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ESC EVENTS 12 13 14 15 17 18 19
9-10:30 Event Proper
(Eng'g Lawn) Les,
Red Carpet Premiere: Walk of Fame Xinia, Jozen, Aby,
Mic, *Arianne, *Amos,
9-10:30 Event Proper
Red Carpet Premiere: All Star Eng'g (Eng'g Lawn) Rovan,
Brij, *Inez
6:00pm Event Proper
Act One: Red Carpet Bash
(Eng'g Theater)
5:15 - 5:45 Drawing
of Lots, 6pm
onwards Event
Claim to Fame: Who's the Copycat Now?
Proper Jam,
Thessa, Marvin,
Owen, Darell
7pm Event Proper (UP
FI) Dan!!!
49ERS (Arianne & Augie) 12 13 14 15 17 18 19

Male Division: 10-12
Ralph, *Taysh, *Ken
Beinte Uno
Female Division:
3:30-5 (49ers tamb)

3-5 Event Proper
49-Ball Challenge (49ers tamb) Cris,
3:30-5 Event Proper
(49ers tamb)
7-9 (TBA) Marvin B,
Dateng'g Game Biboy, Mizpah,
10-12 (49ers tamb)
Hayok sa EWOC
1-3pm (49ers
Worms Tournament
tamb) *Arvin
ACES (Mamats, Homer & Camsy) 12 13 14 15 17 18 19
2nd Round -whole day - UP Tennis Club 3rd Round - whole
Halu-halong Palo RJ Santos, Carlos Santos, Julie, Otep, day- UP Tennis Quarter Finals Semi Finals Finals
Mamats, Figui Club
1-5 (UP FI) Kenneth,
Jammeng'g Marvin B, G, Pate,
Kat S, etc
7-12mn (UP FI)
Indakan (Group)
7-12mn (UP FI)
Indakan (Pair)
Homer & Meme
ACM (Jon & AJ) 12 13 14 15 17 18 19
2-4pm (MH 301)
Crackengg Crack Attack
Erin, Jon
2-4pm (MH 301)
Guitarengg Fretz
2-4pm (MH 301)
Bubblengg Frozen Bubble
Biboy, Mizpah, Mic
8-12nn (MH 301)
Easier 26
Alvs, Flip, Aaron
ALCHEMES (Joy & Aby) 12 13 14 15 17 18 19
9-12 Event Proper
(Parking Lot) Biboy,
Great Obstacle Relay
Polyosi, Ayi, Carlo,
Jomar, *Kat S
1-4 Event Proper
Todo Knockout (MH 305-307) Ice,

2-5 Event Proper (MH
305-307) Darwin,
Nuts Enggtertainment
Clarence Sze, Arvin,

3-5 Event Proper
(Alchemes tamb)
I Object
Alivn, Flip, Maikka,
Emong, Aby
9-12 Event Proper
(Alchemes tamb)
Reversed Charades
Lugti, Liyan, Bitoy,
Darwin, Aby

9-12 Event Proper
Web Penetratengg (Alchemes tamb)
Ralph, Iris, Ces

BETA EP (Josine & Ces) 12 13 14 15 17 18 19
7 pm (Engg Steps)
Maskipaps Josine, Ces, Donna,
Francis, Marvin B
CIEM (Archel & Clarence) 12 13 14 15 17 18 19
9-5 Event Proper
(Engg Lawn) Cris,
Mon, Chenney,
**Kiwe, **Rovan

9-5pm Submission of
Commercial Makengg Entries/Judging Jon,

9-12 Event Proper
(MH 312) Arvin,
Kathy Ong, Mic,
Deng or No Deng Clarence Sze, Renan,
Donna, Jiro, Paul P.,
Chris GIanni Cerdeño,
Inez, **Simon, **Vince
9-5 Event Proper
(Engg Lawn) Tin B,
Human Text Twist Josine, Arianne, Reya,
Shiela, Arlene P,
Grace S, Kiwe

