SAG / AFTRA PERSONAL Height: 6’1” Weight 160lbs Phone: (917) 842-2835 Email: Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Dark Brown

TV: Law & Order SVU Gotham Royal Pains Boars Head Damages Blue Bloods Blackjack Rookies The Good Wife SMASH Blue Bloods The 22 Lights Out Kings Film: After Earth The Dictator Twylight Zones Tower Heist Premium Rush Heal A Girl and Her Guardian 2050 Escape Violence Project Faculty of Law Hand-to-hand Rachet SUV Driving Fall Squib / Gun fire Stair-fall / Gun fire / Knife fight Squib / Hand-to-hand Hand-to-hand Hand-to-hand Hand-to-hand Driving Hand-to-hand Hand-to-hand Hand-to-hand Rachet Hand-to-hand Hand-to hand Car Avoidance Car Avoidance Hand-to-hand Hand-to-hand Waterboarding Hand-to- hand/Crossbow/Rigging Hand-to-hand Hand-to-hand Jery Hewitt Blaise Corrigan Cort Hessler Chris Barnes Mike Russo Cort Hessler Vince Cupone Stephen Pope Cort Hessler Jery Hewitt Cort Hessler Stephen Pope Blaise Corrigan/ Bobby Beckles Blaise Corrigan RA Rondell / Jeff Habberstad Alex Daniels Pete Buccosi Stephen Pope George Aguilar/Jill Brown Drew Leary Drew Leary Myself Drew Leary Drew Leary Drew Leary NBC Television Fox TV Productions Universal Productions Class A National FX Productions CBS Television Comedy Central CBS Television CBS Television NBC Television CBS Television CBS Television Fox TV Productions NBC Universal Blinding Edge Pictures Paramount Pictures Paramount Pictures Universal Pictures Columbia Pictures Brotherhood Films NYU Film Leggett Productions Columbia Grad Film An Films NYU Film

Weapons/Skills: Rigging, rappelling, fire-arms, crossbow, rapier, dagger, shortsword, smallsword, broadsword, knife, chains, found objects, axe, quarterstaff.