GUIDELINES FOR RESEARCH PROJECT REPORT In fourth semester, students will have to submit a Research Project Report on a problem

/topic (from the Specialization areas) to be assigned by the Department MBA under the supervision of a core faculty member of the department. The research project report will carry 150 marks. The evaluation of the project report will be done by two external examiners and will consist of (i) Evaluation of Project Report (100 Marks) (ii) Viva on Project (50 Marks). The average of the marks awarded by the 2 two examiners will be taken into account for the results. In case the difference in the awards given by the examiners is 30 or more marks, the project report will be referred to the third examiner. In such cases the average of two closer awards (given by three examiners) will be taken into account for the results. The report will contain the objectives and scope of the study. Research methodology, use, importance of the study, analysis of data collected, conclusions and recommendations. It will contain relevant charts, diagrams and bibliography. A certificate of the Supervisor and the Head of the MBA program certifying the authenticity of the report shall be attached therewith. The student will have to submit the report to the Head of the MBA program. The number of pages in the report will be 75 or more in standard font size (12) and double spacing. The report should be typed in A-4 size paper. REPORT STRUCTURE: The training report should contain information as per the following order:       Cover and title page(Must be colored) Certificate by the MBA department, UIM Acknowledgement Preface Declaration Index • Tables • Figures exclusively along with page no. • *Containing chapters *Chapter wise description 1. Objectives of the study 2. Review of literatures 3. Comprehensive chapters about the organization a) Vision, mission, goals, & objectives of the Company. Its position/stages in the life cycle. Overview of the different departments, with its functions within & outside of the company. b) Policies, Strategies & Performance (Market share Analysis, Profitability analysis or competitors analysis etc.) c) Products/services offered by the Company 4. Comprehensive chapter about the area of Research (it may be HR, Finance, Marketing & IT & its correlation with the topic) 5. Research Study a) Scope of the study b) Research Methodology (it may be exploratory or descriptive Research). e. Sources of data collection f. Tools and techniques for analysis of data. g. Limitations of the study 6. Data analysis & interpretation 7. Findings 8. Recommendations 9. Conclusions 10. Bibliography - Annexure (compulsory) (e.g. Latest Audited final A/C of the respective Company, Product Brochure, HR Guidelines etc.)

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