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conference theme

conference theme

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Published by: arshadharanvc on Apr 09, 2012
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Theme of conference:
India is the land of sages, mystics, yogis, philosophers, educators, scientists and professionals in various branches of knowledge. Her culture, which is the heritage and legacy of all these great people, is immortal and eternal. We Indians in particular and Orientals in general, believe that we have rich traditions, enriched customs, and rational habits. But rest of the world believes that we are superstitious, gullible, impoverished, sadistic, ignorant barbarians ready to be cultivated in to civilized populations in third millennium. India is the cradle of Human civilization and a temple of all religions-a true religiously tolerant secular country in sprit even before the word “secularism” was incorporated into the preamble of the constitution by the visionaries’, founding fathers, of this country after independence from the oppressive rule of British East India Company. India not only is the place where major religions Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism evolved but also the only savior and guardian angel for millions of human beings belonging to persecuted faiths like Judaism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, and various persecuted branches of Islamic faith namely Ahamadiya, Bahai, and Agakhani to live and practice their religion and prosper in harmony and peace. Today, in the name of modernism and for necessity of globalism, India, her tolerance, her customs, her faiths her values and finally her integrity as sovereign nation are questioned by the vested interest groups. East India Companies turned Multinational corporations whose sole objective is economic dominance of the world, by spreading ethical, moral, social, political, spiritual decadence and destroying social order and erasing national boundaries for sheer greed and aggrandizement of personal wealth. Are we really superstitious in our traditions? Are our customs, habits, traditions stemmed from the ignorance of barbarians? Are our ideals, values, thoughts, ideas retrograde? Is the faith and convictions of our ancestors in the upright moral ethical culture noteworthy of any consideration? Are the teachings of all great sages, gurus a personal perverted scheme for aggrandizement of wealth? Is the simple living preached and practiced by many of us economic impoverishment? Is the secular teaching of freedom of sprit and religion given to us stemmed out of ignorance? Most of the explanations provided by many scholars, social scientists, behavioral scientists, and nationalists created more questions than answers, more laughter than thought, more a feeling of suspicion and fictitiousness than reason and logic. Today, however, many Indians, carrying the torch of our Indian cultural heritage are making serious efforts and progress towards constructively dealing with all the above issues. Many native Indian scholars are also working in this area. Throughout the western world unknown to many of us Indians, the same attitude is carried though not to praise India but to seek ways to dominate her by attempting to destroy her cultural values in India itself. The pioneering countries in such field are South Africa, many countries in South America, Germany, Australia, U.S.A and U.K. Hong Kong, Russia, Serbia and Japan. In many cases, the research is either not concertedly pursued or disengaged midstream due to lack of encouragement, guidance, funding, direction, and partly also due to the discouragement from

uninterested individuals. Most often, the researchers are pursuing similar tracks as what others are doing or something that has already been done. Often, however, when genuine research concluded, the findings went unnoticed due to language barriers, and academic bias. The disconnect between Vedic Scholars / Researchers and the current scientific community is really disheartening. This conference is a mundane human attempt to bring the Vedic scholars, scientists and research scholars together to protect the sovereignty and great cultural and scientific heritage of our country and to pass this message to our young and future generations so that they will come out of misconception that our culture is superstitious, gullible, impoverished and sadistic. Along with the above to realize the great philosophical and advanced scientific perspective of our great culture which establishes the concept “vasudaiva kutumbam.“ If at all this Vedic heritage is to be carried out then it is the young dynamic vibrant Indian Youth should take lead. The effort is to present the Vedic Heritage in the most modern cutting edge scientific light and to even pave the path for today’s science to adapt the Veda as guide post in saving humanity from the self inflicted path of destruction of greed, avarice and corruption.

“Sarve janah sukhino bavanthu” “Sathyameva jayathe”

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