Activate Your DNA to 10 Strand....................

I am Uploading a Music which will shoot up ur DNA to activate it to 10 Strands, as a normal DNA is already activated to 2 or 3 strands. This music will add 10 more to activate it to 12 Strands. The music is havin a Powerfull Frequencies of 528 Hz which will shoot down ur spine and while listening u will feel a huge viration thru out ur body. DNA activation is nothing but a process of awakening dormant potentials within the multidimensional human DNA codex. And would we like to activate our DNA Because you are aware that there is more potential within you than you have been able to access and bring forth into manifestation. Initially the music will establish a resonance with whatever symphony you are currently playing. In a sense they will begin to dance with you. The sounds used in these recordings are evolutionary -- they are new to the human ear. As you listen to them, they gently begin to stimulate new neural pathways throughout your body. This gradually starts to create new perceptions of reality as perceived through your 5 main senses -- hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste. In addition, these evolutionary sounds start to awaken your sixth sense, that of intuition and psychic perception. This is the area where much of your dormant potential is hidden, waiting for the right sonic keys to open these doors. 97% of what the scientific community has designated "junk DNA," in truth, holds the infinite reach of our hidden potential. Yet, it is lying dormant; asleep, and in need of awakening. This aspect of mankind has been dormant until a time when our consciousness developed to such a place that we would seek to find the hidden keys to unlock the doorways to our higher gifts. Actually a time when it would become necessary for our very survival to evolve and assume a higher role in the Universal realms of Light. Normally a Human DNA can be activated from 2 strands to 144 strands or more than 30000.

How would u know that DNA has been awakened, You will know your Self better and feel more fitted and grounded in your body than you realized possible. You will come to know the answer to these questions and more: "Who Am I?" "How did I get here?" "What is my purpose?" "What am I capable of becoming?" The same 3D experiences and challenges may present themselves to your reality but they won't stick and become a part of your being as before. You will learn to keep the vibration of your spiritual identity above it all and not be so affected by the density of 3D mundane details. You will no longer carry the weight of emotional baggage around with you all the time. You will learn to be in this world but not of it as you discover the gift of holding higher levels of vibration and expanded levels of awareness in dancing with the various scenarios and lessons of your becoming. No longer will the negative situations in your life hold you back as they will come to be seen as challenges that you move through in order to reclaim your power. You will see the higher purpose in these events and move through them more quickly, because you will release the victim consciousness & realize you are responsible for the reality you experience. You will rest deeper so that your body gets the sound sleep necessary to grow your Light and expand, thereby initiating profound states of self healing. Dreams will be become a nocturnal storyline to guide your choices and decision making during

the day. Synchronicity with be an everyday occurrence in your life. You will be more pro-active and less re-active to life's adventures. A true sense of calm will come over you and you will be more trusting of the big picture and less bothered by life's details. Joy will be more matter of fact in your everyday world. Your countenance will soften and you will feel at the beginning of something exciting and brand new; continuously.

20/05/2007 vijay_viju Doldrums, boredom and same old same old will be expressions unknown to your vocabulary. Gratitude and Love will be expressions that you feel at the core of your everyday self. In addition, the following is a list of some of the effects & benefits others have reported while working with these soundscapes. More relaxed Less stressed overall Sleep better Deeper sleep Enhanced dream activity Lucid dreaming awareness increases Deeper meditations Third eye visions activated Intuitive awareness expands New levels of creative expression awakened Consciousness becomes more fluid and open Able to sustain conscious awareness for longer periods of time in meditation states *Need less sleep *Wake up more refreshed *May enhance healing processes in physical body

*Stronger connection to various forms of divine intelligence and to All That Is *Spontaneous pastlife memories surface *Increased ESP/psychic abilities *Increase manifestation abilities *More synchronistic events *Overall feel happier and joy-filled, more grateful *Feel lighter, more energetic *Become more aware of vibrational fields and the matrix connecting all things *Increase in remote perceptions *More in flow with life's events *Increased ability to balance emotional states *Moving through blocks easier *Enhanced Remote Viewing practices *Children & pets respond by being more calm and relaxed *Dormant creative talents released *Deeper understanding of sound and frequency via music *greater sense of non-attachment *more response oriented, less reactive *keen sense of connection with various animals and nature *body wisdom guides diet choices toward needs vs. wants *grounded sense in stance and gait; more "fitted" in one's body Some people when receiving massage or other energy work such as DNA Activation experience detox symptoms.

20/05/2007 vijay_viju I encourage you to drink plenty of water after having any energy work done to prevent or alleviate these symptoms. General symptoms of any cleansing are sleeping more or less than usual, increased or decreased energy, headache, body aches, frequent urination, hot or cold sweats. If any of these natural detox symptoms occur, just drink plenty of water to cleanse your system.

Also see ur Reki and healing improve a 1000 fold::::::::::::::::: : ( WARNING: You should not listen to these psychoacoustic CDs while in a car or while operating machinery due to the mood-enhancing and mind-altering effects of brainwave entrainment technology. ) And people who are suffering from Epilepsy and psychotic problem pls refrain from using this audios thats i have uploaded in the paet or present ...........................................................................................

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