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Idle Control (2)

Idle Control (2)

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Published by: Park Joseph on Apr 09, 2012
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Joseph Park Professor Alex Tavares ENC 1102 2/2/2010

With only enough time to think, “Why such a ubiquitous light, without anything particularly illuminated?” the thought was thought with no subsequent thought to conclude, or so it was thought. Without knowing, or caring to think about, how he had arrived where he was, he found himself „catching or coming across‟ a fleeting glimpse of a clock eliciting some eerie form of prompt attention from a recess of the thoroughly bright chamber. Of all of the random, formless objects to reach out from the shadows of indifference, the clock with his hands extended toward him, not to point out the time, but to get a grasp on something else entirely. Something about the clock triggered an intervening of conscious pondering in the midst of seemingly idle thought and action. Whether the thought and action would not have seemed idle without the contrast of thought, after the sight of the clock, would not be „debated‟ until later. As he was drawing nearer towards autonomous thought, he muttered, “What is it about that clock?” I could not quite yet come to realize what was out of place about this clock. “Or, maybe something about this clock is in place to tell me something,” he stated. Then as things started to come into focus I questioned, “But, what?” He did not before remember why clocks are one of a few known signals that make helpful tools in idle situations. “That‟s what it was,” I „was realizing‟, as I struggled to make my way to a light switch. Just as I was about to remember why the light switch was to be the next key in this process of unknown „relevance or urgency‟, it all seemed to happen in the blink of an eye. I hit the light switch. Everything was

he began to attempt something his philosophy teacher assured him would work. He was afraid that his suddenly momentous fear of losing his chance at a lucid dream actually actualized the object of his fear. Brower „exclaimed‟. He was startled as he whipped around to see Joe Brower. The „contrary‟ only seemed to be the case. along with two other high school acquaintances. The two accomplices underlyingly undermined the senses of memory and realization. If recognition was reflected profusely anon. the same friends. which optimized the potential of both camaraderie and competition. “All I need to do. and the same weight class.” he said. One was born one day after the other. Not only was he in the same grade. and environmental conditioning. societal. with a gun in his hand. but they also shared the same first name. He woke up in a car. however. just as it all was becoming clearer.Park 2 just as dim. he naturally focused elsewhere . Joe Brower was his co captain of the wrestling team of the high school they used to attend. which according to astrology makes them virtually the same if you strip them of all of life‟s circumstantial. “is hold my hand in front of my face. And just to be sure. “I just need to keep it here without letting any outside interference dist…” “Joe!” Mr. The urgency of the dream still echoed in his head. a correlation of any one thing might seam seamlessly. I ranted. it became clear that it all might disappear.” As I began to focus my mind on what was in front of me. In time for him to not notice conspicuously unnoticeable and inconspicuously noticeable about them.

.Park 3 As he began rambling rightly to Joe Brower in excitement about everything that just happened. and how frustrated he was that he could not continue. he bequeathed the automatic assault rifle transferring it to the hand left „lingering‟ in the air. They made their way toward his next idly controlled predestination.

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