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E Shopping Cart

E Shopping Cart

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Published by: Aakash Adhikari on Apr 10, 2012
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ByKaustubh Parthasarathy (10B102)

TOOLS TO BE USED.4 GHz Processor and Above.. Vista or 7 all 32 or 64 bit).Pentium IV system with 2.0 (IIS).SQL Server 2010 Enterprise Edition  . RAM 512MB and Above.Net 2010.WINDOWS OS (XP. HDD 20 GB Hard Disk Space and Above Software:.Net Framework (Minimal for Deployment) .  Hardware:. Internet Information Server 5. Visual Studio . Visual Studio .

TEXTBOOKS TO BE REFERRED Professional Visual Studio 2010 by Nick Randolph.  . David Gardner  SQL: The Complete Reference.

ebay.in  www.inkfruit.com  www.EXTERNAL AGENCY TO BE REFERRED: www.com  .flipkart.

customer do not have to wait until the entire system is delivered before they can gain value from it. . The reason is:Generates working software quickly and early during the software life cycle. customer can use the early increments as prototypes and gain experience that informs the requirements for later system increments. More flexible – less costly to change scope and requirements. the first increment satisfies their most critical requirements so they can use software immediately.PROJECT METHODLOGY     In this project I am using the “Increment Model”.

 Cart items can be updated through a variety of options including checkbox where all checked items are removed when the cart is updated  Set different shipping addresses on a per item basis  .FINAL RESULT: The system designed will be reliable. Customers can shop in a better way and service provided will also be better.

Admin Catalog Management Module  9. Admin User Management Module  8. Shopping cart Module  5. Admin Order Management Module  . Products Search Module  4. Registration Module  2. Shipping & Billing Module  6. Products Browse Module  3. Payment Module  7.PROJECT MODULES: 1.

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