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Cloud Computing

Rushi Shah Department of Information Technology L.D College Of Engineering

The cloud when seen appears hazy. Sky cannot be seen through it. Representing this fact this new technology has been named as Cloud Computing. It is the latest advancement in technology where in the entire I.T infrastructure of the company can be outsourced. Broadly the entire Architecture can be thought of as two end systems communicating through a network (mainly Internet).The front-end system as installed on the service user which is usually called client, and the back-end system is installed on the service provider. The service provider serves the user without exposing the internal details. Cloud provides three types of services :SaaS(Software as a Service), PaaS(Platform as a service), IaaS(Infrastructure as a service).Large Organizations has many benefits using Cloud services. Main benefits stems from the scalability and flexibility property of the Cloud. Maximum processor utilization, Energy saving are some of the implied benefits. Security of data on the cloud is an issue .A client has to rely on the service provider for the data security and trust him. Large companies including I.B.M, Google are the vital players providing this technology. The best example of cloud using service is Facebook. Right from providing Infrastructure to companies; platform for developers and many more such applications cloud computing is the future of I.T.