9-5 Event Proper
(Engg Room) Team1:
Natunugan Mo Figui, Ron, K Tame2:
Darryl D, Joris, Ralph

9-5 Event Proper (MH
310) Mac, Suzette,
Twister Carl, Aaron,
**Angelica Prado,

CIRCUIT (Dane & Charm) 12 13 14 15 17 18 19

10-11 Game Proper (MH 515) Team1:
Chap, Carl, Ayrie, Camsy, Kenneth, Arlan 10-11 Game Proper
Team2: Charm, Tina, Alvin, Chenney, (MH 515)
Buyao, G

8-9/1-2 Elimination (CKT tamb) Rovan, 8-9 Finals (CKT
Carl, Brij, Arvin, Tiki, Xinia tamb)

3-4 Game Proper
(LC1) Erin, AJ, Alvs,
Hanapengg 1-2 Semis (LC1) 3-4 Finals (LC1)
Kat S, Vince,
9-5pm Submisssion 1-4 Final Judging
Music Video Makengg Contest
of Entires (CKT tamb) (Engg theater)
8-10/3-5 Elimination
(EEE parking)
8-10 Semis (EEE 8-10 Finals (EEE
Wetengg Biboy, Rovan,
parking lot) parking lot)
Darwin, Paul, Kiwe,
CREST (Zsazsa) 12 13 14 15 17 18 19

9-1pm Elims (Beta Way) Regie, Kiwe, 10-1pm Semis/Finals
Crazy Badminton
Marvin B., Chenney (Beta Way)

2-4pm Game
Proper (49ers
Hilo Hoops
Court) Raph, Cris,
3-5pm On the spot
picture taking (UP 5pm Submission of
1-4 Exhibit (Engg
Katuwaan Campus) Mayet, Joy, edited photos (Crest
Rowie, RA Padua, tamb)

1-4pm Elims (Beta
Way) Kiwe, Bitoy,
Mon, Nikki, Erik, 1-4pm Elims (Beta 1-4pm Semis and
Pipol Pusoy
Rowie, Chap, Aldrin, Way) Finals (Beta Way)
Kenneth, Lendl, Flip,
Chenney, Arvin, DJ
CURSOR (Chap & Jam) 12 13 14 15 17 18 19

Event Proper 1-5pm
Distribution of Video (TBA, suggested
Dubbengg Clips (3-5pm) Cursor venue: Engg Theater)
Tambayan G, Clarence C, Aby,
Jet O., AJ, Inez

Contest Proper 1-5pm
Costume Fantasy Display 2007 (AS) Joy, Jon, Jiro,
Mamats, Cha (unaff)

Setup / Equipment
Checking / Blocking
Selling of tickets 9am - 12noon (AS)
UP Sigaw UP Hataw Cheering Competition 9am-5:30pm (Cursor Cheering Competition
Tambayan) 1pm-5pm (AS)
CheerERGs, lifters,

Eliminations 8am-
5pm (Cursor
Tambayan) Team1:
Kiwe, Brij, *Raph,
*Carlo B.
Semi Finals 8am-2pm
Finger Olympics 2007 (Finger-O) Finals 2pm-3pm
Biboy, Polyosi,
(Cursor Tambayan)
*Jiro, *Darwin
Team 3:
Regie, Neil,
*Monmon, *Cris

Event Proper 8am-
1pm (TBA) Chenney,
Tuggengg Monmon, Tiki, Aldrin,
Darwin, Pol, Virge,
Ronnie B., Arvin, Joris

EMC2 (Emong) 12 13 14 15 17 18 19
Eliminations 9-12noon
Pautakan Semis 1-4pm Finals 9-
12 (EMC2 Tambayan)

Elims and Finals 8-
Kanalan 12noon and 1-5pm

EnggSoc (Amos & Debbie) 12 13 14 15 17 18 19
1st Round Eliminations 9-4pm Sunken Tie Breakers/ Semi Finals Battle for
Engg Soccer Garden Regie, DJ, Chenney, Paul, QuarterFinals 9am- 3rd Finals 9-4pm
*Mac, *Kiwe 4pm Sunken Garden Sunken Garden

