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ELC - Europe

ELC - Europe

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Published by: Catherine Dooley on Apr 10, 2012
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Europe – You are the program director of the Delphi Camp in Greece.

Your director has received inquiries about doing a camp exchange from a number of your campers and their parents. Your director thinks that exposing your campers and counselors to other cultures is a good idea. S/he asks you to draft a short proposal (no more than two pages) to a camp director in the United States (you choose) requesting a camper exchange. Be sure to include a description of what camp is like in Greece and explain why an exchange would be beneficial to both parties.

Jim Miller Camp Director; Camp Greystone Summer Camp for Girls My Name is Catherine Dooley and I am the program director at the Delphi Camp in Greece. It is important that the Delphi Camp expands our boundaries and gets to know other cultures. American Camps have always been something that interests me, and I believe that a camper exchange program could benefit both our camps in great ways. Over the past few weeks I have been looking into camps in the US and yours jumped out at me for many reasons. Looking through your website it is clear to me that we both have similar schedules as well as activities available at our camps. One thing that is missing from the Delphi Camp is a religious aspect; one that I know is very important over at Camp Greystone. Although I am aware that your camp is centered on a Christian background, it will be helpful to understand how to incorporate any religion into a camp setting and bring that back to Greece with some of the counselors and campers. In return, my counselors and campers would be able to provide your organization with an eyeopening look into the background of Europe’s culture as well as some differences that may work well in America. Everyone likes to have an enjoyable time while still learning life goals and I think that both of our camps are on the same page when it comes to that. Looking into what’s really important, our goal, and I believe yours is to continue to help children grow and

. Catherine Dooley. Greece. Director Delphi Camp. I hope that you will consider my proposal and look into our relationship growing as international friends in the future. counselor or director exchange will be beneficial and surprisingly fun and educational for both parties. With this as our common goal.develop in a safe environment where the normal societal pressures are absent. Best.

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