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1-Can you switch on the light? 2- Yesterday, I gave up my job because I’ll travel.

3- He settled down as a farmer with a family. 4- I'll hang on in the park. 5- I pick on my brother because he’s a silly person 6- I’ll pick up the phone if you call me. 7- She throw away her oldest photos. 8- I bumped into his sister in the hotel. 9- Andy feels so sad after the died of his dog. I’ll go and cheer him up. 10- If you like to meet you, you’ll get through me. 11- Finally, I find out my wallet. 12- You must hold on the test! 13- My mum said me that I will look after my brother next Saturday 14- My teacher said me that I must hand in my folder all the class. 15- I’ve just look for you!