Eliminations 1-5pm
Finals 1-4pm P&G
The Singengg Sensation P&G Rm Julie, Taysh,
*Xinia, *Flip

Elims 1-5pm ESC
Discussion Rm
Camile, Aldrin, Carl, Finals 1-5pm ESC
Survey Says
Cris, Arlan, *Julie, Discussion Rm

Event Proper 11am
-1pm ES Tambayan
Start Stuffengg
Monmon, *Regie,

Event Proper 1-5pm
Engg Steps
Inez, Clarence, Kathy,
Guessengg Game Alvin, Aaron &
Ramlaine, *Arvin,

ERG 12 13 14 15 17 18 19
Brengg Me 4-5pm Claiming of Envelopes 8-9am Receiving of Items
8-5pm Sunken
Maartengg Tambayan 3pm Setup Checking 10am Judging
Sabayang Pagbigkas 1-5pm Amorsolo
1-3pm EEE parking
Photo Sprintengg
GE Club (Jet & May) 12 13 14 15 17 18 19
Volleybagan Men's Finals
Volleybagan Women's Finals
Volleybagan Mixed Finals
GPs (Arvin & Jomar) 12 13 14 15 17 18 19
9am-12nn Event
Triathlokohan Proper (ME parking
1-4pm Elims (ME
9am-12nn Semis &
Street Jam parking lot) Team1:
Finals (ME parking lot)
Biboy, Mac, *Raph
9am-12nn Event
Proper (Sunken
Ultimate Target Shooting
near Betaway) RA,
9am-12nn Elims
National Defense Semis&Finals (ME
(ME parking lot)
parking lot)

1-4pm Event Proper
Gulong ng Palads 1-4pm Event Proper (ME parking lot)
(ME parking lot)
GSP (Julius) 12 13 14 15 17 18 19
12nn-1pm Reg
(Alumni Center) 1-
4pm Tournament
proper (Alumni
Guardian Nine Ball Tournament 12nn-1pm Pre-reg (GSP tamb) Center) Team1:
Taysh, Amiel
Team2: Darwin,
Biboy, *Paul P,
12nn-1pm Reg 1-4pm
Tourney Proper (GSP
Guardian Open Bridge Tournament
tamb) TeamA: Tet,
Luigi TeamB: *Regie
IE Club (Ram & Brij) 12 13 14 15 17 18 19

8am-12nn Elims (CHAC) Regie, Arvin,
8am-12nn Semis 8am-12nn Finals
Human Foosball Archel, Cris, Joy, Paola, Lendl, *Aaron,
*Rovan, Brij

1-5pm Elims (Pook Dagohoy) Team1:
1-5pm Semis (Pook 1-5pm Finals (Pook
Men's 3 on 3 Taysh, Kenneth, Bitoy, Raph Team2:
Dagohoy) Dagohoy)
Darwin, Carlo, Biboy, Ralph, Buyao

10am-5pm Event
Proper (Engg
Play-Musical theater) Marvin,
Julie, Joris, Flip, Ice,
Inez, Reya, Jiro, *Brij

1-5pm Elims (Pook Dagohoy) Team1: 1-5pm Semis (Pook 1-5pm Finals (Pook
Women Can't Jump
Brij, MM, Chanda Dagohoy) Dagohoy)

KEM (Mac & Rowie) 12 13 14 15 17 18 19
7pm Event Proper
Awitan 2007
(UP theater)
8-10am Event Proper
(TBA) DJ, Luigi,
Brand Wars
Charm, *Arianne,
4-6pm Event Proper
(Engg theater)
Hand Mimengg
CheerERGs, Rowie,
10am-12nn Event
Proper (TBA)
Rowie, Ron, Mac,
*Julius, *Mary

