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EDITION 1 DMA TM 8358.1 s0 ira Defense Mapping vay COLA aY DMA _ TECHNICAL MANUAL DATUMS, ELLIPSOIDS, GRIDS, AND GRID REFERENCE SYSTEMS APPROVED FOR PUBLIC RELEASE; DISTRIBUTION UNLIMITED DMA STOCK NO. DMATMS3581TEXT NOTICE ! TM 8358.1 is undergoing revision to incorporate changes to fully implement specifications for the World Geodetic System 1984 (WGS 84) on new DMA products. The revised manual will be published in two parts. Part aA will contain general guidance and Part B will provide guidance for production of specific mapping and charting products. Part A will be available spring 1996 and Part B later that year. This document is a limited reprint of TM 8358.1, Edition 1, to satisfy interim requirements of DOD users, system developers, and DMA production personnel. The information contained in Edition 1 is accurate for portrayal of grids, projections, and geodetic datums on DMA products produced prior to September 1990. Information on maps or charts revised or compiled after that date may reflect differences in Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) 100,000-meter square identification letters due to transition to the WGS 84 datum and ellipsoid. Appendix D, "Index to Preferred Grids, Datums, and Ellipsoids Specified For New Mapping", has been removed from this interim printing because of obsolete information. The index will be updated and made available as a separate product. Caution should be exercised in applying information provided in chapter 4, " Nonstandard systems in Current Use". Significant revisions have been made to this chapter. Questions relating to the contents of this manual should be directed to DMA customer support teams, liaison officers, or Geodesy and Geophysics Department customer support staff at (703) 275-8539, DSN 235-8539. 23 February 1996 Notice ! REPORT DOCUMENTATION PAGE To RENCY USE ONLY (leave Blank) [REPORT OATE oon ee SEPTEMBER 1990 "TTMLE AND SUBTITIE "5. FUNDING NUMBERS Datums, Ellipsoids, Grids, and Grid Reference systems (UNCLASSIFIED) Hager, John W.; Fry, Larry L.; Jacks, Sandra S.; Hill, David R. 7 PERFORMING ORGANIZATION NAME(S] AND ADDRESSES) Defense Mapping Agency Bydrographic/Topographic Center (SDEG) 6500 Brookes Lane Washington, D.Cc., 20315-0030 'E. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION REPORT NUMBER DMA TM 9358.1 "10, SPONSORING MONITORING AGENCY REPORT NUMBER DMA TH 8358.1 Tb, DISTRIBUTION CODE DISTRIBUTION UNLIMITED TH ABSTRACT (Masimam 200 words) ‘This manual describes the basic principles of the Military Grid Reference System and the non-standard reference systems. It describes the method for determining references on maps and charts at scales of 1:1,000,000 and larger. It contains identifications for the grid zone designations and for the 100,000 meter squares of the Universal Transverse Mercator Grid and the Universal Polar Sterographic Grid. It also contains the specifications and grid identifications for the various non-standard grids. It provides diagrams and textual information for delineating geodetic datums and ellipsoids. Ta SuBIeCT TERMS 15. NUMBER OF PAGES Position location, military grid, geodetic datum, 150 coordinate reference system, ellipsoid, spheroid, Te PRICE CODE graticule, chart, projection. T7. SECURITY CLASSIFICATION [ 18. SECURITY CLASSIFICATION ‘ar RePoRT OF THis PAGE ‘OF amsTRact UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED NSW 75e0.01 780-5500 Tandard Farm 258 (Rev DOH) 0- UMITATION OF ABSTRACT TS. SECURITY CLASSIFICATION