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Range Development @ Pearl Global

End Semester submitted to the PEARL ACADEMY OF FASHION, Chennai, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the Post Graduate Diploma in

FASHION MERCHANDISING by Adhish Singh Thakur, Neelam Agarwal (Reg no: CPGFM1002 )

Under the guidance of

Mr. Rajesh Mrs Vani


Mrs. Rajesh. declare that the End Semester entitled “Range development”.ADHISH SINGH THAKUR & NEELAM AGARWAL POST GRADUATION IN FASHION MERCHENDISING DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY PEARL ACADEMY OF FASHION CHENNAI . Mr. House of Pearl). PAF) Mrs Manju (Head Designer.600034 Declaration I Adhish Singh Thakur & I Neelam Agarwal hereby. is a bonafide record of the project carried out by us under the supervision of Mr. Station: Chennai Date: 22/12/2011 (Student Signature) . Vani (Senior Faculty. House of Pearl) that no part of this end semester has been presented for any other degree/diploma or title earlier. Senthil Andavar (Assistant Designer.

Pearl Academy of Fashion. Station: Chennai Date: 22/12/2011 Signature of the Course Leader Signature of the Mentor . Pearl Academy of Fashion Chennai – 600034 Certificate This is to certify that the end semester entitled “Range Development”. CPGFM1002 )a scholar of Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Merchandising. Chennai during the year 2010 – 2012 . Department of Business & Technology. is a bonafide record of the research work carried out by Adhish singh Thakur & Neelam Agarwal (REG.No.Course Leader Department of Business & Technology.