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Why is Didier So HAPPY and SAD

Why is Didier So HAPPY and SAD

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Published by: 21mamakin on Apr 10, 2012
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Why is Didier so happy?

Because he is a successful football player and manager with a fantastic career! Because he has a lot of money. Because he’s renegotiating his salary after winning the league and Cup double. Because his team are playing very well at the moment. Because his team has taken 13 points from the last 15 available. Because he hasn’t lost a home game since September! Because he’s just found out that Gignac has been sold to Fulham! Because he’s been joking with journalists after a 6-0 victory against Barcelona. *

Because he’s been talking to Lionel Messi..who wants to join OM! * Because for the last 90 minutes he’s been watching his team outplay Barcelona! Because he’s been receiving compliments from journalists for the last 20 mins! Because he’s been in a good mood since he got up this morning. Because he made a great and decisive substitution in the second half! Because he didn’t have to speak to José Anigo this morning as he was sick. Because he will be in Paris tomorrow to negotiate Lionel Messi’s contract. Because he will surely reach his objectives this season and so get his bonus. Because he’s going to have dinner with Adriana Karembeu tonight. Because José Anigo is leaving the club by ‘mutual consent’ ! Because..

Why is Didier so sad?

Because he is the manager of Marseille! Because he doesn’t like losing to PSG. Because he’s feeling the heat from Marguerita and Vincent! Because OM are playing so badly at the moment. Because he hasn’t won a game since October! Because his African players have left for the CAN. Because he’s been watching OM struggle against a team from CFA for 90 minutes! Because he’s been trying for ages to find the right defensive pairing.. Because he’s been in this job for too long! Because he’s had a rubbish squad since the beginning of the season. Because he lost the Champions’ League final against Porto. Because he didn’t sleep well last night. Because he will never repeat the double with a team like this one! Because he will be sacked if his team keep playing like this. Because he won’t get any better job offers if OM are relegated. Because recent results mean he won’t have met his goals at the end of the season. Because he’s been negotiating his budget for the next transfer window.* Because he’s been reading about all the world-class players who want to join PSG.* Because…

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