12nn-2pm Event
Proper (KEM tamb)
Mizpah, Arnold, Mary,
*Augie, *Mike

Mining Engineering Society (Ace & Donna) 12 13 14 15 17 18 19

1-4:30 pm Event
Proper (Engg parking
lot) Team1: Meryll,
Chenney, Tin, Suzette,
Miners Relay
Nina, Cris, *Kiwe
Team2: Reya, Augie,
Mac, Charm, RA, Edu,

9am-12nn Event
Proper (CHK pool)
Team1: Meme,
Augie, Monmon,
Bitoy, Ace, *Carl
Team2: Cris,
Francis, Jet,
Chenney, Archel
1-5:30pm Event
Videokengg Proper (4th/F lobby)
Ace, Marvin B.
MSS (Inez & Rach) 12 13 14 15 17 18 19
Dressengg Game Event Proper
1-4pm Tournament
Proper (4th/F lobby)
Texas Holdengg Poker
Rovan, Pedro,
1-4pm Event proper
Matress Stuffengg
(Engg lawn)

1-4pm Event Proper
Basketball Quiz Show (TBA) Monmon,
Cris, *Brij
8-11am Event Proper
Basketball Hot Seat

PRIME (Tiki) 12 13 14 15 17 18 19
1-5pm Event
Proper (3rd/F
lobby) Chap, Flip,
9am-1pm Event
Proper (Engg
theater) Clarence
Dulaang Engg C, Abi, Biboy,
Carlo, Albert, Cleo,
Nicole, Jomar,
Renan, Patty
1-5pm Event proper
Editorial Cartoonengg (MH 507) DJ, Rowie,

9am-11am Event
Tugtog Mo Sayaw Ko proper (Engg lobby)
Vince, G
PSME (Lugti & Liyan) 12 13 14 15 17 18 19
3-5pm Event proper
I-draw-engg mo (4th/F lobby) Josine,
nikki, RA, Neil

Song Writengg Competition Performance (Engg

Presentation of
Most Amazengg Videos
entries (Engg

3:30-5pm Event
Freak Show Proper (Eng'g
1-3pm Event Proper
Cartoon-litan (4th/F lobby) Team1:
Carl, Inez, Aaron
SAVER (Kat S. & Darwin) 12 13 14 15 17 18 19
8am-1pm Game
Proper (Betaway
Lawn) Team1: Eric,
Cris, Bitoy, Monmon,
Kenneth, Carl,
Command and Conquer
Darwin, Biboy
Team2: Buyao,
Clarence Sze, Mac,
Ryan, Lendl, Carlo,
SME (RA Padua & Flip) 12 13 14 15 17 18 19
2:30-4pm Contest
Pinaka Quiz Show Proper (3rd floor TBA)
Chap, Arvin, Flip

2:30-4pm Contest
Puzzlengg proper (5th Floor)
Ram, RA P, Darrell

9am-12nn 1st
Elims (Eng'g Lawn)
9am-12nn 2nd 10-11am Finals (Eng'g
Human Chess Peds, Mon, Ken,
Elims (Eng'g Lawn) Lawn)
Arianne, RA P,
Flip, Mizpah
Tau Alpha (Ronald) 12 13 14 15 17 18 19
3-5pm Finals
Tau Alpha Basketball League 8am-5pm Game proper (CHAC)
2-5pm Marathon
Tau Alpha Diliman Marathon 9am-3pm Registration (Tau Alpha tamb)
Proper (Acad Oval)
Aggregates (Alvin & Mizpah) 12 13 14 15 17 18 19

1-5pm Screening of
all entries (PnG
room) Clarence,
4-5 Awarding (MH
Film Festival Cleo, Aby, Nicole,
Mizpah, Monmon,
Alvin, Ian, Regie,

ES Quiz

8am-5pm Race
proper (UPD
Campus) Team 1:
RA, Mac, Reya, Edu
Amazengg Race Team 2: Marc
Leslie, Alvin, Darwin
Team 3: Rowie,
Liyan, Gracie,
*Bitoy, *Carl


1-5pm Submission of
Lantern Makengg

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