation is having a healthy nation living in a healthy environment. Education is not only important in reducing poverty but is also a critical ingredient for supporting wealth creation.
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