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Differences Between Silver and French Service

Differences Between Silver and French Service

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Published by: Veyron Bunbury on Apr 10, 2012
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Difference between Silver Service, Butler Service and Guéridon Service Silver service is a type of service that adds

a certain amount of style to an occasion. The food is taken to the customer’s table on a serving platter called a flat. The food is then transferred from the presentation platter to the dinner plates with the use of a fork and spoon. Some restaurants may use a part silver service, where they may only serve particular items such as the bread or maybe the vegetables that accompany a main dish. The advantages of Russian service are: only one server is needed service is as elegant as French service yet faster and less expensive. No extra space is needed for special equipment, such as the Guéridon. The disadvantages of Russian service are  the investment in silver service ware  the number of platters needed

Guéridon service is a variation of silver service. In this case, a trolley is placed next to the customer’s table and food is served onto plates from this trolley. Guéridon service also refers to cookery at the guest’ table. In this case the waiter will do the actual cooking of a dish next to the customer. Popular Guéridon dishes include Crepes Suzette and Steak Tartar. The advantages of French/Guéridon service: Elegant service Guests are entertained by sights and aromas The disadvantages of French/Guéridon service:  Two servers needed : chef de rang and commis de rang  Expensive equipment: Guéridon  Higher salaries paid for skilled staff Butler service procedures are basically the same as for Russian service, except that the guests serve themselves with utensils provided from the platter which is held by the waiter with BOTH HANDS

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