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Project Report on Strength Weakness Opportunities Threats Analysis

Caf Coffee Day v/s Barista Lavazza

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Rajesh Singh Dinesh Rajneesh

SWOT Analysis of Caf Coffee Day v/s Barista Lavazza

Companys Profile Companys Strength Companys Weakness Companys Opportunities Companys Threat s About the visit of barista About the visit Product & Pricing About the visit Company profile

Company Profile
Caf Coffee Day
Cafe Coffee day is a division of Indias largest coffee Conglomerate, which is called Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company Limited (ABCTCL) Single largest fully integrated coffee company in India. 1st largest company in India, 3rd in Asia, and 5th in world Among the top thousand most admired brands in Asia.

Barista lavazza
Barista is owned by Lavazza, Italy's largest coffee company. Lavazza, the sixth largest coffee roaster in the world Established in February 2000 in India Barista traces its roots back to the old coffee houses in Italy. The aroma of fine Barista coffee permeated in over 200 espresso bars across India, Sri Lanka and the Middle East.

1100 outlets in more then 140 cities in India. Tie Ups with good companies. Selling Products in affordable prices. Besides the caf coffee day they also have 5 other divisions in India related to coffee business. Indias largest coffee exporter . Products of extremely good quality and taste. Its a youth oriented brand. It produces/grows the coffee it serves hence reducing the cost. USP of brand is its considered a highly affordable brand. More then 200 outlet in India. Large Number of outlet around the world Claim to sell the best coffee In house sourcing of coffee beans Barista Coffee Company Limited has been recently listed among the top 100 brands in India by Super Brands India. Barista Coffee, a leading coffee bar chain, has tied up with Taj group of Hotels for setting up exclusive Barista espresso bars at the Taj hotels in metro cities.

CCD outlet served prime space for advertising and promotions Many of the CCD stores are incurring loses due to wrong site selection. Follows the competitor strategy. Limited target audience older generation generally doesnt like CCD because of its ambience. Quality of food-stale bread- as CCD outsource confectionery items to the local vendors, the quality of bread and snacks varies depending on the local vendor. Stability of employee is lower then other. Expensive coffee Self service for the customers which make uncomfortable guest. Quality of food- Stale breads Barista is not well known to Indian mid class population. Limited outlets all over the India. Sales team not yet in place Less advertisement in the market (no customer awareness ). Self cannibalization Management team has not worked together for long period

Coffee industry is one of the fastest growing industries in Asia. More people like to visit CCD for informal meetings. CCD has gone international, and is planning to attract many new international markets, hence gaining international recognition Tie-ups with other companies for promotion. Relatively untapped coffee market in India as analysts put it, there is scope for more caf outlet in india.

Large Untapped Market Tie-ups with other companies for promotion New products/flavors Expanding coffee market in India Multiple repeat purchases of product for other outlets operated by initial Purchaser Unrestricted operating hours . Increasing awareness of specialty coffees Scope for innovation in existing market

Entry of Foreign players like Georgia, Starbucks etc. Competition with other coffee cafes like Barista, Mochas. Other hukka parlours like Sheshas, Peshawar, Koylas, and U Turn are also gaining lot of attention and preferred by young generation to hang around which in turn is attracting the market captivated by CCD. Entry of Foreign players like Georgia, Starbucks etc Large unorganized market High number of competitors

About the visit

Our visit in Barista sec-35 Chandigarh The outlet located at Chandigarh sec35 is smaller than other barista outlets . But the ambience was nice with sweet music, we stay there for 30 min, we had hazelnut lattes. the coffee was average in quality. We check the price of other product they have good Varity but the pricing is quit higher then ccd . This outlet being at a very busy area, there is no ambience for the customers to sit outside. As the outlet is located at one of the busier area of Chandigarh, the working time for this outlet is from 11 in the morning to 11 in the night. we visit the caf on evening time that time the most of the younger crowed was there. The outlet has the staff capacity of 6 out of which 2 people stay from morning to evening. Footfall varies form 250-300 per day; however it varies widely during the weekends. The average spend per customer is Rs.160 per customer.

About the visit

Product Barista cafes also have a good number of product mixes. The menu ranges from variety of coffees and pastries. Barista also sells other items like mugs, Coffee beans, T-Shirts, Coffee Kettles. Core Product: Coffees Cakes and Pastries Coffee Beans Supporting Products: Coffee Mugs in white and Blue which cost Rs 55 and Rs 99 T-Shirts which cost Rs 150 Barista Merchandise The French Press Barista House Blend Price Barista holds the perception of being an expensive cafe. Initially Barista started with Skimmed pricing policy. Barista segmented the market according to the income and age.

About the visit

Company profile : Barista coffee was establishes in 2000 in India . Barista exists in over 30 cities, and operates over 200 outlets nationally. In the last 2 years, Barista has opened over 100 outlets in the country. Recently lavazza announced new CEO Ms. Sanjay Coutino in India.