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Advocacy is a process through which organized citizens strategically affect decision-makers for addressing a certain issue or interest.

Identify Environmental Issue Define the problem you want to address Identify solution

Recommendation to resolve problem

Why do you want to do this program?

What the project will achieve

Specific and measurable outcome of your


Identify targets
Decision making persons to whom you will

advocate Persons who have the power to influence the authority

Identify possible allies and opponents Core message Strategies

People, organization who can provide information Communication technologies Other helpful material assets

Measuring how effective your advocacy campaign is

Given a hypothetical budget of P10,000, come up with an advocacy campaign plan on your chosen environmental issue
You may come up with a campaign for an

existing WWF advocacy OR You may make your own advocacy

Be creative in where you get your monetary or material resources, and indicate the source of each

Format should follow the outline provided, may put more sub-sections if necessary Include all collaterals and necessary materials on your paper Make a title for your campaign to be seen on the cover page, and do not write your individual names

Paper should either be in PDF or DOC format or any format as long as it can be viewed in any computer

Identification of Issue Mission, Goals and Objectives of the Campaign Advocacy Campaign. Identify Resources and Assets Evaluation

Content and Substance Innovation WWF Core Values Feasibility Presentation


30 20 20 20 10

Deadline for submission MARCH 22, 2012 12mn Announcement of TOP 3, MARCH 24, 2012 Presentation of TOP 3, MARCH 28, 2012 AWARDING MARCH 30, 2012 at GREENEVO

Send in your advocacy campaigns to Visit for more information You may contact Krizel Malacca if you have any questions at 09266795420 / 092284043