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Published by Deepak Limbu

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Published by: Deepak Limbu on Apr 10, 2012
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The Tale of two Children

Who are we?

The Tale of two Children
We are team of animators, artists and story teller, musician and writers . we have been creating story shorts and concepts for last 5 years by using animation as a medium. we always had this dream of making a full length animated film based on original story " Escape the tale of two children" inspired from real characters and incidence. We have worked in many other studios and finally ending up starting our own small team of artists working towards same goal. And have been working together for last three years to reach our dream and vision. Now we are dreaming of something even bigger. we want to bring our stories and ideas into a book where the readers get to experience our world of imagination and interesting characters. We came up with the story concept in 2005-2006 and was fully visualized and written down raw by 2010. now one of a very promising editor Mitchel Ross is helping us edit the whole story to make it ready for the publishing. we are almost done with all the materials and we need little help to get it published. This will give all the artist a hope and a platform to move ahead.

Escape ʻthe tale of two childrenʼ is a fiction adventure story inspired from childhood. it brings back every bit of childhood among the readers and once again lets us experience the time once we were living. with a touch of fantasy and imaginary characters , the story even reaches to a level of excitement that will remain in heart and mind of readers.The story is about two

children who were sent away into faraway land where the whole new world gulps them into its uniqueness, beauty, characters, inventions, friends along with its sudden twist towards the dark side. love between brother and sister is shown in a very dramatic way . The story revolves around this land of hidden myth, the lost history , the unique characters, and the chilling twists. It will take the readers through the amazing landscape, and try to connect with these interesting characters along with some overwhelming actions scenes to entertain. Moreover it tries to express the sibling love.

Sneak Preview
Here are some snippets from the book we are working on hope you enjoy Popo hurried towards it and as he got close, the flower looked more and more edible. His stomach started growling with hunger and his mouth began to water. He looked around to see if anyone was watching him, reached for the flower. After struggling with its roots for a little bit, he finally yanked up the flower and took a big bite out of it before anyone could notice. His teeth crushed the flower as he chewed and his mouth was filled with the watery juice that came off the petals. He couldnʼt really relate the taste to anything that he had eaten before, but was surely enjoying it to the fullest." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Spray!” shouted Tagi, that made all of them look over at her. Tagi looked as if she was expecting something big to happen. Sam gulped, Rata took a deep breath and Nada hid her face between her hands. Then all of a sudden - SPLASH! Water poured all over the children as it cascaded onto the nearby rocks and drenched their slug. The children were all wet but more excited than they ever. They started laughing with joy not worrying at all about the consequences. They started chattering about how wonderful the experience was and all of them had their own way of describing it. The children on the other sleeping bag pointed at them, jealous they had not been caught in the spray." As the children enjoyed the celebration, the hungry mouths darted to and fro across the garden. Some went toward the glowing flowers. Getting fat from storing the juice the little mouths looked as red as grapes. The filled up ones flew in groups grapes across

the garden and toward the old untouched compound beyond. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------No one came here anymore, and the area was overgrown, thick with bushes and tall grasses. At its far end was a large hump rising from the ground. The hungry mouths headed towards it. Filled with juice they now needed a warm place to go to purify the liquid inside them before giving it to their little ones. A strange scent came off the hump attracting the mouths to it. Their senses detected there was heat rising up from it as well, so it seemed the perfect place to go. When they landed however they sank into the squashy hump. The mouths were suffocated and dropped down into the dark cave below. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Unseen by anyone else Tassu hurried to one of the smaller flying ships. Kusu had come to him earlier and asked him to follow the ship with the children and see where the new learning chamber was. He was worried about getting into trouble but wanted so very badly to impress the serving girl. So he boarded his craft with fruit and vegetables so people would think he was making a delivery. As he lifted off he flew toward the departure roof. He waved wildly at Kusu but she ignored him. Then he banked to the left and followed the larger flying ship. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------At first the children were frightened by the animals but Aunt Yamu told them not to be afraid. The lions came up to them and appeared very friendly. They licked and fussed at the children causing them to erupt into fits of giggles. The lions had special sticky saddles similar to the slug sleeping bags. Aunt Yuma ordered the children to get on the lionsʼ backs and when they were secured the lions ran off across the grasslands. Tassa had seen these lions before and knew they were domesticated and friendly. They were used by traders and rangers who did not have flying machines. They moved very fast and were soon gone. Yamu and the others got back aboard her craft and the two ships took off and returned to the city.



What is there for you?
A good question. We have come of with various perks and benefits to those who want to be part of this book project. so if you are interested to be part of this book which in near future is going to be mainstream animated movie please see below the perks and benefits you get on certain level of contribution.

Contribute Rs. 500/Thank you credit on book and an animated intro video.

Contribute Rs 1000/The above + signature copy

Contribute Rs. 1500/All of the above + one of the original composed song with your name mentioned

Contribute Rs. 2,500/All of the above + 2 original composed song + book poster

Contribute Rs. 3,500/All of the above + your photo printed on book + 3 signature copy + Tshirt

Contribute Rs. 5,000/All of the above + 4 signature copies + 2 t-shirt print+ special cover on charity book distribution documentary video.

Contribute Rs. 10,000/All of the above + 6 signature copies + 3 T-shirt print + special guest on publishing date+ cover on success story project documentary video .

How can i be part of this project? Its pretty simple. If you like what we are doing you can be part of this project by simply contributing whatever the amount you wish to the following Bank A/c with your name in the deposit slip.

Bank Name: NIC BANK Branch: KAMALADI A/C No: 85480BA A/C Name: Escape Advertising Pvt. Ltd. if you have further questions please feel free to contact us at 9801026232 or email at escapeanimation@gmail.com

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