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Discuss four principles that define sociocultural level of analysis

There are four principles in the sociocultural level of analysis. One of the principles that define the sociocultural level of analysis is that human beings are social animals and that humans have a basic need to “belong”. Biological and cognitive systems that make up the individual are embedded in an even larger system of interrelationships with other individuals. The relationship between the individual and the group is bidirectional. Individual can be affected by being part of the group and also can affect behavior in the group. This is a basic behavior of a person. The second principle is that culture affects behavior. Culture is a set of defined norms and values chosen in society. There is a need to understand the effect of culture on person’s behavior. Study of culture helps psychologists better understand cultural differences. For example, for a person living in a country with strong Islamic views, behavior will be different from a person who’s living in a western country. Their norms and values are different and it causes changes in their behavior. The third principle of sociocultural level of analysis is that, because humans are social animals, they have a social self. People not only have an individual identity but also a social one. For example, when princess Diana died, the whole UK’s population responded to it as if one of their family members died. In the Czech Republic, it seemed like every Czech had a brother on the national hockey team, when they won the gold medal in 1998. It is very important because social identities define who we are as a group, team, family, community or nationality. The fourth principle, which is important, is that people’s views of the world are resistant to change. A world view can be defined as the way the world is understood. People have their own view on issues such as how something is supposed to work, why it works and what values are essential in the world community. Culture helps people to shape their own world view and their communities instill in us values which have been passed down from generation to generation. Psychologists think that the sense of self is developed within social and cultural contexts. By: Cathy<3