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Nazar Data

Nazar Data

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Published by: Ivana Nazar-Olaciregui on Apr 10, 2012
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My technology capstone project assessment data (Figure 2) was collected during the almost four week instruction from

various sources including notes from observations during the sessions, the outcome of the Photo Story 3 presentation project and the(Vocaroo) grammar oral test and the final survey taken by students. Photo Story 3 project data reflects whether or not the stated objective:80% percent of the students will demonstrate an improvement in their oral presentation skills in Spanish by using their own voice when recording a narration of their multimedia presentation as shown by comparing results with previous presentations made by these students; was accomplished. Similarly, the grammar oral test data reflects whether or not the objective stated: 80% of the students will demonstrate their ability to orally use direct object pronouns in Spanish in their narration of their multimedia presentations as shown by comparing results of pre and post tests; was not accomplished.

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