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University of Minnesota Senate to Officially Oppose Proposed Marriage Amendment MINNEAPOLIS, MN On May 3, 2012, the University of Minnesota Senate, which represents the faculty, academic professionals, civil service staff and more than 67,000+ students across the five campuses of the University of Minnesota, will be voting to reject the proposed constitutional amendment that would define as marriage between one man and one woman. This vote comes two months after the University Student Senate voted on a similar measure in March. In taking such a stance, the University Senate will also call upon all members of the university community to stand with the LGBT community and discourage discrimination in all of its forms. Im glad to see the University Senate take this issue up because I really dont believe the Golden Rule should be a controversial idea. Lets treat the love of others the way wed like our own love to be treated, said Student Senate Chairman Joshua Preston. Students from across the University system are expected to attend the meeting and participate in a small rally beforehand to demonstrate their support for the move. We need to foster an opening and accepting environment where all of our students feel like full citizens, said student Evan Vogel, It would be completely wrong if we institutionalized something as awful as what is in this amendment.

If the measure passes, the University of Minnesota will become the largest public research institution in the country to take such a stance and is expected to cause a splash in the public debate over the amendment in the months leading up to November.